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The Brunton ones are refillable, they even sell a refill gadget which is also listed on the B&H Video webpage I linked to above.
The percentage gain wouldn't change so on a  gauge of best % in a day trade....
Yes, for a variety of reasons probably superior as an add-on. Use it as needed for a top up and otherwise the phone runs off the internal battery.
There's a version of a Hydrogen fueled charger on the market that's about 4 ozs. in weight from Brunton: tends to look better for longer backpacks than the vagaries of solar chargers with their sunlight needs.... http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/995175-REG/brunton_f_reactor_or_reactor_charger_orange.html
And we know he/Apple was not asked how? I thought so.
"material nonpublic information", not much "material" in Cook's interpretation of how his company's products are doing in China. Had he dropped NUMBERS on Cramer, then perhaps, but adjectives? "strong", "accelerating", "record"? Nope.
The sender indication isn't all that reliable: just yesterday (and it's happened before, Wegman's)) I got a "Done" message on my iPhone Apple Pay screen and from the vendor's end: nada. The only payment that's real is when the vendor has success and that's, it seems, indicated by a nice sound from their terminal I've come to realize. No chime from the vendor terminal and it's rinse:repeat. Probably an indication the glitch occurred upstream from the interaction between the...
I read some where only about 7% of the Chinese participate in their stockmarket: I expect that's in part related to differences in retirement. A lot of American participation is via 401ks etc....
The data page of my Apple iPhone Stock app shows the numbers. Low of 92 even.Open at 95.17... Vol? 127.1 million and counting!
Yeah that port sort of gave that away from it's reveal. Interested to see what is actually done with it, "smartbands" could be interesting.
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