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I know right? It's like having a secret handshake. 
Thanks, I'll have to remember to give that a try, got used to cash and have only had my 6 Plus for a couple of weeks now..
If he owned the venue management company he'd have input into what services they provided. Some places that's the team, at least in baseball IIRC, other's it's a separate entity such as the municipality that built it. ETA: And it's not, the management is shared, logical as it's used by a lot of teams. Google:"Staples Center is a large multi-purpose sports arena in Downtown Los Angeles....It is owned and operated by the L.A. Arena Company and Anschutz Entertainment Group."...
Hey! At least they don't demand payment in poultry anymore (mostly). :)
Did they have signs about ApplePay being acceptable or did it just work with the hardware they happened to have ?(say you just spotted the NFC logo on the terminal  and decided to give it a try)?
"In a press release issued on Wednesday, the Magic touted the security and privacy of Apple Pay, noting that actual credit card numbers are not stored on the device or on Apple's servers. Apple instead uses a method known as tokenization, which authorizes the transaction without actually providing a user's credit card number."   That's the critical point for me: with the various security issues that have come up, from card skimming to data breaches where I get sent a...
A number of sources noted that would have been either cause for the judge to reject a guilty verdict or the basis for an appeal once the "new" class plaintiff was established.
The one silver lining of the delay is every person on the jury surely had enough personal experience with digital music to not be led astray in confusion over unfamiliar terms and concepts. When the iPod was new and the smartphone revolution hadn't taken off this would have been far more foreign territory for the jury.
Good news, the automatic tripling of the penalty, to pushing a billion dollars, would have been noticed even on a balance sheet as enormous as Apple's.
I think you've pointed out the key: the card issuers who no longer will subsidize fraud and are going to wield a big stick at the merchants. There'll be  transition for the time it will take to turn over the established user base of swipe cards but once the card issuers replace all the cards with ones that can't be swiped, even on hardware that has a swipe slot that will be disabled and that payment option eliminated. Merchants just aren't going to absorb the fraud.
New Posts  All Forums: