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It's time Apple gets a taste of their own medicine. How dare they try to block Samsung products and stop competition so they can stop innovating and start shoving the same old crap down our throat. The iPhone hasn't innovated anything since the iPhone 1.
This idiot is the reason I couldn't get a replacement charger at the Apple Store the other day. I was told I need to make a Genius Bar appointment the next day to get a new one. Seriously? I have to come back for a freaking replacement charger? That's so unreasonable.
So is it an iPad Mini or an iPod Max? This is confusing!
Apple's greed is reaching a new level. They make about $60 billion a year in profits yet want to save a small amount of about $1-2 million by laying off minimum wage retail employees. This is sad. 
Ever since I got my iPhone my Hotmail emails automatically come through but I have to click on my GMail inbox for it to refresh. I hope this is also getting fixed while they are at it.
Great news, I've actually never liked Apple's YouTube app and wish I could delete it. A shortcut from the home screen to Youtube works much better because YouTube's mobile version is actually much more functional.
No wonder NASA is suffering, they are spending 90% of their funding on Macs. What a waste of money, a PC would be more productive.
YES! YES! YES! We're finally done with the dismembered hand! Thanks Apple, great stuff!
  First, thanks for that information. Second, try not to belittle people just because you know something they don't.       EDIT: OS X Lion does appear in the Purchase section of the App Store but will not open, at least for me. I get this message:  
Are they serious? I was going to restore my Macbook Pro and reinstall OSX Lion because it's been slow. Now if I restore from my snow leopard backup, how do I get my Lion back? Did I just lose $30?
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