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The only thing keeping me from buying one is the older lower resolution screen in the 13"
I'm disappointed by the displays. The 13" should have the same 1440x900 screen as the air and the 1680x1050 should be standard on the 15"
Facetime only works for video chats.
Java is a non-issue since Cisco's team is doing it with Apple's help instead apple doing it themselves. For the user, they won't notice anything has changed. Losing Front Row and Rosetta however are much larger issues since I do run a number of PowerPC apps and would like to use a Mac Mini with my TV. I am hoping they were just not included with this being a developer release.
Intel didn't give them a choice.
And device makers have every right to say no thank you to thunderbolt until it isn't exclusive or to sell them at a much higher price tag. Limiting this to Apple hurts its chances at adoption.
Best way to make facetime even more of a novelty? Gets me a bit nervous about what else they might start charging for.
My fear for network people using macs is that apple has effectively given up and the Lion server is dumbed down. Over all though, I haven't been this excited for an update since OSX first came out.
Mini-DP will allow you to do that since it can be daisy chained. Apple hasn't added a displayport-out to the displays.
They have to use something other than ACC or the files will be too big. With the likely move towards SSD and the dip and storage capacity, file size is going to be an issue again.Unfortunately watching movies on computers seems to be an non-issue.
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