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Fewer stumbles off curbs, rough sidewalk surfaces, into piled on the sidewalk crates etc.
The delay ages whatever the employee knows by six months. So what he or she carries to a competitor is worth less regarding strategy etc. The tech skills are, of course, intact, but corporate plans will have aged.
^this^. The analyst's theme before the 5c release was the 5c would soar and "save" Apple. Then the 5s outsold the 5c: thus the 5c, not being the savior of Apple, was a "flop". And that was and remains, silly.
That is to be expected, the 4s has been available for two entire years beyond the 5c, plus there's the identical looking 4 available for another year beyond that. Compared to a few months of 5c availability?
So with Tizen is the intention to create another closed ecosystem?
They will soon at selected locations. They tested it and announced a rollout. "Starbucks to Bring Alcohol Sales to Thousands of Stores" http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-03-19/starbucks-to-bring-alcohol-sales-to-thousands-of-stores.html
Yes they will be. From the end of the article: " Although it will no longer have an official physical presence on campuses across Canada come June, Apple will continue to serve educational discounts through its online storefront and authorized dealers. "
"Those things may be a factor, but they are not nearly the factor that my face is"   ​And yet it is precisely "those things" that are the most accurate predictor of poverty and low lifetime earnings and accomplishment, NOT skin color.   "Things like not prioritizing education, being born in a single parent household,"   ​Look at the lifetime earnings of a H.S. dropout lately? Or the unemployment rate? Truancy is a family challenge.
"A few photos of that awesome camera, few videos, 1 good game and that's it."   Wow is that crappy math, that list won't be over three GB. Besides which not everyone needs or would like to pay for 64+ GB. So there's another choice: if it's not for you there's always the option of not buying it right?
New Posts  All Forums: