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"during the first few days of launch."  That could easily be the tip right there, rollouts of anything like this usually has early day glitches. Once dust settles and everything get's adjusted for scale and the real world, might be time for a retry.
Not all that accurate, federal agencies such as the FAA establish regulations involving their area of responsibility which are legally enforceable : violate a big one and you get federal prison time. The Congressional "Law" was the legislation that established (The Federal Aviation Act of 1958) and appropriations bills that fund the FAA and has delegated the agency the authority and responsibility of the mission to manage, monitor and regulate the nation's airspace and air...
"A cop comes over": That would appear to be a separate issue from FAA regulations, which local police don't enforce.
A lot of regulations differentiate between commercial activity and "fun": look at pilots licenses for example to stay in the realm of aircraft. For a "fun" sailplane walk up with eyesight and a pulse and you're more or less good to go: ask about a license to fly a 747 full of paying passengers, well, let's say it's a more involved process..... Boats and the Coast Guard are the same way: your own boat is fine, accept paying passengers and the regulations come out to...
Unless the real estate is too close to an airport it should be pretty straightforward once they set the regs.
"I use Apple Pay on the tube and I lose at least ten minutes of my life every day" Maybe stop using it until they improve the service? Or try using the phone which since it's bigger might give a stronger signal than the watch?
One sets an expiration date for the offer:"The promotion is running from Nov. 23 through Dec. 14,"
Can't wait for my subway systems of choice to implement this! The "art of the swipe" get's old, especially when I'm behind some idiot who takes ten tries.....
This weekend at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in the Greek and Roman section there was a guy sketching one of the heads, the work was wonderful, light expressive lines, really catching the marble's form. And he was using an iPad Pro with the Pencil.
You have to flip the thing over and position it EXACTLY opposite of the way it's positioned for tip down input: that's about as different as it gets without actually dropping the thing. That additional shift in the position of the device interrupts workflow, granted for leisurely use perhaps not enough to be a significant issue.
New Posts  All Forums: