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If the original game was written in OpenGL, which most aren't and if Apple has an up to date an optimized version of OGL in OSX which they do not.
Google had nothing in mind for firefix, it's mozilla's product. They prefer everyone would be using chrome.
If they have shows from premium networks like showtime, this isn't bad, but I'm scared they will replace the current $2.99 purchase program with this.
You can blame Apple for that.
So, its a liquid metal paperclip
By who?
From some I've the reports I've seen, Apple at the urging of Valve and others is really starting to get serious about their OpenGL implementation. With the drivers in development some willing to break the NDA have reported scores up to 3 times higher in OpenGL Viewer and significantly higher game performance on all cards.
If they asked Apple to change it privately back then and Apple's now going back on their word it would explain why they're so pissed.
How do they define mobile gaming? There's a big difference between some independent developers game and say metal gear peace walker. Sony has access to AAA developers and titles and has game experience that Apple dosen't. I don't know if anything can unseat the iPhone, but I'll say a PSP Android phone would probably have the best shot.
They're getting closer in some respects here while leaving out some of the things they got right. 1) Adding apps is essential. Make it an iPad for your living room because its not going to go over as a pure media player. 2) Consumers might not need 1080, but they want it. I everyone went by their true needs, Apple wouldn't really need a Mac other than the white Macbook. 3) Don't think volume can replace quality on the game front. If you're going to try to compete...
New Posts  All Forums: