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I've liked my 5s as well. With HDR enabled the available light grab street shots I can get while walking around someplace like NYC are terrific. It's a nice complement to my actual camera, a Nikon D800. And on my phone, sent over social media just casually viewed? Both sets of images are comparable. I can't infinitely zoom into the 5s ones like I can the 32 megapixel RAW ones from the Nikon: but that's not the issue for most usage. And the storage needs are quite a bit...
Why put a clock on your wrist? Even less so an expensive one. The difference between a $10,000 Rolex and a $15 junk watch? $9,985 They'll both tell you when The View is coming on.
It's often referred to as an "opinion".
The difference that I see is that ad series was between the two platforms and not a denigration of the consumers who picked to buy one line or the other. Samsung attacks the consumer, their intelligence, their maturity, that their too old etc., people who they allegedly would like to convince to buy their products? Insulting the potential customer is a peculiar direction to take it seems to me. 
How do the little gps wrist trackers handle the antenna thing? My Garmin handheld 60csx has an antenna housing larger than most wrist devices... Granted that device and it's descendants can grab a location under trees, within canyons and even at my dining room table...
Correct, just strap the iPhone to your forearm. Transparent packing tape would do the trick I imagine.
Indeed, so people who like the "announcement" would simply be holding onto their phones until they HAD a release date certain. AS far as I can tell Gazelle, at least, isn't doing an extended price guarantee timed for the Sammy unknown date.
And with no specific availability date even set that's a much larger leap than for a 6 where the first availability date is now fixed.
The Park service used to do this for campground reservations in Yosemite National Park: I sort of liked it because it lessened the competition a bit. Now they've moved to 7 A.M. Pacific which while making a nicely civilized 10 AM start for me (East Coast) it also means the availability drops to zero in a couple of minutes... and I don't even try for the popular Yosemite Valley campgrounds that reportedly are gone in seconds. 
Apple's got a webpage set showing all the models.
New Posts  All Forums: