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20 million CARRIER "pre-orders", that translates to not sold at all: just stocking the shelves of the carriers warehouses waiting for a buyer to appear. The closing sentence: "The company is thought to have taken some 20 million pre-orders from carriers worldwide, though that total does not reflect actual sales to consumers."
With the speed of LTE I make sure my phone doesn't get distracted by stray WiFi that would provide lower speeds by restricting connections to my known networks only. Granted I've a grandfathered unlimited data plan...   "Ask to join Networks" set to enabled. And when "free sketchy WiFi: just click here! Girls! Girls! Girls!" appears I Do Not click "yes".... Even places like NYC Penn Station seem to be centers of spoofed networks, at least I don't think AMTRAK serves...
Giggle: those photos of people like Beyonce got more views in their first hour than any tech blogger review posted where-ever will ever receive.   And marketing is all about the eyeballs.
And presidents got pre-release iPads personally delivered by Steve Jobs. Well, one did.
First half of the year. Close enough. I expect it will be worth the wait as opposed to getting a product release to meet a badly estimated deadline and then ship crap they have to recall.
On a related note on an iPhone with "Erase all data after 10 failed login attempts" does a warning appear or does it just erase?
Okay here's the deal. Upgrade the watch but leave the band attachment points alone so the bands can be compatible up the generations. The tech part is going to upgrade and improve but the bands are going to have longer lifetimes, or at least they should in the case of the loop and link for example.
Sand"paper" I'd agree but I expect many besides myself live near beaches and that means sand is everywhere irrespective of our IQs. And that will include pockets we'll occasionally reach into with the hand on whose wrist is the watch....And thus: SS for me at any rate.
It's going to be a fun gadget.
And then when you see someone else with it you cancel right? Because that's offensive. Like I said, somewhat odd approach to tech, but very frugal I must admit.
New Posts  All Forums: