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My hopes for cross platform communication are being dashed. Apple won't anyone play with its ball and I fear copysoft will do the same now with skype.
I could see the reasoning, but it would be like the PowerPC days all over again.
yes, but the second thunderbolt isn't there for its latent display port capability.
It was a niche product. The thunderbolt one will be my only computer replacing both an iMac and a Macbook.
Its open...to anyone using Apple hardware. Apple's inability to work with others really limits the adoption of its standards. The cycle usually is apple comes up with something, Apple keeps it to itself, someone else develops something similar, competitors adopts that, Apple ends up supporting competing standard after its own fails to catch on.
Change is inevitable but there is a large ecosystem built around the current connector. This isn't going to be an easy transition.
Some of you guys are getting into a reverse mega pixel mentality (more megapixels = automatically bad) and not even bothering to do some research on the part in question. Do some research on the Xperia NEO's picture and video capability and come back and tell me this is a bad thing.
Not so much. Expect divestures. AT&T will give up smaller markets for better coverage in the big ones.
FCC won't allow a straight merger of companies this large. This is going to get messy.
i'm really worried about the FCC's conditions to this deal. You could see them require AT&T to divest territories to regional GSM carriers or even Sprint to keep a balance. You could see most of the Midwest being Divested to iWireless and Cincy Bell and their customers left unable to get iPhones.
New Posts  All Forums: