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From what I can gather you have to decide to install their APP for some reason or another and then they get to send you emails about what you've bought? Yeah that's going to yield an accurate sales picture: NOT.
So then there will be a gimped "People's Republic of the United States, (In NSA We Trust)" version with a backdoor and another, fully secure version for the rest of the world. Phenomenally dumb idea.
Yeah because a 2% portion of the EU is going to even be noticed., That's about the economy of Connecticut btw. Also we've been going down this road for five years so it's not like anyone will be caught surprised by the Greek tragedy... China? That's the communist government screwingwith the market they control for their own ends.
"accurate as you can get" is STILL inaccurate (even presuming the atomic clock signal is "100%" accurate, which it is not, moments after the calibrating signal is received those wristwatch start their drift all over again until the next signal, be that an hour later or a day., everything drifts including the atomic clocks used by the bureau (their disappointing truth: "The best cesium oscillators (such as NIST-F1) can produce frequency with an uncertainty of about 3 x...
And yet do you accept that your current watch is telling you the wrong time 100% of the time? "design defect" or reality? YMMV FWIW, mine shows the time etc. 100% of time I look at it (having to turn my wrist to view just as with any other of my watches, of course). But in any case far more convenient that my iPhone for that and other routine daily tasks (weather and email being the primary pair for me).
" This is the standard fare for many of the elite watches today from Suunto, Garmin, and others." GPS? Not present in my Rolex and that has a ,lot more "elite" than any of those.
Meh. I'll wear the thing from 7 A.M. on and at midnight when I take it off it has yet to be below 60% remaining power. Currently at 91%.   Now if they use that additional available power to bulk up the horsepower of the internals I'd be fine with that. Always welcome more speed and reach.
When installing a new operating system a full shutdown and start seems to always be the prudent step. Even though they go through a restart cycle at the end of the installation.
With that "get back" phrase what I'd also suggest is do NOT do another over the air upgrade of a major system like the OS. Especially perhaps with a couple of years old model device where there's often compromises and misfits.
Not that closely related: Shake Shack has MUCH more consistent lines.... well, at least at the Madison Square Park mothership... https://www.shakeshack.com/location/madison-square-park/   Yes that's realtime....
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