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All iPhone's are SIM unlocked in Hong Kong, however there is no carrier profile that enables LTE on HKT's network. As such, any Hong Kong iPhone 5 will work on their network, but won't be able to connect to their LTE network. This could be because they haven't had their LTE network certified by Apple yet, but that is just speculation.
It probably didn't make sense to ask for a password for free apps, except possibly for apps rated 17+.  
Terrible. Just terrible.  
Looks like a ripoff. I pay €5 ($6.12 at today's exchange rate) per month in Ireland for unlimited data on my iPhone. In fairness, I had to buy the iPhone unsubsidised.
In Ireland I pay €5 per month to a MVNO on the o2 network for unlimited monthly data transfer (I don't know if it's truly unlimited yet, but I used 7GB last month and they didn't complain), and have the €5 left to spend. That includes tethering. Practically all international calls including the US cost 1c/min, and local calls cost either free, 3c/min or 19c/min (same network, landline and mobile). Incoming calls are of course unlimited and free. And when I top up by €5,...
Wrong thread.
Apple doesn't sell refurbished computers on a small section of its website temporarily and that's an "international outage" now?
The article made it seem like she bought the house so she doesn't have to stay in a hotel. Doesn't seem to make any sense.
The new MacBook Pro is just as recyclable. It is not magically now non-recyclable simply because a few components are glued together. However, it does not fit the arbitrary definitions specified by EPEAT. That's at issue here.   Hang in there for EPEAT 2.0.
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