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"Those things may be a factor, but they are not nearly the factor that my face is"   ​And yet it is precisely "those things" that are the most accurate predictor of poverty and low lifetime earnings and accomplishment, NOT skin color.   "Things like not prioritizing education, being born in a single parent household,"   ​Look at the lifetime earnings of a H.S. dropout lately? Or the unemployment rate? Truancy is a family challenge.
"A few photos of that awesome camera, few videos, 1 good game and that's it."   Wow is that crappy math, that list won't be over three GB. Besides which not everyone needs or would like to pay for 64+ GB. So there's another choice: if it's not for you there's always the option of not buying it right?
Further fine-tuning an entry level offering.   Reasonable.   Still wish it came in gray....
Not "drive" at all (and I never used the words "JUST to drive" so that's simply your distortion right?): the 5c had a place in the product lineup and it wasn't to be the premier selling phone for Apple, just a China Mobile compatible "5" which would, as has been Apple's custom, taking over that second tier slot, like the 4 did for the 4s and the 4s did for the 5: the need to make the two top phones CM compatible opened the window to a different design and they took it......
But the bottom line is students need to be at school for any school-based solution to function. Mr. Jackson should give more attention to H.S. graduation and truancy rates, which are horrific.
That's rather counterfactual: there were tablets a decade or more before the iPad and cellphones even longer.
Configure to order has always been direct with Apple, via purchasing for generating a PO for the order (attaching the order# to the PO request). Doing that for standard configurations wouldn't change much. And Apple express shipping is often more responsive than having a bookstore guy trundle this way with his cart....
And fill out the sample context. OTOH: I always wonder how much of the issues are derived from APP incompatibility that slowly gets sorted out as the apps upgrade?
This researcher or the lab manager pops a purchase order request into the system and it's all delivered to my lab. Welcome to the modern world of academia.
Given the very apparent weight difference it can also be a matter of portability. The Mini is definitely easier to be "mobile" with. (Though not if the iPad Air is being considered, though that's at a steeper cost.)
New Posts  All Forums: