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Lets see how they try to make this the user's fault. I use iHome +sleep alarm clock app instead of Apple's. I'm going to hope its a bug in their app and not something in the OS itself.
I used it once with a Mac to new iPod touch test call. It has its uses, but with the current restrictions to Wi-Fi, iOS devices, and Macs actually getting to use it is few and far between. Right now, it suffers the same problems as iChat (which it is redundant to), works great but their inability to work with others limits practicality.
Did the iPhone prevent AT&T from adding additional towers for coverage or upgrading most of the data systems from edge?
For now.
Devil's advocate here: the releases we get are specifically tailored to the drivers our specific machines needs. This has all the drivers needed for every piece of supported hardware.
Hopefully never. That being said, they like having the power to make choices for you, so I would say a small chance of this happening with Lion and with a much larger chance of it happening in 10.8.
You mean the ones that eternally stuck on with Edge while all the CDMA carriers plus T-mobile have 3G because they don't want to spend money to upgrade the network?
They put on a press conference for this? It might be the Beetles (for those are are big fans which I'm not) but this isn't all by itself news. This is a rider for something actually exciting.
Like I said before, the best way to do this would be to create a wholly owned subsidiary for business sales outside the reach of jobs and Ive. This company would be able to create types of computers that the enterprise markets want, but does not fit within the typical Apple schemes.
Somewhat. It would need a new chip to access T-Mobile's 3G frequency though.
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