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So when you're not first in line you don't buy?What an interesting approach. That's gotta save you boatloads of money. At the price of an awful load of angst but hey, hyoh.Oh and about that iPad? Bad news, Steve spoiled your party.http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2394091,00.asp
If they had to go fish on the Tsarnaev's phones for the "only" clues they'd never have known about them right? So that's about as bogus an "argument" as it gets. Hey wait isn't this the same people who were "demanding" companies such as Apple provide their users with a guaranteed kill switch? #MakeUpYourMind
As I understand it conversion creates a new library, so your old one with the books is intact and still there.
A quick nearby snack search? Totally mini and on a city street a watch is a lot easier to deal with than dragging out a phone.
Actually APPLE has chased celebrity forever: just about every movie and television show glimpse of that Apple logo was and is the direct result of their efforts in that chase. It's just we've all gotten a lot more sophisticated and can more easily spot the "product placement" than back when TWA was plastered all over 2001 A Space Odyssey.
OS X I-5   Or as someone already mentioned OS X PCH Nothing's more California than it's roads.   OS X Zzyzx?   http://www.nps.gov/moja/planyourvisit/zzyzx.htm
Physics happens: what was the yield rate on Sapphire blocks? Push the envelope on a design of a physical product and there are challenges just from the material and what is being asked of it.
Here's hoping for a landscape mode. Oh well, still better than before.
Link?* The park service pages STILL refer to two parks, joint administration doesn't mean merged, in fact were they truly merged the resulting entity would simply be "administered" and not "jointly administered". And the map locator on the NPS website displays two parks, one labeled Kings Canyon and the other Sequoia. Were there only one park, "Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park", it would be so labeled on the park service's own locater map as one solid, single, united...
Nope, there are two parks, Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park.  As is acknowledged in their webpage: "Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks lie side-by-side in the southern Sierra Nevada, east of the San Joaquin Valley. Visitor activities vary by season and elevation  (1,370 to 14,494 feet)." Note that "lie side by side" and that "Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks" uses the plural "parks" as in: two, not one and well as "AND" meaning additionally....
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