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OR using Netflix on AMTRAK (because their WiFi now sucks, too many users).
Did you have active subscriptions? That would be peculiar, maybe it's in some folder?  Plan "B"? Download the new iOS 9 users manual and look in the index.
That seems to be two different issues: at 22GB of an unlimited plan they don't charge more or cut you off, they just throttle the network performance based on overall network workload while the "3GB" plans have charges for anything more than that.
"Windows".   LOL
Just not a fan of OTA: I don't get repairs on my car engine while it's running so why do the same for my phone? Sort of thing...
Even though my work access is many times faster than home I'm going to wait on this until the servers aren't being hammered quite so much.
Meh.   Better right than fast.
OR they walk into the back, and come out and hand you a white box with a new phone in it. ETA: I've had that experience twice. Nice job Apple.
And I use both routinely. Mileage varies.
There's actually a logical psychological phenomena that applies. The hyper complainers fundamentally believe they're helping the object of their obsession by incessant attacks. It's a perverted sort of love but there you are.
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