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An anchor did that OTA in a broadcast studio filled to the rafters with electronics spewing RF noise left right and sideways? What a moron.
What "U2-Gate"? The band showed up a played a song and Apple gave away copies of their album. Neither of which did anyone have to listen to, EVER. Music tastes are such that a single performer's offering isn't going to please everyone. hardly a "Gate" to any but the eternally outraged.
A wired update connection is just far more stable: over the air signals can be dropped or interfered with in such uncontrolled environments as a normal user resides in. I'm surrounded by electronics, instruments and equipment with electric motors and in side a steel nd concrete building whose walls are full of power lines. A reliable data transfer for the code that's going to be running a computer? VERY tricky.
Restore from backup to get out from under the .01 update. Lousy but you'll get there.
Since it's affecting the 6's a "restore from backup" will do as well and not take very long. 
Restore from backup will back you out of the upgrade.
In one reported incident the handlers of the fake "buyers" were seen handing out AMEX cards as well as priority lists of phones and collecting both once the purchases were brought back out so credit cards are only a small deterrent to the really organized.   I would agree some sort of phasing in would be nice to reward people who are actually going to use their product. Perhaps sell to previously activated or newly established service accounts only for a day or two? Of...
Long ago turned off photo stream to avoid duplicates (maybe that got fixed?) So I delete when Aperture auto-launches to upload whatever photos are detected on the "roll" followed by a sync that puts any new photos in the overall collection., sorted by date, location etc. Haven't had to upload any photos since the OS upgrade to see how that process has changed. Might be a good thing to experiment with, just take a few random shots today and find out where they go and how...
Funny, I deleted all photos from the "roll" as soon as they were uploaded to Aperture (iPhoto). Using it as a temporary storage of immediate shots only, so Apple was quite aware of how I've used the "roll" for years: taking the offered "delete" option after upload as logical. That said customization is always good, perhaps they'll add some back or it's hidden somewhere (haven't read a manual yet).
and the actual upload and downnload speeds
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