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Yes, a low power mode was just written about that would simply show the time while powering down other functions to save battery life.
Why wouldn't the same wireless conduit you expect to use with the iPhone be available through the computer? Other than the cellular radios  a computer has the same transmitter receiver set: such as my suspect, LE BlueTooth (though WiFi would have better bandwidth for such) .of the iPhone,  How do you expect the watch to pair with the phone for such upgrades?  ETA: I can wirelessly sync my iPhone to my iTunes now for instance.
"Samsung Pay", "S6"   Now that's just so special.
Classic it may be, but it's NOT "waterproof" to ANY depth.From your link:"Water resistant to 660 feet (200 M)"
The band connection points on the watch case look like they'll support easy band switching and Apple wouldn't likely miss the opportunity to sell accessory bands. Mix and match.
Or iTunes and a computer? Like how you can add those very sane things to an iPhone?
Check your current watch? Odds are even were it a full on dive watch that it is labeled "water resistant" and not waterproof (my Casio states Water Resistant 200M). One exception? Rolex Submariner which even today states "waterproof".
 ​Were the original poster Spanish I would stand corrected.  #2? Better directed at who I was responding to.: " San Francisco was settled by white people like myself". 
And the Russians made it down to Northern California: going by sea is a lot more efficient than walking...
Well except the people who founded San Francisco were Mexican and Spanish. Neither of whom are "white".Sort of hinted by the name? A Spanish name?And they didn't "run out" the locals, they enslaved them.
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