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The kicker is the EU membership that Ireland holds comes with that sort of subservience to the EU rules. Which apparently include something about "level playing field" that such tax regulations have run up against. So Ireland is fighting it first and Apple  and such will be right there appealing as well.
And iirc, more than the Hubble Space Telescope.
Where in that do they calculate a 9 billion dollar number? Even a keyword search doesn't pull that out. Is it on a specific page?
"I never said people with tattoos are bad people." but then again they often ARE: "undesirable people. Drug addicts, Felons, ex-convicts, gang members.."   So not "bad" just often undesirable drug addicts, felons ex-convicts and gang members.    ​Thanks for printing out those words for us.   So helpful!
Possibly close: defense related industry? Engineer friend at Boeing was under similar restrictions for years, though now she has a smartphone.
Indeed and that's the story.
"You made the decision to identify yourself as a common thug, as a drug user, a criminal, a gang member.'   No, you made the judgement absent anything but appearance. Which would give ME greater pause about your competence than would anyone with simply a tattoo. But then again, being in bio research, facts matter to me and I see as potentially unreliable anyone who just jumps to conclusions based on superficial items.  What's next, cufflinks that are too small? Or too...
Heavy metal content Could easily mess with electronic systems.
Sometimes, sometimes not.
It's a computer company, that's one of their computers... solidly selling one of their computer offerings IS good news.
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