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The other aspect would be >200K would probably gravitate towards the right end of the selection chart: the Stainless Steel with link bands, and they won't ship until June.... so all those bare wrists could simply be waiting for that shipping status to change and the charge to hit their black cards.
The Watch adds more utility to a 5 series: Apple Pay for one so I see the Watch being attractive to more than simply 6 Plus owners.
Why? They start at $350 and there's no service contract. That's a pretty cheap Apple gadget: no trophy for the >$200k wrist to flash at the club....
Given there's thousands of variations in that disease and millions upon millions of individual patients ranging from the very young through to the very old with all the ages, economic and educational levels in between "a cancer patient" Does. Not. Exist. And it's very erroneous to base presumptions on the nonexistent.Treat the individual, not the disease. Part of the reason for the desire for the health tracking, to get a handle on more of the individual's reality. That...
How much has Apple grown since Jobs went for the dirtnap? Yeah, tough row to hoe... And some whiners call for Cook's head EVERY year.
For some patients, for others? Notsomuch. It's not like patients are clones or anything. And outside the hospital information can be very useful in patient care.
California has plenty of water, just not enough for hamburger, almonds or cotton industrial agriculture until the snow/rains return.
Too late. I discovered a Wegmans nearby that already does accept Apple Pay.
Now that I like.
Fig you look around at secondary vendors there might be old ones at clearance prices. Probably someone has inventory rather than just BTO... got any college bookstores near you that will sell to the public? They'd almost have to have stock.
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