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That's just how powerful the Bible is. Personally I like to use it as a talking point against cotton-polyester blends.....
14th Amendment; EQUAL protection under the law. States no doubt have the right to ignore ALL marriage. They can just delete all legal connection to that. 
Not a blip on her balance sheet, which makes her case being about the indies and people starting out more persuasive as it won't mean anything for her economically. 
Business: she asked something of Apple, they asked something of her in return.
She's a Yankee so that would probably be: "No".
I'd think concern for people with limited data plans (which has to be the source for the restriction) would be addressed if that choice were opt in for allowing updates or big downloads of whatever material, such as big podcasts (the Whitehouse Press briefing comes in at about 135 MB and is restricted to WiFi)  over other modes than Wi-Fi- with a suitable written warning about potential data overages if opted for. Then let people choose within the context of their own...
"more than" does not remove the Klan does it?
Winners write the history and, well, not the losers. Those "Northern Aggressors"? WON. all knowing historians know that at least.
Just Klan history. And I'm okay with that. ETA: The challenge is between Lee's Army of Northern Virginia's battle flag and today sits the Ku Klux Klan and their use of that flag for their campaigns of bigotry, hatred and murder.
So replace the flag with one of the three actual Confederacy national flags and move on. 
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