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How is having all your images in one place that insurmountable a challenge? "Recently Added" is too confusing?   Plus as far as I can see I still have access to the photos I just shot from within the "camera" app: sounds like "camera roll" to me.
Do a video stream in a poor reception area and that app will be the power hog despite surfing the internet with Safari or whatever for far longer.
I expect the "lock" screen will be custom settable much like iPhones with perhaps more widget type notification options...
They do: under settings; cellular, scroll down to "use cellular data for": below each app's name is its ussge since the last reset (very bottom of the list).
Yes, more power, at least for cellular when the phone moderates the power to the cellular radios to try and bring in a  weak signal, that's been a part of cell phones going back to the analog ones (I could drain one in a couple of hours by inadvertently putting it in my steel desk drawer without turning it off first, with the steel blocking all signals the thing went nuts, digitals got a bit smarter in my impression) I don't know whether WiFi does that.
But remember this is sports: they routinely tell people what brand of clothing and shoes to wear. I think the key would be the added condition: "on the job".
They can be told what shoes to wear on the court: off would run into trouble I agree. So what devices they use court side or "in the building" while wearing that mandated clothing? I expect so.
Yet forty years back? That's new to me. But I guess if you're collecting things why ever "throw" them away... And that was a very, very, expensive zip code (I was a renter).
iOS 8.0.1? Uncharacteristically sloppy.
It reads far smarter in Korean I expect. #BenefitOfTheDoubt
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