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Nah: "APPLE Slashes dividend from $3.29 to $0.47 per share!"
I have to admit to a moments hope on that front but then I noted if such a dramatic increase in return to investors was planned they'd have trumpeted it to the rooftops and they hadn't. So those Maserati brochures got quietly tucked back away.... I expect there's an understandable difficulty in language when you're discussing across a stock split divide like that.
No, of course, otherwise that would be an insane increase, up dividends by a factor of seven?: I was doing a  funny. ETA: Though there's a bit of room for that sort of misunderstanding given the emphasis on the $3.29 per share specifics and the pledge that it will "increase" going forward: well, no, the amount per share will per their pledge but it won't increase per share above that $3.29...., not for a good long time anyway.
[sarcasm] Sigh, demand is already dwindling so they're able to catch up? Just so worried about their innovation, the thing needed a bigger screen... [/sarcasm].
After the split that $3.29 per share payout will be sweet!
Hey no laughing here; that was and still is a classic, quite beautiful design. I don't regret putting a case on my 5s (I resent the added weight but not the esthetics) and I always did when I slipped my 4s into one.
I've had battery crashes with previous laptop batteries back when they were removable. Display a reasonable remaining level and then, splat. Something in the controlling electronics goes bad as I understood the tech: if under warranty I'd get it looked at rather than put up with the uncertainty.
7.1.1 was released Tuesday so just how many "afternoons" are you talking about here? One? Two? FWIW: My current numbers at 3:39; 83%, 1 hour 8 minutes of usage, 5 hours, 50 minutes of standby starting at fully charged and plugged. On a 5s running 7.1.1 with all the radios enabled, LTE, cellular data, WiFi, Bluetooth, location services.
True, but even as a portable communication device (in comparison to internet and media consumption as a pad computer) hasn't voice been long overtaken by text and other messaging routes? So even as a phone the usage is shifting towards things other than speaking and listening and towards hand manipulation, was my direction of thought. With the form being bounded by portability and manual interaction rather than the distance between the users mouth and ear... and phablets...
But how much are smartphones such as iPhones really used as phones? i.e. spoken into to place a voice discussion call.  Mine have never been: something like 2 hours 57 minutes of call time from my 3G onward given my current Settings have rolled over since back then.... my primary function has always been as an ultra-portable tablet computer.
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