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It seems to be active. PUBLISHED: 21:07 EST, 25 February 2015 | UPDATED: 12:24 EST, 28 February 2015Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2969708/Moment-Steve-Jobs-120million-super-yacht-slips-Simpson-Bay-Bridge-Caribbean-without-scratch.html#ixzz3TcuUp3LJ Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook"Jobs' widow Laurene Powell Jobs currently owns the ship, which has been seen in Montanegro, Palma, Gibraltar and Horta Azores according to...
Given recent OTA issues with devices having a hell of a lot more onboard storage I can't see them NOT having a wire path for maintenance.
Hydrogen/electric could be interesting, good power, fast recharge.
So a look at a resale site might offer some info: like if Gazelle explicitly said to knock x% off if there's engraving. Frankly I don't recall the question coming up, but maybe it's rare enough they just wait to catch that at inspection when it arrives? ETA: Gazelle asks about iPods: "2. Additional SpecsEngraving/Personalization? YesNo" They knocked $6 off (from $65 to $59) for a working 5th gen iPod Touch with 32 GB... when I answered "Yes" to engraving.  
Only were it mandatory; "sog35's Appelewatch" slathered on the sides like the default iPhone email signature block.. Graduation gifts, retirement, bowling league swag bags: for a keepsake an engraving can be a possiblle option.
I've known any number of very well off people who just viewed automobiles as transportation and nothing else. After reliability and comfort had been satisfied they had no interest at all, just interchangeable transport. Buffet might easily be one of those. Meanwhile having every square inch of his walls covered with Picasso's.... Though I understand what he mostly collects are corporations...
Though they're not exactly equivalent as there's no range of options on the 1GB of RAM while there are for the storage.
Or the page copy editor got sloppy. Wouldn't be the first time. Not a lot of bandwidth through BT compared to WiFi... "A built-in 4,600 mAh battery should provide up to 16 hours of connectivity." Hmmm. it's got a battery pack so why wouldn't they use the Lightening port? They don't show that side of the device that I've seen. Would all that power really be just to service the case?
What in the world about those "mystery barges" isn't worthy of some mocking? http://www.computerworld.com/article/2490695/search/google-offloads-mystery-barge-to-marine-company.html And as they were finally revealed to be a prospective marketing venue the remark is even somewhat on point. Not likely, but on point nevertheless.
Figured as much. But it would depend on the size of the plane. Like some home mechanicals people bring a complete workshop in a truck on every job. For big work they could take it back, but an oil change is sort of like taking up a cuff: that's on-site trivial.  I do have empathy for your overall concern; as I've an old dive watch that needs service and I'm taking the trouble to wait until I'm in NYC and I'll walk it in to the main service center rather than relying on a...
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