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So set the time interval for when it will lock. That would appear to be an equivalent route for a similar security functionality. Logically the phone is only "locked" when the passcode or TouchID is needed to "un-lock" the device. You're right, as for myself, I'm not aware of a simple screen dimming/blackout feature...ETA: just saw that "require passcode after...". Hadn't ever used it, just set the autolock time interval. I still think the phone is only "locked" if you...
"It is possible that Samsung requested that logos be covered, but it is not an official IOC request" That's not a debunking of what Samsung may have tried to pull off. Just that they were bluffing without IOC backing.
So no bragging about the iPhones in interviews just use them..... Sam giving it a try and getting it blown back in their face to their surprise  because athletes aren't at all independent... :)
The one problem I have with it is the perfect, rigid, circle: because I'd like a vertically scrollable touch-screen and for that to work the bracelet had better offer resistance to rolling around the wrist and that shape doesn't offer that to my mind..
The contortions when they don't even take it off their boot are impressive: very flexible!
Gift bags aren't Olympic sponsorship so unless Sam is also paying the IOC (and they may be) I don't see the IOC caring one way or another what a swag donator has to say.
I've had my doubts, but the FDA aspect brings up the potential to plug into the recent "quantified life" trend and that has distinct possibilities. Then again the boomers are getting old so there's utility in better self-health monitoring across the board.   The FDA visit itself? Possibly to work out where the regulatory boundaries are so Apple can AVOID stepping over into medical device-land.
Because each and every time she did it before that it didn't burn her?
I can see the temptation of a rear pocket: no keys or other metal objects to scratch up the phone's screen in an unused back pocket.   With a phone heavy enough to always be noticed it's still a gamble, but with the more recent lighter ones it's only a matter of time..
I agree, cities take a tragic toll of songbirds while they migrate at night from what I've read. But IIRC it's not the "open", it's the reflectivity so they can't tell it's a solid wall they're flying at: at night it looks like sky from the reflections... Maybe a sound barrier of some sort?
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