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It certainly prevents some accidents when the renewal safety check (in my state and most others I'm familiar with safety checks are mandatory at the time of vehicle registration renewal). detects an unsafe condition such as worn brakes etc..  Many of the items on renewal safety checks are there to prevent unsafe conditions, i.e. conditions that make accidents more likely such as burned out headlamps that reduce driver vison, worn out brakes that extend braking distances...
Cheaper than someone paying cable at $100 per month, say, and watching maybe 6 changels.... so "ridiculous" isn't chiseled in granite, though maybe if you repeat the same thing another half dozen times... to the extent this is the test of ala carte services it has promise.
And so you're arguing, since car accidents happen, there's no need to register cars or license drivers because that won't "prevent accidents". And I disagree. "prevent", not entirely, reduce, most arguably. And a registration program that includes an educational component just like when traffic regulations are reinforced at license application and renewal times, will prevent some accidents, or when at registration invitation or renewal vehicle safety items are checked for...
"useless" for you, for those with crappy to nonexistent OTA reception? Notsomuch.
Recheck who controls the airspace above a certain altitude ? That's federal, which is why even aircraft that solely fly within a state are federally registered.
So licenses and registration of any kind is unneeded right? No.
So THAT'S the argument to not license ANY drivers or register ANY cars? Accidents happen anyway? No, no it is not.
That's where I'd exp[ect the boundary to fall: below a certain size and weight the item is a "toy" and above there's more of a risk due to the mass or altitude etc. that it can reach... Similar to pilot's licenses: the degree of regulation varies with presumed risk, a sailplane pilot being subject to far different criteria than a four engine powered pilot, and then also: private versus commercial for hire.
I'll wait on the actual regulations. At first glance this seems 75% over reaction and 25% genuine issue (those airport incursions and interfering with wildfire fighting aerial assistance in the West).
For dealing with weekend route and service changes in the New York system I've found Apple Maps to be a big help. MTA has some assistance but the Maps were terrific when I walked up and found that tape across the stairs in Brooklyn last Saturday night. A little 3/4 mile detour and I was on my way.
New Posts  All Forums: