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Special use cases for a watch: interesting concept.   I've used such for cameras, diving and simply extremely wet environments I see the point.
"not directly" means precisely that it's what YOU'RE saying, "interpreting" or "mis"interpreting  what he actually wrote.
"Image" and "Map"? Not the same thing. Sorry.
"using my transistor radio to listen" The problem for us control freaks is that's not OUR music.... sometimes we just want to shuffle 1200 beach music tracks. Sometimes we don't.
Oh man like that place wasn't already too dangerous to enter.   FAR too many wonderful things....
Our tax dollars most certainly did NOT pay for the broadcasting facilities nor the production facilities that NBC uses: they did, private corporations, financed through their advertising income. Cable also was not paid for by tax dollars. In actuality the argument for the private companies to invest in that cable infrastructure construction was the monopoly benefit to make the deal attractive.
That didn't take long. I like the leveraging of the already owned Apple charger to lower the purchase price. 
One of those grocery, or big box discounters like Costco or Walmart, cards where when they scan the card you get discounts on sale items not available to people without the card 'membership".
I'd be rather surprised if giving a CD to someone else wasn't allowable under the terms of service agreed to at the point of sale. And thus completely legal.
Cook's position on privacy was what you asked about. That presumes such a position exists. My opinion, based on my understanding of his position, is that aggregated and anonymized data would be consistent, in that form there's no "private" information conveyed. If you disagree, well, I'm okay with that. You want a direct quote from Cook, which would be different than your original post, then go ask him.  As noted by another poster: details will matter.  At the worse end,...
New Posts  All Forums: