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On a positive note they seem to have gotten past the regulatory hurdles in China that Apple has yet to get past.
I understood that, I was more speculating about why some people would be umbraged. Unlike my usual mockery for the eternally outraged in this instance I could see some basis. Once a convenience is provided people will come to assume it's reliability. As unwise as that may be.
What's your thought on app updates? As I posted above (187) while I avoid OS updates I do let the apps update in the background...
One of the many benefits of AMTRAK: seatside power outlets. Yeah traveling is probably the classic mode for draining a phone: all that extra time when you're not working.
The trouble with that is for people at work their personal iTunes account is more than likely back at home: meaning a workday without their private phone. Not end of the world but understandably annoying. I know I'd hate to have to navigate my rush hour traffic without my iPhone's map showing me the traffic jams. I pick the wrong route to commit to and and I can add an hour to that trip in a blink.
The seductive trap of over the air updates: do it NOW becomes irresistible and, with private devices I expect, there's no availability of a backup desktop machine. That's my situation anyway: sure I've got lots of work computers but my personal iTunes account (and personal iPhone backup) is at home. So with an over the air update I'm 35 miles from my backup if stuff happens.... So I for OS's I don't, apps are minor enough (and my data plan unlimited enough) I let them go...
An anchor did that OTA in a broadcast studio filled to the rafters with electronics spewing RF noise left right and sideways? What a moron.
What "U2-Gate"? The band showed up a played a song and Apple gave away copies of their album. Neither of which did anyone have to listen to, EVER. Music tastes are such that a single performer's offering isn't going to please everyone. hardly a "Gate" to any but the eternally outraged.
A wired update connection is just far more stable: over the air signals can be dropped or interfered with in such uncontrolled environments as a normal user resides in. I'm surrounded by electronics, instruments and equipment with electric motors and in side a steel nd concrete building whose walls are full of power lines. A reliable data transfer for the code that's going to be running a computer? VERY tricky.
Restore from backup to get out from under the .01 update. Lousy but you'll get there.
New Posts  All Forums: