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Thanks, as communication speeds have gotten higher I can see that model. The subscription aspect is, of course, annoying. I've a lab with a limited budget and so am one of those with a number of "just good enough" programs we don't use all that frequently on the machines...
Yet the image is still restricted by the original data, which has a finite content (for Kodachrome approx. 20 megapixels according to some sources). Otherwise the same could be said about digital camera files: expanded and manipulated to whatever resolution you wanted. At which point there's no defined advantage for film, which was the point of what I was responding to. 
Probably going to depend on the volume of consumption: wholesale lots only make sense if you need the large amounts. A big part of why I don't shop at the big box discounters: the savings don't justify all that extra storage I'd need as a single person household... Bundles will work for the large consumer, ala carte for people with smaller needs and with so much sorts, news and weather shifting to internet platforms a big chunk of specialized content is available elsewhere...
Not really, it has an inherent, depending on grain structure, functional resolution limit beyond which you're just magnifying noise. Sure you can technically create enormous files beyond what's functional but why?
Do the processes then function remotely so the local device is simply a display and input port?
"Nexus 9 will be available for preorder on Oct. 17 in 16- and 32-gigabyte configurations" A tablet that maxes out at 32 GB? Yikes. Not even a phone should have that as a top end, but a big tablet not meant to be a simple e-reader? Really no.
Free music? The horror.
Note to self: in 2020 sell Ireland.
That would be great: going through pay points my hands seem to be always full of things I have to juggle... At some point that may happen: we've a toll road system here on the east coast w which is accepted by multiple toll road agencies across state lines. Called EZ-Pass. With the one windshield transponder I can travel across multiple states using toll roads and toll bridges all without paying cash anywhere and in a number of roads without even slowing down from full...
Unless the low energy Bluetooth acted as a proximity detector. Then with the added range of LEBt you wouldn't have to swing your butt, or your purse or briefcase, at the lock to get it to recognize you and open which the much shorter range NFC would require (I've worked ion places with NFC door locks, the ones where the pad is more than hip pocket high are a nuisance for hands occupied opening) IIRC some of these also have geofencing awareness: hence you can be INSIDE and...
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