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I was thinking more voice versus text, but voice HAS held up better than my impression it appears (though I still have a nagging memory that a few years back text numbers overtook voice for the majority of "calls"....:   http://www.pewinternet.org/2011/09/19/how-americans-use-text-messaging/
The time/effort can add up I expect, especially for those who, like me, have auto-lock set to the minimum interval to max the power savings by keeping the screen dark as much as possible. For those who set their auto-lock on 5 minutes or never, perhaps less so.
Of course when you restore an iPhone that's been properly backed up: you "lose" precisely nothing. No wonder they lost the empire.
While less of a security risk than my iPhone which goes everywhere with me, my mostly stay-at-home iPad is used for more sensitive things like financials so a bit more convenient security, as I've found Touch ID to be with my 5s, would be attractive.
Nah: "APPLE Slashes dividend from $3.29 to $0.47 per share!"
I have to admit to a moments hope on that front but then I noted if such a dramatic increase in return to investors was planned they'd have trumpeted it to the rooftops and they hadn't. So those Maserati brochures got quietly tucked back away.... I expect there's an understandable difficulty in language when you're discussing across a stock split divide like that.
No, of course, otherwise that would be an insane increase, up dividends by a factor of seven?: I was doing a  funny. ETA: Though there's a bit of room for that sort of misunderstanding given the emphasis on the $3.29 per share specifics and the pledge that it will "increase" going forward: well, no, the amount per share will per their pledge but it won't increase per share above that $3.29...., not for a good long time anyway.
[sarcasm] Sigh, demand is already dwindling so they're able to catch up? Just so worried about their innovation, the thing needed a bigger screen... [/sarcasm].
After the split that $3.29 per share payout will be sweet!
Hey no laughing here; that was and still is a classic, quite beautiful design. I don't regret putting a case on my 5s (I resent the added weight but not the esthetics) and I always did when I slipped my 4s into one.
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