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Not sure about that. My FIOS remote APP on my iPhone is a lot better than the dedicated remote that came with the set top box. Searching, current what's on, color coded for genre on the display, fast scrolling through everything, "favorites" and on and on. The dedicated remote just sits there waiting for buttons (buttons!) to be pushed in the correct sequence. Granted a touchcreen doohickey that mimics a phone app would be okay (and logical for the market of non-iPhone...
MilSpec TV: go Mil or go home! Camo case, optional.
IIRC. They replaced the 32GB with the 64 at the same price point.
Follow on of the decades long tradition in tech of "Easter Eggs".   Anyone ever see the inside of an original Mac casing?
I sort of wondered why SONY 4k flat screens were going at firesale (50% discount) prices on Amazon just now.   maybe they know something?     Still sort of doubt a full on TV. Could be  a TiVo killer though.
$350 isn't "luxury" by any stretch of the imagination. "Gadget", bad word of the day rolled back around to that one eh?
Damn, I would have totally lost this bet.
Dive watches are relegated to backup these days what with all the advances in dive computers. For me anyway. Wear mine for nostalgia probably more than anything, but then I don't push civilian no decompression limits.
Yep, nothing. And I'm the type that carries two microfiber clothes around for polishing so I'd have noticed. Probably caught the stainless steel case. I chipped a Rolex date bump once by that same sort of impact (I caught the door lock in a glancing hit). Only repair it needed until recently, thirty five years between is okay by me.
Jumping into that white-hot segment that is the Surface? Good one.
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