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Well, they haven't sold ANY yet all those "millions" are in various analysts dreams so who knows?
They already employ enough people to fill the thing....
Also they doubled the occupancy goal so a cost increase would be the normal result of that sort of change...
But it's probably the portion most easily leaked as case manufacturers get information. The insides don't involve any communication with "outsiders" to the same extent perhaps...
Or ANY of your service providers use Gmail.
An iPad mini?
The cable alone weighs far less than a specialized case will, is here's another vote for USB jacks (like in many newer cars) at the minimum. I expect running USB wiring could be cheaper than actual full power outlets for people to plug their own chargers into? Though at the expense of slower charging rates.
^This.^ No. Way. In. Hell.
More an indication Duracell is having hard time getting their version accepted so they offered a deal to Starbucks that Starbucks couldn't refuse....
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