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  No it does not sound stupid at all. Why would I go pay $1600 for a new Macbook Pro that looks exactly the same as my 2009 model. When the design does change, it will make my laptop appear outdated and I'll be forced to upgrade. So I am basically waiting for a new design to upgrade. And unless you are blind, the Retina Display Macbook Pro isn't a complete redesign. 
I think a lot of people who have an iPhone 4 do not feel the need to upgrade since the 4S looks the same. I personally am in the market for a new laptop but just because the current generation Macbook Pro looks the same as my 2009 Macbook Pro, I refuse to upgrade until the design changes. Maybe a 13 inch Macbook Pro with Retina display will do it for me.
He's clearly referring to the fact that the upcoming Microsoft Surface tablet has a full operating system that is capable of downloading any third party program. You're all being ignorant and bashing the man. Apple will in fact have to put a real operating system in the iPad to compete with the Surface, that's if Windows 8 runs smoothly on it.
  How can you call somebody else ignorant, just look at what you are saying. The Supreme Court of China did find Apple in the wrong here, and threatened to ban all exports of the iPad. Second, if somebody knows they weren't guilty they would NEVER pay even $6 million, let alone $60 million. Stop being a sheep and defending Apple even when they are clearly wrong.
Apple is guilty here, their tactics were "thuggish", hiring a third party to buy the iPad name so that they don't pay a premium price was unfair. If Apple wasn't in the wrong they wouldn't pay $60 million. You all need to know that Corporations, and Apple can sometimes be evil.
...and 100% likely they are sheep. Bah!   I love my Apple devices, but if something better came along, I'd leave. 
It's a shame Apple didn't update the 13 inch models of the Macbook Pros but I guess they have a lot of extra old unibodies to get rid off. I'll wait till next Summer for the 13 inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, 15 inch is just way too big.
Everyone has a laptop now, there hasn't been anything new in Operating Systems, that is why notebook sales are "soft", not because of the iPad. It may be hard for you to understand this but the iPad isn't a full computer and doesn't directly compete with laptops. I have an iPad and can't imagine not having a laptop because there are so many basic functions that aren't available on the iPad. Stop hyping up the iPad, you made me waste $700 because of your hype.
"Apple pledged to offer royalty-free licensing if its design were to win" but I have a strong feeling Apple has already patented the tray that the nano-SIM fits into and they will charge royalty for that. Sneaky!
I for one really enjoy the aluminum look and feel and hope the new SmartCover doesn't cover the back of the iPad.
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