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This is great little computer. The track pad is great and, for the first time, faster than a mouse. The screen is very nice. It does not get too hot and the battery life is really good. A firewire port would have been nice but I think I can get around it. Trackpad, screen and battery life are such big advantages I don't mind the loss of a port. I have no complaints. Compared to most pc laptops the trackpad is a huge timesaver.
I did not say people are dumb if they use fossil fuels. I said people that ARGUE AGAINST reductions in fossil fuel use. It's much different. I use fossil fuels every day but I would like to use less. There is a difference between fossil based organic fuels (oil gas coal) and non-fossil based organic fuels like wood biomass ethanol etc. Fossil fuels release carbon stored millions of years into todays atmosphere resulting in much higher greenhouse gas levels. However, if you...
The South pole is gaining ice mass because it is warmer. In extremely cold temperatures the air can not hold moisture so it does not snow as much. As it warms the air becomes moister and it snows more so more ice mass. As for the north pole, there have been times when it has been ice free, usually when the earth has been a lot warmer. Something we are trying to avoid causing ourselves. ------------------ All you man made global warming doubters; are you 100% sure there is...
Really? sorry about that. Don't listen to me.
If you think you'll get a conroe based iMac for a similar price that you'd pay for a the current iMac you are mistaken. Every conroe PC that I see is priced above the current iMac and Apple never sells similar hardware for less than other big name OEMs. I predict a Merom. It's got the right price and the right temperature.
more on GPU(er)s...At Colleges, Women Are Leaving Men in the Dust
why do processor threads always turn into video cards threads?
I heard someone dropped a pre-release Merom into the mac mini and it worked. You can change the cpu. You couldn't do that with the g4 mini (where do you get a faster g4?). So it being upgradeable is a big plus as far as I'm concerned. It seems like they could upgrade the mini at any time. I think they did it with the g4 one and still had labled as having the slower processor. a silent update.
Apple has always released their new computers when they had sufficient supply of the new CPUs. I can't think of any time when they held off releasing a product for a trade show. In the past they have announced products at tradeshows that ended up shipping well after the tradeshow. If they have it they sell it.
about windows gaming on a mac... since the games are immersive and in a game you aren't really using the total windows operating system (not explorer, not bundled software etc.) I wonder if it would be possible to just boot into a partial windows system seemlessly. Maybe Parrallels could sell some sort sort of partial windows driver system so that PC games would run on a Mac. Instead of paying $199 for the whole operating system maybe Parrallels could sell some sort of...
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