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I used Apple Pay at the Trader Joe's in Mount Pleasant, SC and it worked flawlessly. The cashier seemed surprised that it worked, but when I got home I verified through my online bank access that the charge did indeed show up on my account. Yay, another place that accepts Apple Pay!
Am I the only one that reads this article as complete satire? I think the author is trying to make fun of all the pundits that want to "be the one" to predict a failing Apple product...
So...9 days is "pulls it quickly"? OMG, a job advert was pulled after a reasonable amount of time for somebody to have applied and been interviewed!!!!!!!
"I am going to sue Apple because the battery life on this imaginary rumor product is not acceptable." I rule in your favor, force Apple to put "Nobody Copies Us" on their homepage in 64 bold font, and also announce my new unrelated job as a highly paid...person at Samscum.
I don't think this new guy gets it:  Apple doesn't just sell a product, it sells a great customer experience.  Everybody at that company knows that is how it works, and it is amazing that they are letting this guy go forward with this plan.  Maybe they are a little overcrowded (I've felt the opposite most of the time) with employees, but Apple has made a lot of money primarily by focusing on the experience and not the bottom line.
The difference between Apple and Samsung in this case is that Apple would rather license patents than infringe on them.  That's why they have been working with other companies to buy up patents instead of doing it on their own.  If they wanted to, they could easily take sole custody of the Kodak patents and screw everybody, but they are part of a group that now includes Microsoft and Google that wants to buy the patents.  Apple prefers licensing, Samsung prefers court...
I'll bet the appeal by Samsung has already been filed...
Up to around 2.3 billion now...
Damages so far   Samsung owes apple 1 billion, 51 million 855 thousand dollars
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