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Railriders VersaTac pants have GREAT iPhone pockets that fit my 6 Plus perfectly, even in a case.
I doubt it's possible to tell who's got an iTunes backup and who doesn't just from people doing OTA. An iTunes  backup the night before would cover most everything, then an OTA when in a good reception zone at work isn't that improbably a strategy.
Same price for double the storage. 500 GB had been $9.99 per month.ETA: And they sent me an email notifying me of the capoacity jump, though it was already evident last night in the storage settings.
Got mine! SOOO much space! 😋
I never get that "18 years old" throw away line. Who hadn't heard of, wait for it, eyeglasses?
But if they leased it directly they'd have to book the sale over 24 months is my point. Which they don't do now.
Manually it showed up for me. I'm going to wait, heck I'm replacing this phone next week so I'm unsure what benefit there would be anyway? Anybody?
Some one up above mentioned ApplePay lost his cards (which I think is normal for an OS replacement iirc) and that he couldn't add any back, (which is not).
So are they using a third party bank because otherwise accounting standards would mean the "sale" would be stretched over 24 months and earnings would also be divided into 24 small morsels. Because that would crater the next quarter's earning numbers wouldn't it? This way that bank "buys" the phone all at once, then leases it to own to the end user. But Apple's been paid up front. Or something like that?
I think it's called traffic control. Why BEG for a system overload as a few hundred million people all smash into the servers at the same time? Talk about your self inflicted Denial of Service attack....
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