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Oh but 3 contradicting 2 is just so previous: shouldn't be missed. šŸ˜‚
The update package is different for the two methods, the OTA being a compromise since they know a 1:1 swap is impossible over the air for something the size of an operating system measuring in GB...
"Tax is theft."Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. disagreed and so do I."...I like paying taxes, with them I buy civilization.ā€ No one is stealing from me, I'm paying for services rendered (air traffic control. MY defense, theĀ drugs I will need being researched, nice roads for ME, goodĀ transportation systems so the goods for ME are cheap etc.) with MY tax money. Now some one sitting in a bunker in Somalia paying taxes to the United States is getting ripped off. Me?...
My buddy's Jeep "Sport" model isn't immersible either. And it's not a prototype....
Did you do the iPad OTA? For my iPhone 6 Plus OTA it was 247 MB.... iTunes does a full swap out IIRC. Easier since the device isn't running it.
That's certainly the more rational approach IMHO, especially for anyone in a less than totally rock solid wireless environment where transmission glitches when you're in the middle of building the operating system on the device that's doing the communicating can only lead to very bad things... I think of it (not entirely accurately admittedly) as swapping out the engine of your car while you're driving the car..Ā 
An iTunes update is just such a much simpler process: not two full operating systems on the device at the same time etc. Always going to be the more prudent route. All it takes is a communication glitch and things will start going sideways potentially...
Odds are rather huge: server overload as every iPhone user on the planet does exactly the same thing.Ā ETA: Once my update finished (minutes) I had three apps (Yelp. TiVo and another) to update. That took seconds. Work WiFi. Ā 46Mbps down, 34Mbps up, latency 5.06 ms
When doing an update via iTunes the size doesn't matter as the phone isn't running when the OS swap is performed: that's what takes up the space having to have a fully functional OS running at the very same time you're installing another fully functional OS to be it's replacement.
"Which lobbyist do you work for?" ROTFLMAO: the classic response when an opinion is different. I am an "ist" though. Biologist.
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