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"bright white", "bright": That's a wallppaper change away on both iOS releases.
If any do they're lazy morons since Apple will replace them.
They do have that "full size preview" aspect don't they? 
OR install the next iOS 8 Patch where the roll is coming back....
Well that's why it's an "option". Some people will appreciate the simpler "introduction" screen look and others will not.  The lock screen is very transient, the home screen is visible for longer periods of time.
Cute option, especially for personalized home screen art I can see that as being a fun choice to have available. My own lock screen is a shot of a bricked up, iron barred window. (shot from a section of the NYC High Line)... A whimsical bit of "extra" security.   OTOH "Screensaver"? Just a more aesthetic choice for securing my work machine when I'm away from it. "Sleep" has the black screen, "screensaver" and there's an appealing (perhaps) graphic instead.
Man I, to my constant amazement, saw a lot of people taking photos in NYC with their iPads.
But you have to be willing to spend that much on Amazon as they give store credit not cash.
I don't want a wearable phone so I'm happy Apple isn't building one.   Had I wanted that I'd get an armband case for my 5s.
The easily swappable bands are gong to be a nice feature.
New Posts  All Forums: