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On a related note on an iPhone with "Erase all data after 10 failed login attempts" does a warning appear or does it just erase?
Okay here's the deal. Upgrade the watch but leave the band attachment points alone so the bands can be compatible up the generations. The tech part is going to upgrade and improve but the bands are going to have longer lifetimes, or at least they should in the case of the loop and link for example.
Sand"paper" I'd agree but I expect many besides myself live near beaches and that means sand is everywhere irrespective of our IQs. And that will include pockets we'll occasionally reach into with the hand on whose wrist is the watch....And thus: SS for me at any rate.
It's going to be a fun gadget.
And then when you see someone else with it you cancel right? Because that's offensive. Like I said, somewhat odd approach to tech, but very frugal I must admit.
So when you're not first in line you don't buy?What an interesting approach. That's gotta save you boatloads of money. At the price of an awful load of angst but hey, hyoh.Oh and about that iPad? Bad news, Steve spoiled your party.http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2394091,00.asp
If they had to go fish on the Tsarnaev's phones for the "only" clues they'd never have known about them right? So that's about as bogus an "argument" as it gets. Hey wait isn't this the same people who were "demanding" companies such as Apple provide their users with a guaranteed kill switch? #MakeUpYourMind
As I understand it conversion creates a new library, so your old one with the books is intact and still there.
A quick nearby snack search? Totally mini and on a city street a watch is a lot easier to deal with than dragging out a phone.
Actually APPLE has chased celebrity forever: just about every movie and television show glimpse of that Apple logo was and is the direct result of their efforts in that chase. It's just we've all gotten a lot more sophisticated and can more easily spot the "product placement" than back when TWA was plastered all over 2001 A Space Odyssey.
New Posts  All Forums: