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Hadn't they gone on record that 64-bit was simply an Apple gimmick? So this delay shouldn't be relevant to their product's performance or success. Nice for them. :)
I disagree: producing hardware that isn't universally usable with all media formats is the point: other system's DRM wasn't functional with an iPod, well, neither was a VHS format tape in a Betamax: ANYONE'S Betamax for that matter. While non-DRM'd tracks, like mine from my CD's, and the iPod was completely compatible, before and after the store was implemented.
The floor structural reinforcements had to be upgraded.... that's not cheap in earthquake country.
Plugging into each and every city transit systems unique tracking system looks to be a huge challenge. The fixed schedules are easy enough but the live tracking, which would be the real value IMHO (how long to the next train/bus in the real world?), that's a steeper climb.    But where available I much appreciate the information. NJ Transit has it for their commuter line online. NY transit has info displayed on their platforms, I'm not aware ofif they have that on the...
Running 8.0.1 with no issue since yesterday. And on a system connected via WiFi yet.
At least in my experience an iPod FULL of no-DRM music tracks was never interfered with by Apple in any way. Heck I'd had an iPod for years before I ever bothered to use the digital store, preferring to use the system I was used to: going to a brick and mortar store and sorting through CD's and buying ones I wanted. Then with the iPod, I just ripped them into iTunes and went from there.   Now if other DRM systems from other sources weren't compatible with iPods that's...
Presuming it's a max number issue and not a simple probability issue of larger collections just that more likely to have incompatible old apps the app developer hasn't bothered to upgrade or the user to update. "nothing these apps should be able" SHOULD being the most wishful term in the computer universe.
I'd be interested in his take on iPhone encryption, speaking of specific Apple products and recent issues.
Don't see the basis: virtually every track on my first iPod was from my physical cd collection and I kept that habit for quite a while.
I don't like their feel but the tech behind the application of abrasion resistant films has a history going back a long ways before mobile device screen protectors: propeller and helicopter rotor blade leading edge protection has been developed over a long time using films more recently adapted for phone screen protection. And the application goes a long ways beyond a simple sacrificial, easily replaced, surface layer to real world added...
New Posts  All Forums: