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But how much are smartphones such as iPhones really used as phones? i.e. spoken into to place a voice discussion call.  Mine have never been: something like 2 hours 57 minutes of call time from my 3G onward given my current Settings have rolled over since back then.... my primary function has always been as an ultra-portable tablet computer.
The sort of already do: the LTE Retina iPad Mini. And without the overpriced voice plan the operating costs are cheaper as well! If you're going big, go BIG....
Yes, but with demolition waste not their products. Plus I wonder if there's a breakdown  of what actually went to recyclers versus a landfill on that project?
For those who don't want an 8 GB phone?   Don't BUY an 8 GB phone.   Not terribly hard was it?   For a similar reason I don't buy minivans.
Works for me. Maybe it's the Cheetos dust causing your issues?
The iPad mini retina had the iPad Air as competition and I expect many were like me and decided to go with the larger device since weight wise it wasn't much of an issue.
Officaly add tethering to your contract by signing up for that service. Tethering is an option on many services and not a builtin feature.
I've long been puzzled by this complaint: from my perspective there's hardly any "white" on the phone screen at all. On the "first" home screen there's a couple of mainly white icons but that's about it. And as the underlying wallpaper colors bleed through in the grouping icons they're muted as well....
I just got some coffee beans at Starbucks doing exactly that.
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