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"Obama obliged, while one of Ortiz's Red Sox teammates yelled "cha-ching" in the background, mimicking the sound of a cash register."   Ah the sacrifices such underpaid baseball players need to go to to feed their entourages. His team knew he was cashing in.
Isn't that simply the back corner?
Or like with the Monterey Aquarium Open Seas exhibit the seams are essentially invisible. Which, given the thickness of those panels is quite the achievement.http://www.montereybayaquarium.org/animals-and-experiences/live-web-cams/open-sea-cam
It addresses the general reason for such a long notice requirement being in a contract.
Fewer stumbles off curbs, rough sidewalk surfaces, into piled on the sidewalk crates etc.
The delay ages whatever the employee knows by six months. So what he or she carries to a competitor is worth less regarding strategy etc. The tech skills are, of course, intact, but corporate plans will have aged.
^this^. The analyst's theme before the 5c release was the 5c would soar and "save" Apple. Then the 5s outsold the 5c: thus the 5c, not being the savior of Apple, was a "flop". And that was and remains, silly.
That is to be expected, the 4s has been available for two entire years beyond the 5c, plus there's the identical looking 4 available for another year beyond that. Compared to a few months of 5c availability?
So with Tizen is the intention to create another closed ecosystem?
They will soon at selected locations. They tested it and announced a rollout. "Starbucks to Bring Alcohol Sales to Thousands of Stores" http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-03-19/starbucks-to-bring-alcohol-sales-to-thousands-of-stores.html
New Posts  All Forums: