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"Why would I want to be limited to someone(thing) else’s schedule to get somewhere I want to go?"   In the rideshare model you aren't limited to anyone else's schedule even now.
The GOLD AppleWatch at any rate.
"Stereo" speakers an inch or so apart are not, in fact "stereo" anything. For FM broadcasts as well as AM there are apps that give you the feed for your iPhone.
Placed right next to the NIB Zunes!
"About the nightly charging though, that could be a problem, unless it can charge really quickly," Why? Once it's off and charging and you're asleep the charge interval becomes invisible. And with any device that requires being off the wrist for recharging 24/7 activity monitoring just isn't the right usage.
I expect all that would be necessary is not an app per se, but simply a compatible system: so your transit "card" would reside in Passbook and be an alternate "payment" option available for the correct terminal, right there with credit cards. That's existing now, I have multiple "cards" loaded into Passbook for ApplePay at the moment, adding a transit card would be similar. In and out systems might be more of a challenge than  entrance fee only systems (NYC, Phila.) as...
I wonder if Homeland Security pushes against that? Details of D.C. building rooftops have long been censored....
Well, to homage "Catch-22", the others would make it up in volume....
I have a sense that the privately owned automobile is tomorrows CD, an item whose ownership also puzzles a lot of the rising demographic. Uber, rideshare, bikeshare, the digital connected world: a large portion of current car user base is heading away from needing a private vehicle. Provide a convenient alternative at a reasonable cost (versus the upfront cost of a private car...) and still exceed the route flexibility public transport never offers and some one is set up...
Does the Underground accept NFC cards? If so it's likely going to happen, even US transit systems setting up NFC (Philadelphia, don't specifically about D.C. that has NFC up and running) have stated they're working towards ApplePay.
New Posts  All Forums: