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A number of sources noted that would have been either cause for the judge to reject a guilty verdict or the basis for an appeal once the "new" class plaintiff was established.
The one silver lining of the delay is every person on the jury surely had enough personal experience with digital music to not be led astray in confusion over unfamiliar terms and concepts. When the iPod was new and the smartphone revolution hadn't taken off this would have been far more foreign territory for the jury.
Good news, the automatic tripling of the penalty, to pushing a billion dollars, would have been noticed even on a balance sheet as enormous as Apple's.
I think you've pointed out the key: the card issuers who no longer will subsidize fraud and are going to wield a big stick at the merchants. There'll be  transition for the time it will take to turn over the established user base of swipe cards but once the card issuers replace all the cards with ones that can't be swiped, even on hardware that has a swipe slot that will be disabled and that payment option eliminated. Merchants just aren't going to absorb the fraud.
That does mean perhaps a better appointed juice bar at the mothership's gym.
Rather than "flaw" I'd say, like the double-tap to "pull down" the home screen, it's an attempt to address the longer device and the concept of "one handed use".
[Insert photo of iPhone duct taped to a cats back here]Patent Pending.
No iOS update is ever going to address that.
Aside from certain degree of tongue in cheek the fact of the matter is Time has always used significance as the criteria, not the moral value of the action: that's how those dictatorial monsters made the cover after all. I'd suggest Putin with his shirtless strutting and posturing is mostly hat and very little to no cattle (which is, overall a VERY good thing). Time's own words when asked about their Bin Laden pick: "Jim Kelly [editor in 2001]: Well, the classic definition...
I'd say, based on selfless action, the Ebola caregivers hands down. Though such a generic grouping doesn't really have the same meaning as an actual identifiable individual. He is guiding a wildly successful Apple and when Steve passed that wasn't at all given. Putin doesn't deserve it: he blinked when he was poised to invade Ukraine, totally whiffed grabbing the whole enchilada. Wimp's doing the proxy, "volunteers" thing shouldn't get the cover.
New Posts  All Forums: