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Shameless lie by Apple Insider to get people to buy this, "The same machine, which sports a 2.5-gigahertz Intel Core i5 processor, sells for $1,699 new when purchased direct from Apple." This is not true, as of February 13 the entry level Macbook Pro with Retina Display was reduced to $1,499 at Apple.com and $1,399 at the Apple Educational Store. You are saving $100-$200, not $400 like this article claims. Link:...
People refuse to face the fact that the 10 inch iPad is designed for home use, people walking with it look ridiculous outside. This is why the 7 inch iPad is more than welcome!
Nothing here is "confirmed" until invitations are sent out by Apple.
He clearly didn't do a good job at the settlement discussions because they didn't settle. So if anything, by allowing the verdict to go to Jury, it shows that Tim Cook did a poor job and couldn't keep Apple's fate in his own hands.
He didn't initiate the lawsuit, neither did he win it, the lawyers did. I don't see how he deserves any credit for this.
From CNET,    
For those on this forum (you know who you are), I'd like to say, in your face! I told you Judge Koh was biased against Apple and she tried to trick Apple into last minute settlement by saying that if the trial went to Jury the result wouldn't be favourable for either party. And look what we have here, Apple wins and is awarded $1.05 billion in damages. That Judge Koh is shady!
It's so funny how rumours get ahead of themselves, it's not even confirmed that the iPhone is in production and they are already having "production hiccups".
You have to spend $3600 to get a $160 saving? You can just go to the Apple Educational Store and get $200 off for a Macbook Pro with Retina display. Starting at $1,999.    http://store.apple.com/us-hed/browse/home/shop_mac/family/macbook_pro/select
I love Apple but for the sake of humanity I hope they lose! Apple losing will set an example for every other corporation who tries to bully the small guy. Go Samsung! Free Apple Juice for everyone when Apple loses.
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