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I don't know where this rumor started. My 3rd gen iPod touch which I got in Feb. 2010 came with remote/mic earbudsJust to be sure that my memory isn't faulty, I did a quick search for a review of the third gen iPod touch, and lo and behold..."Packaged with the Touch is an Apple universal dock connector USB cable, a pair of white earbuds that include a microphone and remote control on the cable, and a molded universal dock insert to use with any charging or speaker...
I don't use voice all that often. I barely txt. Data only with a cheap Skype number would be extremely enticing.
The only thing SkyDrive can do on iOS is give you access to your stored files and upload photos. So I'm a tad confused as to what Microsoft is trying to entice iOS users towards. And because iCloud isn't on other platforms, the only reason iCloud isn't enough is because those users don't have access to it. I'm sure that one could argue that SkyDrive competes just a little bit with iCloud on OSX, but Microsoft's focus seems to be on both OSX and iOS devices. So what is...
I'll believe it when it happens. I'm inclined to think that Apple suddenly playing nice is just its version of a calm before the storm.
I could be dumb, but didn't Apple have the iPhone trademark before 2008? Like, you know, in 2007 after it was announced and the spat with Cisco was resolved?
Correct me if I'm bad at math, but I don't think that T-Mobile has enough customers to offset Apple's majority (not plurality) at AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Especially not enough to kick Apple to 31%.
Quoting only one of my sentences and cutting it in half is classy. But even without the "particularly if" context, appreciating no compatibility problems is not something that makes a fanboy. It's easy for Windows users to share files and recommend programs to almost anybody because the high majority of people use Windows. I yearn for the day when I can send a Pages document to anybody, expecting it to be openable.
The reason I care about sales is because I just hate seeing people use products that I view as junk. There's nothing "fanboy" about wanting others to use the products that you use, particularly when you receive the indirect benefit of greater demand for Apple and developers to create awesome apps and services.
Each new estimate contradicts the last. There aren't very many reasons to not disclose actual numbers. So, my guess, is that the estimates saying that Samsung didn't best Apple, are the more accurate ones. If Samsung became the #1 smartphone vender in the world, it would probably be gloating to no end. Considering that Apple has around 60% share in the USA, things would need to be very different in most countries for Samsung to beat Apple by itself. I find it kinda funny...
When literally 50% of your essay is hate directed at various groups and individuals, there are no valid points to rebut.I wonder who you are in real life.
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