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That would be my thought.
I'm not so sure: under the ever greedy clutches of the service providers a Touch offers more and more value for some. Much of what an iPhone offers without the thousand dollars a year service plan..... especially as WiFi keeps proliferating. 
Because the tiny fraction of the market that has to have that much battery life can simply buy an external battery pack? I haven't used my office charger since I received my 6 Plus. [and on an unrelated note my Watch lasts for two days between charges]
SO needy. 
Unless they fix that glitch where Photos doesn't bother transferring images taken in RAW over to the iOS device I may not have a use for a 128 this time around. OR I'll figure out how to go back to Aperture which never had that issue.
5s "the prices will tank"   Yeah, for good reason as that hardware get's further and further from the current iOS... you'll definitely be getting what you pay for. a mismatched iOS on the verysame expensive service plan. Not to mention that unless you find a used one the storage offered will be minuscule.
"Unreasonable" search  means there's a "reasonable" search right? And the spread between "unreasonable" searches  and "reasonable" searches is what get's interpreted and negotiated in courts etc. Yes an "unreasonable" search is banned, but determining whether a search is reasonable or unreasonable is where the door to interpretation is open. There's no "absolute" ban on government searches, just "unreasonable" government searches.. Not bullshit at all.
The Chinese stock market losing something like 25% of it's value over a few weeks and the drop continuing despite rumors of government involvevement to try and stop the slide is how I read that.http://www.morningstar.com/news/dow-jones/TDJNDN_201507083066/asia-markets-china-markets-fall-sharply-despite-fresh-help-from-beijing.html
"unreasonable searches and seizures" That "unreasonable" is open to argument, so the 4th, much like all of them, was not written as an absolute.
Had that precise reaction.
New Posts  All Forums: