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Can't wait, but it also gives an indication of how big the guy's ego is.
You won't think its such a good thing if you see companies raising prices by a third.Doesn't matter what the number is if Apple's taking all the profit. Apple's trying to take the one size fits all software model and apply it to other segments which might have different margins.
If this backfires, Apple could really be shooting themselves in the foot.
Not all industries are created equal and have the same margins.Or that he's a control freak.
Removing them from a secondary system like the Macbook Air is fine. Removing them from a primary system too early could be a disaster.That see has been seen for a while. If it wasn't for a the greed of the movie studios, it would be already here. Digital music caught on because you could import your CD library DRM free. You can't say that about your movie library and that's keeping optical discs are the primary medium for movies.
Try saying something to the contrary to the Apple party line. You'll get swarmed. The group think and fanaticism has become ridiculous.But is moto the one to do it? No. Android might have somewhat of a parity when it comes to app and depending but they don't have a decent media store. When it comes to videos like it or not, you're locked into Apple.
This people is why an iPhone on "Dinosaur" CDMA tech is a good idea. With 95 million customers, if Verizon was a country, it would be the 11th most populous in the world.
Right now this is of concern but of no reason to panic. If they start pulling already approved apps like kindle, nook, or google books, then it will be time to chastise them.
Most in this segment. As much I like the iOS, control using a touch based virtual D-pad can be sketchy at best.
95% shareware type/casual. There are some pretty decent quality games though if you know where to look. EAs game are top notch, Square has some good ones (some of which are iOS exclusive), and Gameloft while generally copying the ideas of other game makers can make some really good copies. As for the playstation suite it does do something potentially do something that Google themselves so far has been able to do, gives the manufacturers incentive to get up to date on...
New Posts  All Forums: