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iOS 8.0.1? Uncharacteristically sloppy.
It reads far smarter in Korean I expect. #BenefitOfTheDoubt
Agreed, I've always lied on those questions. And that predates public search engines that can reveal most anything. ETA: I was recently amazed at what get's stored. I was applying for a duplicate birth certificate and one of the security questions was a list of streets I'd lived on that had one I'd resided on in the mid 1970's! I was supposed to pick the one (or none) I hadn't lived on. Now that was a Yikes moment for sure. Other than the feds and tax returns I'd have...
Out in  public on the sidelines I can see: that's like a shoe advertisement. But back in the offices?   That's just being a douche.
Indeed that's so much easier, and specific. Heck in all my inconsequentiality I get phished on a regular basis, odds are just because I've got an email account with an "edu" ending.
He popped off screens with two of those others. 'Course it's not as if a smartphone screen is like important or anything. Oh. Wait.
Let me introduce you to the concept: Out friend the lever.
On a positive note they seem to have gotten past the regulatory hurdles in China that Apple has yet to get past.
I understood that, I was more speculating about why some people would be umbraged. Unlike my usual mockery for the eternally outraged in this instance I could see some basis. Once a convenience is provided people will come to assume it's reliability. As unwise as that may be.
What's your thought on app updates? As I posted above (187) while I avoid OS updates I do let the apps update in the background...
New Posts  All Forums: