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This is why I've advocated either licensing OSX or resurrecting the Power Computing name as a wholly owned subsidiary for business. Apple gets fun consumer things but they don't get business customers. They keep trying to push the consumer side's business model on corporate customers. What they need is people who think not like Apple, but more like Dell or HP but can also leverage Apple's innovations. They should have bought Sun when they had the chance.
Though adobe customers have an (much worse) option other than the Mac. What they don't have a credible option for is products other than adobe's.
If they are doing what I think they're doing, which is loading the OS onto this SSD, then its a very smart idea.
The video calling at least.
They could use a USB3.0 controller, but its preferable to have it in the chipset.
Considering that most of their network is still 2.5g, I wouldn't hold my breath.
Cool, but I don't think many are going to plunk down a grand for a display. Offer a 21.5" model and its a deal.
Makes way too much sense for Apple to actually do so.
One that can steam content you have from you computers, but basically yeah.
I'll probably get it because of the new $99 price and that I use handbrake to import my DVDs to my Mac, but it does nothing to get me away from physical media. If don't have you DVDs ripped to your hard drive or already buy from iTunes, I see no reason to but this at all. There are much better options out there. 1) Red Box good. No Hulu integration bad. Apple contract service would be better, but not while jobs is alive since he seems to be deathly allergic to...
New Posts  All Forums: