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Higher overhead overall than a drone with no immediate labor costs for drivers and no exposure to traffic etc. though it'd be more weatherproof than an aerial delivery... Of course that's presuming Amazon has any data supporting that this level of urgency is at all significant and that this would somehow combat brick and mortar stores immediacy value. Versus publicity stunt with a 'what the hell maybe someday' component, though given Amazon barely makes money now they...
"  If there's an adapter, it would have to contain an analog to digital circuit."   So then it will. Solved.
And in the 90's Apple was on the brink of bankruptcy. Easy to have a high percentage against low earnings. Drifting down as a percentage is a good sign IMHO: otherwise if they'd been chasing the exploding earnings with the iPod, iPhone etc. they'd have been wasting R&D money for sure.
Like every other port ever there'll be adapters for legacy gear.
Not obsolete, they'll still work wonderfully well on the phone you have NOW. Which, since it's not "obsolete" you won't be replacing anyway right? So your functioning pairing is wonderful and for those that do need new things that the new things have a different port setup isn't even on the radar,
That's the thing: VERY few (none) employees get a paycheck denominated in "percentage", and vendors don't take checks like that either. Dollars are the metric and Apple spends quite a bit of those.
Because a $19 adapter would be too burdensome?
"during the first few days of launch."  That could easily be the tip right there, rollouts of anything like this usually has early day glitches. Once dust settles and everything get's adjusted for scale and the real world, might be time for a retry.
Not all that accurate, federal agencies such as the FAA establish regulations involving their area of responsibility which are legally enforceable : violate a big one and you get federal prison time. The Congressional "Law" was the legislation that established (The Federal Aviation Act of 1958) and appropriations bills that fund the FAA and has delegated the agency the authority and responsibility of the mission to manage, monitor and regulate the nation's airspace and air...
"A cop comes over": That would appear to be a separate issue from FAA regulations, which local police don't enforce.
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