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The Turtles, not Zenbu (or to the point Relix Records), won an initial ruling, they didn't get the $100m they asked for and the September 2914 California ruling is under appeal. And a New York ruling of a three year infringement window cuts the payout tremendously if that were to hold. I guess proposed federal legislation might clarify this.
More or less my view. Given smartphone daily usage is reported to average around two hours I don'y expect a smartphone accessory to exceed the main unit's use time. I looks like the wrist mounting offers peeks at information in a convenient fashion for when the phone is simply awkward to access, not as a continuous use item in the sense someone would view a video on it for hours at a stretch....
I wouldn't mind separate cables but it would be nice if the box that plugged into the outlet were compatible. Ditto: home, office, briefcase. 
Quite true: you can't necessarily believe some one's friends saying nice things, but their opponents? Won't say nice things unless necessary.
 One can only wish those three would be foolish enough to outsource their electronic security to an independent company that was so weak in it's employee monitoring.... as we did/do.
That's more than the average smartphone daily usage and as an accessory I'd expect active interaction with a wrist device to be less. 19 hours of mixed use sounds like a more than reasonable day plus, so with nightly charging, which is a fairly light burden, I don't see that as an issue. Plus with 3 days in standby were you to use it as a simple timepiece where it would only wake up when you checked the time it would be more than fine as surely sometime during this three...
Huh? The physical reality of any electronic device is it will need power, and the more functionality the more power... the only reason, say, Casios, can get away with a bit of solar recharging is they don't actually do much: keep and display time and date and a bit of stopwatch action for the most part. Mechanical watches that self-wind do even less...
Bribery is an illegal act, hiring a professional to communicate your views to elected officials is not. Were those lobbyists to commit the crime of bribery, then their illegal acts should be punished of course. Were you to pay a plumber or a physician for their professional services do you consider that money a "bribe"? You shouldn't. Quite the fail you've got going there. Or are you under the mistaken impression people have to go through lobbyists to make vast and...
Given the Snowden revelations, yes, I'd expect some such inspection process. though as others mentioned the deal breaker would be simply giving them the entire coding set.
The JPL Rover drivers probably will find it useful.
New Posts  All Forums: