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With the dongle iPads have that very same functionality as needed: loading images from an SD card into the pad. http://store.apple.com/us/product/MD822ZM/A/lightning-to-sd-card-camera-reader
Shiftng production to the more profitable offering sounds good to me.   Though the vast majority of these reports turn out to be crap don't they?
So in summary, the more expensive device is somewhat better? (reprise of 5s vs. 5c anyone?)   Not totally stunned if true.
With a mini-USB port and an SD card slot of course?
Well I'm open to the concept as there's a large part of my day when I don't want to be touching my phone with my hands but having access to some information would be useful. That's why I still wear a watch at work anyway. (research lab). Then I suppose there's the avoidance of too high a profile for those places with the "Apple picking" problem….  a wrist device is probably less visible and less attractive to thieves, especially as it wouldn't be a standalone device but...
I'm completely stunned they sold that many of those $300 oversized ugly things.   Or is that simply the number going into the landfill? "Sold" being a euphemism for "left the factory"?   The electronics marketplace is truly huge isn't it?
With SSDs there'd be no need to turn off the laptop, simply sleep mode...
Or as some one alluded to above: a particular incompatible APP that this poster likes and uses a lot. OS transitions always catch some software providers behind the curve like that.
Yeah because MS never releases software until every bit of hardware is capable, even the smallest configurations….   Good one.
Replaced my iPad 3 with an Air and, yes, amazing in my hands as well.
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