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You know I think that's where mine have come on as well.
Apple "iWatch" said to have different screen sizes.   Might be the reality stops there? Though given the phone precedent I'm skeptical.
The OS X version of SAFARI may be what is being referred to, and it has been a bit unstable for me recently and I haven't moved yet to Mavericks. (ha, like just now).
An inductive charging pad would address that. At least for those like myself who don't wear their watches in bed. You've got to put it down somewhere so why not on a  charging pad? My Casio's are solar charged and my analog is self winding. Haven't dealt with batteries in decades.
SIRI controller?
Thanks. I poked a bit further and discovered that via app "file sharing" I can load the full size files into iPhoto for iOS (though I have to export them out of my Aperture library using iPhoto or I get weird error messages and it doesn't work) and the information window says the image is, for instance, "54.5" MB, but the other complication is they're all RAW so what actually may be being displayed is the embedded jpg preview.  Fun stuff in any case.
Great choice! What with the same pixel total as the iPad Air I figure that's the way to go. And that's the total I went for with my Air choice….  take full advantage of all those display pixels…. On a related note: is there a setting for how photo's are loaded into the pads like with music? I shoot some rather large files off my Nikon D800 and it would be fun to have all 32 mega-pixels to play with on my pad.
Sigh.   Maybe at some point for portability but for the moment I'll settle for my iPad Air which is a huge jump in performance and portability over my previous iPad 3 and absent an in person check the smaller overall size of the Air looks to push it a lot towards the "mini" side of things in terms of bulk.
We,, it's actually your phone since you bought it right? Why not short out all the drama by accepting the replacement or just buy a newer iPhone or another from a different manufacturer?
I'd risk running into far too much traffic if I were to do that. You must live where there are better drivers. Though your faith in some electronics is very sweet.
New Posts  All Forums: