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Providing a commercial service is not "speech", it is commerce, and fully within the Constitional boundaries for government to regulate. And attempting to equate requiring public accommodation to slavery is extremely abhorrent and rather revealing.
Then don't marry someone of your own gender. Notbthat terribly difficult. Public accommodation provided by public businesses are required to serve all the public, for the moment Indiana IS an exception. Wonder if that will extend to exempting people who execute Sabbath violators? #SundayBrunchJustGotDangerous And, no, I do not think religion is a joke, forcing religion on others is. Even though mandatory fish on Fridays would be a healthy diet change.Rules for within...
Given Apple gives YOU the control over what functions you use or don't that makes zero sense.
Actualy they don't such discrimination is a violation of the law. You provide a public service and you serve ALL the public, not just the ones your superstition tells you are "blessed". Federal laws speak to this as do many state and city civil rights laws.You want to religiously discriminate you go start a church And then you get to pick and choose who gets to participate in the ritual cannibalism or worship of people who don't work on the sabbath or whatnot. , not a...
Possibly still a niche market, some enterprise, government:, though IIRC they're have been reported cracks in their enterprise security? An older one: http://gizmodo.com/5985255/blackberry-security-flaw-could-compromise-enterprise-servers Now: "BlackBerry begins slow rollout for FREAK security flaw, most devices still at risk"http://www.zdnet.com/article/blackberry-slow-to-respond-to-freak-flaw-says-it-has-no-fix/
"Filed for", not approved by the Patent Office, so early days.
What's the toll in space?   It's the storage not the literal number of apps that is the more specific issue. Unless you couldn't just tuck all that irrelevance away in a single folder, having to wade through pages of irrelevancy would totally bite.
Because offering people more choices as to how to aid themselves isn't a sales positive? On what planet is  more choice not a positive? And that "enforced" drivel is just that: the only one doing the "forcing" will be yourself! Not the device manufacturer.
Because you're incapable of making a choice for yourself and figuring out how to turn an option On or Off?
New Posts  All Forums: