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Possibly still a niche market, some enterprise, government:, though IIRC they're have been reported cracks in their enterprise security? An older one: http://gizmodo.com/5985255/blackberry-security-flaw-could-compromise-enterprise-servers Now: "BlackBerry begins slow rollout for FREAK security flaw, most devices still at risk"http://www.zdnet.com/article/blackberry-slow-to-respond-to-freak-flaw-says-it-has-no-fix/
"Filed for", not approved by the Patent Office, so early days.
What's the toll in space?   It's the storage not the literal number of apps that is the more specific issue. Unless you couldn't just tuck all that irrelevance away in a single folder, having to wade through pages of irrelevancy would totally bite.
Because offering people more choices as to how to aid themselves isn't a sales positive? On what planet is  more choice not a positive? And that "enforced" drivel is just that: the only one doing the "forcing" will be yourself! Not the device manufacturer.
Because you're incapable of making a choice for yourself and figuring out how to turn an option On or Off?
The Nanny sate would be if this were the Heritage Foundation's "Mandatory Personal Responsibility" sort of feature, something that a user can simply choose to turn on or off? Notsomuch.
And due to it's diminutive size it makes a truly ineffective hammer. Which saddens me mightily.
Yep: "which", not "if".
The volume chart tells the tale. Millions sold rightist the end incl a 5.8 million spike after a really flat day.
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