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The FDA took notice (and IIRC there were meetings between FDA and Apple on the subject reported).http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-03-30/fda-taking-a-very-light-touch-on-regulating-the-apple-watch
Another catalyst for Apple Watch sales is the current trend to larger iPhones: all of a sudden a casual phone check involves a much larger, in ways more cumbersome, device, opening a slot for the Apple Watch, especially with the 6 Plus.   Apple (Cook?) noted a similar sentiment in mentioning the Watch as an effort to give people a bit of distance from their iPhones or something to that effect.
they don't, that's the result of them being "non interactive" otherwise the user can flip the display.
Phoo: 42mm Black SS, June. 3:15 was late.... Or it started that way? Easy enough with the app and Apple Pay w Touch ID.
Good, a poor policy all around.   Now a specific crime, such as hacking, might be a very good disqualifier for a job inside their security division (or not...) but from running a backhoe? Because of a catchall "felony"? Not at all. And some one NOT convicted and just under indictment? Really a bad idea. "innocent until..."?   So I was glad to read this: "and Apple has never had a blanket ban on hiring people with felony convictions...", so they needed to correct an...
There are instructions on how to convert an Aperture library to a Photo Library so I expect they are not interchangeable.
And Mercedes makes some truly butt ugly trucks.....
I don't see why if the reported tracking of mileage works. How useful is a GPS for a treadmill for example? Zero. While using the sensors the watch does have it reportedly can integrate that mileage into your total.
Post Day One when the nonsense wears off I completely expect so. Unless they can't figure out how to tether the things securely.
^This. Not all that difficult. I'm a little puzzled by the lowering of the store profile, but maybe they have market research to back it up AND the diverse number of models has to be a logistics nightmare and maybe they just don't want to constantly be turning away people for being out of stock of whatever becomes popular?
New Posts  All Forums: