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Edited: Larger image files being imported to the device from the huge originals on the computer: how are the imported file sizes arrived at when you simply sync a photo album? Offhand I'd expect the larger iPad screen would mean a larger synced image file than a sync optimized for a 5s screen.... So nothing to do with the device's own camera: just the more large-image-file compatible screen.
Larger screen>> larger image files?   That would logically lead to some need for a higher storage capacity absent reliance on cloud storage and the vagaries of retrieval...
As some others have mentioned the photos have that staged look when the broker sends in a crew to set up a property for photo shoots and sales visits after the owner has vacated the property. Odds are decent that's not the interior the owner lived in for the most part. I like the kitchen area and the overall volume. The furniture choices not as much...
Absolutely "Having an opponent is not an indicator of innocence." but my proposition isn't that at all: it's that having an opponent investigating without tangible negative results after much effort certainly is a better indication there's no there "there" than having a friend "investigate". Enemies have better motivation to find dirt and guilt so when an enemy comes up empty after dozens of investigations and hearings and document demands as here? Facts that HAVE been...
An ad that alienates potential customers by deriding them? Not really. Unless it's secretly an HTC ad and they're scapegoating Sam. And I doubt that as Sam has a long history going after Apple's customers that way: they're either old or stupid or mindless "wall huggers", so it's all in a fine tradition....
Competition. As I understand the arrangement they didn't get dropped, just they now compete for projects with the in-house group.
But IIRC Amazon only gives credit, not cash, son their only attractive to those that spend that sort of money with Amazon. That's a substantial number I'm sure but it's not everyone. I prefer actual cash myself. I've used gazelle for maybe 4 iPhones and an iPad 3 and they've always paid what they offered with no hassles. And in each and every case my estimation was based on "flawless".
That's the key: the new beam process. Using old manufacture tech to judge the material is mistaken.
One thing I do like about Google: they try some weird stuff. Map the world? Street view the world? You try weird things some times it won't pan out. Some times it will.
" sapphire ingot, substrate, and patterned sapphire substrate, the firm said. Prices for those components are down as much as 10 percent quarter-over-quarter after demand failed to increase linearly with production capacity."   How does that link to Apple's own unique supplier, GT Advanced?
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