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They ran a clinic on how not to release revolutionary software with FCPX. If they treated this like the transition from OSX classic to OSX and ease everything in while supporting a slightly updated version of Final Cut studio, they wouldn't have had the backlash. If they would have gave the studio houses a chance to have input for a version 2.0, they wouldn't be loosing customers. FCPX was ready for the consumers, but not for professionals, but they initially chose to...
33% surprises me. I would have thought it was more like 80%. Not too long ago the iMac was basically the only credible AIO in the game.
People might give a crap because AT&T and Verizion have crappy customer service and US Cellular's is excellent. I was planning on dumping AT&T for them if they got the iPhone. The only way this makes sense is if she's trying to sell to Sprint, who could Use the extra customers and more importantly its LTE infrastructure.
From the carrier perspective, they don't make any more money off of an iPhone customer than a high end android customer. Apple gets the profits. Losing higher end Android phones could be a big financial hit for them. They'd be doing the same thing if the tables were turned on Apple. Its in their best interest.
Not much except for Sprint's network codes.
I'd prefer the screen actually be bigger (like the Sharp 4.5" 720p screen from Nexus Prime). These days 3.5" is low to middle end in terms of screen size. That being said, rumors in about every direction have been released, so I won't believe anything until it shows up on Apple's site.
It brings the money home and gives it to people like Steve Jobs who aren't hurting for money instead of the people now struggling to feed their families because their jobs are being shipped overseas to slave labor factories.
Different large carriers using different wireless spectrum? This is considered news? Major U.S. phone carriers are too large to share spectrum.
At this point of time, it is. It may end up returning to a professional piece of software, but as of launch there are quite a few things that Final Cut studio does better or FCPX doesn't yet do at all. At this point, its a lot closer in functionality to final cut express than final cut pro.Both I'd say. Video professionals are notoriously conservative, but even if they were less resistant to change, Final Cut Pro X 1.0 is not ready for them. It does not do the things...
Between shutting off FCP 7 too early and the almost complete lack of communication initially (and especially during development) Apple has been pretty much run a clinic on how to thoroughly botch the launch what could end up being the release of a revolutionary piece of software. Wait six months to get things sorted out or tell Pros upfront that this is new software that may not initially meet their needs and there wouldn't be the backlash. I don't don't think someone...
New Posts  All Forums: