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Aside from certain degree of tongue in cheek the fact of the matter is Time has always used significance as the criteria, not the moral value of the action: that's how those dictatorial monsters made the cover after all. I'd suggest Putin with his shirtless strutting and posturing is mostly hat and very little to no cattle (which is, overall a VERY good thing). Time's own words when asked about their Bin Laden pick: "Jim Kelly [editor in 2001]: Well, the classic definition...
I'd say, based on selfless action, the Ebola caregivers hands down. Though such a generic grouping doesn't really have the same meaning as an actual identifiable individual. He is guiding a wildly successful Apple and when Steve passed that wasn't at all given. Putin doesn't deserve it: he blinked when he was poised to invade Ukraine, totally whiffed grabbing the whole enchilada. Wimp's doing the proxy, "volunteers" thing shouldn't get the cover.
So on a device equipped with TouchID security and purchases are not separable? Which I'm guessing is the authors point. Huh, I'd have to poke at my 6 plus to see. Okay on my iPhone 6 plus there are three separate choices that can be enabled individually under "Use Touch ID For" iphone unlock, Apple Pay and iTunes & App Store. So based on that the smart case, with Touch ID turned off for unlock, would function as desired? Though as that's a phone it could be implemented...
Or the Romulans just engaged cloaking.
 The iPhone was a 'been doing this holiday shoot for ten years' pro trying something out of the box. Like I'll sometimes go somewhere I've shot forever with just a 50, or 20 or whatever on my camera, to push me out of my shooting comfort zone.
 The photographer in the piece is a freelance, not the official WH shooter (Pete Souza) so the WH wouldn't have his images: he doesn't seem to have those shots on his website either: http://www.brookskraft.com
The photo is rife with compression artifacts, the website poster didn't do the photographer any favors. Looks like it was sized for smartphones: now there's an irony for you. ETA: Nope, not all that great on my iPhone 6 Plus either.
Hadn't they gone on record that 64-bit was simply an Apple gimmick? So this delay shouldn't be relevant to their product's performance or success. Nice for them. :)
I disagree: producing hardware that isn't universally usable with all media formats is the point: other system's DRM wasn't functional with an iPod, well, neither was a VHS format tape in a Betamax: ANYONE'S Betamax for that matter. While non-DRM'd tracks, like mine from my CD's, and the iPod was completely compatible, before and after the store was implemented.
The floor structural reinforcements had to be upgraded.... that's not cheap in earthquake country.
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