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It's been in there hands of the regulatory agency: the FAA, for a number of years now. At the moment commercial drone use is prohibited. Exemptions are made for wild land firefighting, SAR and some others on a  case by case basis.
So that "edge" is basically a touch-control section? Then it will come down to what it controls.
That would be a softer sell than "imposing" two-step identification as the default that had to be opted out from.
up security? I expect so. (the login attempt counter has been implemented already IIRC). Questions?Ah, but you can answer them any way you want. Me? I lie early and often.
Yes: They need to work out more.
Ah so it's not like the chips built into smart cards and passport chips where a stimulating transmitter just has to have it's power boosted to increase the range? I thought NFC was more passive, if it can be turned off until "unlocked" that would solve security. ETA: Ah, I see it's an extension of that earlier RFID passive system.
I hope you enjoy it! Oh and check out both Bryant Park (behind the main branch of the New York Public Library) for it's iceskating and little stores (plus they run the fountain all winter and it's gorgeous when it freezes over and turns into this giant ice sculpture and Central Park for it's winter landscape![Spoiler Alert] bryant park frozen fountain
iDrones. Heard it here first. Giant enclosed flight space.
Bastards. Giggle.
That slow moving part is what get's to me: I wandered into the Fifth Ave crowd approaching Rockefeller Center by accident one time and got REALLY uncomfortable being in packed shoulder to shoulder  and front to back moving at a crawl blocked off by police barriers on the curbside and the buildings on the inside.... broke one block east and: nothing.
New Posts  All Forums: