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It's a computer company, that's one of their computers... solidly selling one of their computer offerings IS good news.
 "If it is enabled, then you have the option of uploading your data." Seemingly not having that option was what some posters objected to.  I never wrote anything about "prescribed" one way or another so there's no "misunderstanding" to be seen. Multiple posts on the optional aspect of the data as published on Cedars-Sinai. From above, also directly copied from Cedars-Sinai's pages."You also can connect the My CS-Link mobile application with Apple’s Health application on...
No mention of Cedars-Sinai anywhere in that article. AND from Cedars-Sinai's pages: "Does every Cedars-Sinai patient automatically have My CS-Link?No. Though we encourage you to sign up for My CS-Link so that you may benefit from its many convenient uses, a My CS-Link account can only be created at your request. We respect your personal preference regarding communicating with your physician. Cedars-Sinai does not require anyone to sign up for My CS-Link."
Look at the Cedars-Sinai instructions: whether you decide to link data, and which data, is a setting under your control. What's "default" is "HealthKit data is attached to medical records by default.'" That attachment is default, you chose to link data and it goes to your medical records.
"It" is the Cedars-Sinai "My CS-Link"Connecting My CS-Link With Apple Health on Your iPhone or iPod touch  You also can connect the My CS-Link mobile application with Apple’s Health application on your iPhone or iPod touch.1. Log into the My CS-Link app and select the “Track My Health” icon.2. Select “Manage Connections.”3. Choose the types of data that you want to sync with My CS-Link.http://www.cedars-sinai.edu/Patients/Programs-and-Services/My-CS-Link/index.aspx
Watches and phones from Apple ARE computers. Somebody could be stepping on your signal: household environments are ever changing. Try a different channel, maybe router placement etc.
It's usually recyclable. So "eco friendly" versus cutting down trees etc. to make paperboard for a cardboard box. Plus paper manufacture has historically been a pretty dirty process, lots of acidic waste etc. paper plants often really messed with river water quality.
5% is NOT "50%", FAIL. From YOUR link:"Apple’s ‘iPhone 6’ sales have slightly fallen as Samsung Electronics’ ‘Galaxy S6’ was released.According to ATLAS Research & Consulting on April 20th, iPhone 6·6 Plus’ sales of the second week was over 35000, about 1700 lower than last week’s sales, which was 36726. This is because Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge sales have greatly increased. Nevertheless, some say they are putting up a rather good defense, since the decline is around...
Just curious: Is aluminum oxide used for woodworkers "sandpaper" as well? I think when most people think of sandpaper it's sanding wood that comes to mind (though from the photos he used harder grades as that black paper is probably carborundum). 
True, my experience (AT&T) is that LTE is constantly good while public WiFi with it's dependence on how many people are connected, in this day of mobile device popularity, is borderline unusable, even when the numbers of possible connected devices is finite such as on an AMTRAK train.
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