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The line between visionary and sociopath has always thin. Apple under jobs is high risk high reward. He's willing to take those risks because all he cares about is his vision and he's prepared to fail and fail spectacularly if the customer doesn't share it. Normal people can't do this. The little angel on their right shoulder won't let them.
One of the reasons that iWork, while excellent has been a bit of a flop.
Unless Apple does like a mid-cycle update with HSPA+ support, T-Mobile could be the last to have it.
Why exactly would there be four different models? Verizon, Sprint, PCS, U.S. cellular, etc all use the same equipment for 3G..
Maybe not. Cook implied that the current generation of LTE chipsets might be too bulky.You do understand that qualcom is a leading manufacturer of cellular radios right? They do other things than just the snapdragon.
That's true to the south as well.
Or for the iPhone 5, they just use a combo CDMA/GSM radio like the droid 2 global does.
Verizon has been a lot more vigilant with network upgrades than AT&T. Interesting to see how it plays out though.
What staggered release? Apple released a minimally altered version of the iPhone 4 with a CDMA radio. There are two reasons I suspect for the timing. 1) the iPhone 4 will be around for at least a year or two. When the 5 comes out, this will become the low end phone. 2) Contracts are routinely written for the new year.
It might be the downside of success, arrogance.
New Posts  All Forums: