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They're selling more than the edition and frankly anyone eyeing a ten to twelve thousand dollar wearable isn't all that price sensitive in the first place, if they were they'd get the one of the ones at five percent that sticker. Gazelle is more likely to get inquiries about the low end of the tier that "normal people" won't want gathering dust in the back of a drawer... Beyond that "obsolete" isn't interchangeable with "out of date" as you injected there. Progress with...
The black steel has possibilities, unless the silver is a lot more brushed than the images make it appear to be. Otherwise the gray Aluminum to keep with the not-shiny theme... Coupled with the black band and, if ever I felt the whimsy, the silver steel one is available as an accessory....
That's just silly, like the babble of one year's iPhone being "obsolete" simply because a newer model is released for sale. Or the odd concept that my 2011 MBP is somehow "obsolete" with the release of this years 15"? Yeah, not really.
Nope: they actually tell you "what's in the box" and, as for every other device EVER on the planet guess what? The cable and power supply are included. Reading IS hard. http://store.apple.com/us/buy-mac/macbook/space-gray-512gb The separate costs above are, as every other time that's written, for purchasing extras needed either for other locations or as damage replacements.
It's just about the same thickness as a Rolex Submariner. Has anyone ever complained about a cuff link conflict with a Submariner?
Liking that Milanese Loop pricing.
Hey if you don't want the features don't buy the features: totally understand. I like my G-shocks so there's no way I'd buy a Pebble, steel or any other flavor.
No contract so this isn't (at the low end) a two thousand dollar plus commitment... we're already on the hook for that.
Perhaps once they actually have older models to fill those tiers.
Shrug: do any 10K dresses come with an "upgrade" program where the designer house will come out and recut the dress to an updated style?  But. of course, it's not a $10,000 electronic device. It's a $349 electronic device in a $9,651 case. So maybe they will offer drop-in upgrades? Shrug.
New Posts  All Forums: