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The people in charge of collecting and using customer data, none of which they have access to (as I understand it) with Apple Pay versus their system.
Not directly to MY bank account it isn't.
Getting the iPhone out of people's constant view is a good part of what I see the Apple Watch as being about. And I can see that concept taking time to ramp up.
BofA's signup was more involved than AMEX so I wouldn't be surprised. They got very wonky last Summer over gas station purchases (I almost got trapped at a Yosemite station that was after hours and I REALLY needed a fillip, thank you multiple cards, but the damn thing signaled I had to see an attendant... and then I start getting a series of emails saying I had a short while to check in or the card was being suspended for "security".. because in the middle of the Sierra...
And yet I don't recall Cook ever mentioning ceasing selling items in Indiana?
Agreed, an interface difference that great would cause a lot of headaches. I guess if it had only a limited current applicability having it appear on only one model might be defendable. But not if its integral, along the lines of Touch ID.
Since it's already thinner than my Submariner I'm interested now.
Amendments to the original law to clearly state it wasn't about shielding discrimination were reportedly offered during the drafting: and defeated.  " Gay-rights advocates said they flagged the problem with the lack of protective language early in the process and pushed minor amendments to the bill, they say, would have largely resolved the issue. It is unclear whether Pence himself knew about the amendments, but two people familiar with the lobbying effort behind the...
That's the window I'm looking towards: until then some will, many won't... not all that different from other tech introductions. Still in the long run far better than credit cards.
Sorry, marriage existed close to two thousand years BEFORE then as codified in Babylon by Hammurabi.http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hammurabi_CodeIf you feel the need to defend the Christian WORD for "marriage" as the literal word? Then you need to dig up what that relationship is in Aramaic since modern English did not exist when the Catholic/Christian Church was forming and most definitely wasn't spoken by the founders: that would have been Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek.
New Posts  All Forums: