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Funny, I deleted all photos from the "roll" as soon as they were uploaded to Aperture (iPhoto). Using it as a temporary storage of immediate shots only, so Apple was quite aware of how I've used the "roll" for years: taking the offered "delete" option after upload as logical. That said customization is always good, perhaps they'll add some back or it's hidden somewhere (haven't read a manual yet).
and the actual upload and downnload speeds
"Today" is not that easy a concept to grasp....
Waiting in line to get a phone....
Passing on corruption may be an issue: I bricked a new 5 and was told by the tech who said it was unrecoverable that my habit of restoring each new phone with my previous backup, going back in an unbroken line to my first iPhone 3g, had accumulated enough bad code to crash the device. Whether it was true or not it did seem at least plausible to this biochemist who knows how dna genome mutations can accumulate.... an iCloud backup, since it's far more selective, wouldn't...
OS compatibility for such a rapidly changing device segment means a 4 year old phone is a lot further away from the competence of a newer model than the same with, say, laptops or desktops. A quick look at the chip architecture described in the announcement show that.
Fifth Ave. is a higher end venue but then Apple places most of it's stores in such places so it may represent at least the in-store customer..
No, it defines it. Unless the unreasonable approach is taken that ALL searches are constitutionally "unreasonable", which is a rather large fallacy of logic. I mean really, "supersedes"? When the Bill of Rights were drafted AT THE SAME TIME as the body of the Constitution? Now the 14th DID supersede the Enumeration in Article 1 Section 2 On that anything can be a law? Legislatures pass some weird bait stuff: that's why the Founders put in a Supreme Court, Article III of...
Congress has the "right" to draft, vote on and pass laws: Article I, Section 8, such laws have established procedures for collection and analysis. http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/constitution_transcript.html ETA: Subject, of course to the constraints of the Fifth and Fourteenth due process constraints.
That's a misreading of the program(s). For any specific analysis of an individual's information they do have to have reasonable suspicion, satisfying a specific set of criteria and they are limited as to how many links "out" they can follow connections. Confusing collection, or retention, with analysis.
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