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I think AT&T might be in trouble in the next 18-38 months when LTE roll out is complete. They'll have to compete with other US carriers who have put much more effort into network building while AT&T rested on being the sole iPhone provider.
They are are business who sees an opening to bring in disgruntled users of a competitor product make money. Apple would be doing the same under similar circumstances.
Extra nine. Its $1999.00. For price comparison, the Thunderbolt equipped pegasus series has $200 premium over the firewire800 equipped smartstor series in the same configuration. Also coming down the pipes is a thunderbolt to dual 4GB fibre channel adapter.http://www.promise.com/storage/raid_...sn1=40&rsn3=49
I'm hoping Apple or someone else makes something similar for the MBA.
If it wasn't for the timing and the fact that mobile me was a complete failure, this wouldn't even be news.
Upgrade pricing is now pretty much standard pricing for everyone.
Yeah. If you stay in the states, this is a pretty terrible deal. You pay the same prices, you get basically the same choices in providers since most of the handful of regional carriers use T-mobile's AWS spectrum, and you don't get the $400 discount on the phone.If you have an unlimited budget.
The one thing it has going for it is optional physical controls. I have a lot of games that I don't play that much because touchscreen control is shoddy on its best days and bordering on unusual on its worst. Of course Apple could (or allow someone else to) release a cradle with control sticks and buttons and the APIs to use it.
Thunderbolt would be a pretty decent idea and they'd have to come up with a number of adaptors out of necessity/
100% right. Unfortunately though, for all the great unions out there who work to get their members a fair shake are bads ones out there who either don't get economics and are trying to get top dollar for less productivity or ones that are just corrupt and use the membership for the ambitions of the leadership. I do have to wonder though, what's the goal here for these employees? Retail is generally low rate shorter term employment for younger individuals.
New Posts  All Forums: