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And there is that. You don't need to charge what you can't be bothered to use. Last for months that way.
Indeed: lower entry point doesn't "feel" cheap.
Cheese does go well with apples, especially when you add in just the right amount of whine.
Ah, but that depends on how much you drive the vehicle correct? I expect the same to be true of the Apple Watch. the "standby" versus "usage" balance. I'll get three or four days on a 5s charge and others little more than a day... mileage varies. Same with vehicles: once a week or twice in one day. FWIW I always take my wristwatches off at night and an extra cable to work it with my iPhone/Air wall charger or vehicle USB port? Hardly much of even a First World problem.
Perhaps the "revolution" such as it is: is in the actual functionality? Rather than rectangles? I do like the classic Cartier Tanks though, and that doesn't diminish the advances offered by the Apple Watch one bit.
No the materials listed for the Sport are these:"APPLE WATCH SPORT38mm and 42mm Case7000 Series Silver AluminumIon-X Glass Display Composite Back"http://www.apple.com/watch/gallery/ You would be right on the relative weights, certainly more of a significant variable in some ways (it's directly perceived) than a mere materials specification...
Yes, that's how Apple Pay will get extended to the 5 series iPhones that don't have NFC chips in them.
But people drifted towards simple fashion as wristwatch function lagged behind their cellphones. Time was just as easy to keep track of on the smartphone so why bother with a wrist device? There's exceptions, I wear a watch (a simple timepiece with nice big hands to get the time at a glance) when my hands are occupied with things I wouldn't want contaminating my phone (in a bio-research lab) but otherwise a wristwatch that simply tells time HAS to offer a fashion benefit...
The round/square thing is moronic (IMHO) one of THE classic watches of all-time is the Cartier Tank: a rectangle!http://www.cartier.us/collections/timepieces/mens-watches/tank/tank-solo/w5200027-tank-solo-watch-extra-large-model
Interestingly some are Sapphire faced and others not: the low end "Sport" is faced with treated glass along with having a composite back on an aluminum case versus the "Watch" and "Watch Edition" with stainless or hardened gold cases and ceramic backs along with Sapphire faces.
New Posts  All Forums: