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That way they catch low end potential customers and then... everybody else.
Classic spot for the old "You're holding it wrong" eh?
"Some" customers get psychologically turned off by just about anything.... Like that bandaid back of the G s5, but really if you're staring at the BACK of your phone, well, you ARE holding it wrong....
Not even remotely close to the first time there's feature differentiation in a product line. Having the only difference be screen size would be a wasted opportunity. I noticed they went a tad thicker to get better power life from the larger device as well: another differentiator. Image quality is more than the literal number of pixels. Somebody will no doubt do side by sides of what the cameras can actually produce and that will be the proof in the tasting. For instance:...
Not really. But then I hardly ever use a microscope to look at my phone's screen, YMMV...
Might depend on who's up for tomorrow. If it's a lot of wannabes then the Bay Area is a simple private jet flight away.... Gotta say as an illiterate for that world no one lept off the schedule:http://mbfashionweek.com/new-york/schedule Anybody?
With a token system there's no real card numbers stored at the retail location so the retailer can't be hacked for credit card numbers usable to clone credit cards. What has been getting broken into are those retailers static archive of consumers real credit card numbers collected when a sale was made: these wouldn't be stored any longer and so wouldn't be waiting for some thief to grab. Intercepting an (encrypted of course)  realtime communication is much more difficult...
If so (and there's the rumor Apple did invite fashion types) they made one possibly big error: Apple is competing with New York City's Fashion Week and there's wall-to-wall events all week long that are must go's.
At least the initial people are paid promoters taking advantage of the Apple pre-announcement hype.
With either the earphones or a BT earpiece there's no need to hold the device up to your head. That's possible now with the 5s/5c. The AIR would make a pretty awesome FaceTime machine, the Mini not much worse.
New Posts  All Forums: