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So someone has the audacity to raise their beverage for a sip and the light goes on (the harder to inactivate " the raise-to-activate functionality.") and that's what? Beyond that I've any number of friends with children and or professional responsibilities where being available is a necessity. Your child might be okay sitting in an ER for two hours waiting on parental consent, many others are not.
That would seem too moronic even for that company.    Probably leaked by a Samsung employee to torpedo the idiocy. .
Yep, warm water can have some nasty mycobacteria, a whole bunch of people that went to do research up at Spirit Lake after Mt. St. Helen's blew developed variations of disease similar to what Legionella looks like (though a different genus).... the heated ash deposits warmed the water....  and this speculation "physical exposure to a non-gaseous form of the chemical" is where I'd go if they were treating their cooling water, solid SodiumChlorite makes more sense (and is...
Alcohol is not the answer, just say "No". I'd suggest some retail therapy: perhaps your nearest Apple Store?
Indeed; I recently read that the original bans on drinking while driving were aimed at drinking anything while driving, to avoid the distraction in the act and not the effects of the substance being consumed.... Makes a certain amount of sense, when motorized vehicles first came out people were skeptical. IIRC one of those old obsolete funny laws left on the books required a person with a lit lantern to walk in front of a car when it was on the road at nigjht....
Nice policy to split the proceeds, this has gotten a lot of press so it would be great if she found out and got the money.
Beluga seemed to be voicing skepticism that the stated lease price was accurate from how I read that: given Apple isn't likely to have walked into a deal that was financially unstable, even off the back of the envelope-wise... no "Apple doom" in sight.
Was it that side of Central Park that had the local's somewhat annoyed, for some reason I had remembered that being over on the west side.... When I think of people itching about neighborhood "tone" Madison isn't what comes to mind.... Maybe Columbus or there about? The "Upper West Side" one is old (2009) so maybe a tentative new one higher up? I seem to recall an article... ETA: Nope, I looked around and, yes, it's 940 Madison where the "tone" was mentioned in neighbor...
Hey at least they flipped it. So more "mirrored" than "copied"....
Shanghai!   On it's way.. finally! (and to their credit right on the front end of the window: "June"...)   Though the complete puzzle remains as to why the spare black sports band took three weeks.... ordered May 8 and still not here.
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