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" Remember, there was NO problem with 1100, or even 1400, apps, up to IOS 6."   Just like my Phtotshop 3.0 worked fine until I upgraded to OS X?  Is the incompatibility of legacy software with a new operating system an OS issue or an application software issue?   ​From my perspective it's an application software issue (meaning somewhere in those 700 or 1100 or whatever apps there are ones that have simply not been upgraded as of yet to be workable with iOS 8, or 8.1...
Risk is like that: in the rear view mirror you see "bad management" while going forward at the time the risks could be judged manageable for the potential gains.
s it's been around so much longer I'd expect the wallet users would be even more irate: it's had time do build into their habitsI. Apple Pay is early days.
All that customer tracking data is going to be too tempting.
FWIW, not much granted, never have had an issue with mine, Early 2011 MBP....
Both the 6 and 6 Plus are nice phones, I can see the attraction.
Not at all persuasive.
Put it on my home machine, early 2011 MBP, nice and easy and no issues since.
So Samsung was just doing a Knox-Knox joke on the feds.    And they bit.
Okay, who had "thread goes sideways down some rabbit hole in under three responses" in the poll?
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