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Lol. It's a label on a box. "The computer" will deal with a sku not the "name".Just like OS "X" wasn't followed the next iteration by OS "Y".
Though as I walk up to my home controlling certain aspects, lighting and the door locks for example, would be a convenience especially when I'm carrying a bunch of stuff. Plus the larger screen would provide a better user interface for actual device controls (for ex. I prefer running my set top box off my iPad even versus my iPhone...)
AND a battery that lasts a year Or Total FAIL.
But that's the part I don't get: once a person uses that "optional" choice to share information I no longer see an "intrusion into our privacy" issue. While, yes, the attraction to monetize this will be irresistible at some point down the road I agree.
Posted ironically in that you apparently felt your opinion on their thoughts were so important it had to be shared? Well played.
Immediate thought I had as well. Leveraging the phone has a cost efficiency sense at least, function of a wrist device is yet to be proved out.
What effort? You flip up the control panel from the bottom of the screen and tap an icon. Not exactly hard labor.
Nice wine.
Nagging sweater ads when the heat is turned up too far would be awesome. #KeepItGreen
Not. Shocked.
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