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Damn, I had "low demand" in TEN replies in the pool. I could've used that $0.25
On the backs of those ten thousand "repurposed" employees it's. Just. Too. Sad.
Wouldn't this year be somewhat of an exception since they changed the shell material as well as a variety of internal components such as the battery  and added 3D Touch so the screen would be substantially different? But I agree there should be both manufacturing knowns and maybe a bit more breathing room to ramp up sooner? (which I vaguely recall reports on??)
I wondered a bit about that sort of thing. "4K" coming off a chip that small?
5c or later:https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203032Though that might vary by carrier.
If he wanted go there why didn't he test a D810?
How encrypted are the payment information with chip and pin? The card being authenticated is nice: but the data breaches in the U. S. involved breaching the vendors database and pulling card information by the millions from there. I've had two cards replaced with the notification it was due to vendor data breaches. The last one was a chipped card, didn't seem to matter. Apple Pay utilizes a tokenization protocol so the vendor never has access to card information. How's...
Especially given day to day my usage probably varies more than that in terms of power intensive versus light power usage functions. So the slop of a few percent would get lost in the noise of everyday use.
Which is undoubtedly why Starbucks is going forward as well as others like Wegmanns that still have loyalty programs in implementing nfc Apple Pay alongside their transition to the EMV compliant terminals. On a related note: that sticking the end of the chip card into a terminal and leaving it there? At least feels like a big time suck. My car repair shop just switched and I had only the one experience but For me it seemed longer.
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