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Winners write the history and, well, not the losers. Those "Northern Aggressors"? WON. all knowing historians know that at least.
Just Klan history. And I'm okay with that. ETA: The challenge is between Lee's Army of Northern Virginia's battle flag and today sits the Ku Klux Klan and their use of that flag for their campaigns of bigotry, hatred and murder.
So replace the flag with one of the three actual Confederacy national flags and move on. 
Though as an FYI with the 5s the Watch would do Apple Pay.
Ah, hadn't ecven considered there'd be such an inconsistency, hardware upgrades between stores I'd expect to be patchy, but within the same store? Given it's more efficient to just have the techs come in and swap out everything? though a reluctant operator might just do the minimum to satisfy the letter if not the spirit of a corporate policy I suppose. So are Panera's franchises? Reluctant franchises could drag their feet like that.
As I was connected to a WiFi when I looked at the settings to confirm my memory on that, that notation wasn't there, I had to disable WiFi for it to be noted: Yes, given my LTE is often faster than WiFi (my work WiFi excepted as it's 80  plus versus my home sub 20, though that's slower than my work net which is GB) and I've unlimited data I'd prefer to at least have the choice, it's like with larger podcasts where Apple similarly has decided to save me from myself and...
Would that task have been less daunting if they packaged the cases and bands separately? I had that thought in passing but haven't poked it very hard, but maybe so. Ignoring the Edition it's two case materials in two sizes with two color choices, plus bands. I have a friend who owns a bikini shop and everything she sells is mix and match.... she says it's a more flexible  model than predetermined "sets".
You can choose how you want to back up: it's just the automatic one uses the more conservative situation: but you can trigger an iCloud backup whenever you want. And that's not all that deep within the settings: Settings...iCloud...Backup...Backup NOW. BOOM, drop the mic
Here's the actual description of what iCloud Backup backs up:https://support.apple.com/kb/PH12519?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US
Well, the conservative engineering route would be for the phone to be disabled and everything come in and get installed via the computer as that's the far less potentially glitchy route than attempting an upgrade on a system that's actually running. But as this is just annpuced, yes, it's a potential option. IMHO an improbable one but still not officially denied. Can you offer any reason why Apple would see that as a benefit to include?
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