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" sapphire ingot, substrate, and patterned sapphire substrate, the firm said. Prices for those components are down as much as 10 percent quarter-over-quarter after demand failed to increase linearly with production capacity."   How does that link to Apple's own unique supplier, GT Advanced?
China Inc. turning their PR arm against competitors...
Which has never stopped WS from whining has it?
Well, I do know that for me anyway the "auto-buy" is the 4.7 unless there's an overwhelming impression when I handle the other one, and I'm not anticipating that.
I think a lot of these quotes are out of notes to clients who then pass them on, so not "public" pronouncements as such. ?
"If you rape a girl and offer her enough money to drop the charges you get to be an Apple spokesperson." 'you get to be an Apple spokesperson" does or does not refer to Kobe Bryant, the subject of the piece? Bryant's had numerous girl troubles, one where he famously bought his wife one ginormous rock IIRC.(a Colorado hotel incident?*). * Yes, Colorado:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kobe_Bryant_sexual_assault_case and this sure looks like what the poster was alluding to re...
LOL. And true. The one worrisome aspect of their getting a little bit dragged kicking and screaming into the larger screens.... You just know WS is going to expect the biggest one to dominate sales and it might not..
Go look up "spokesperson" for starters. Bryant mentioning a conversation with an Apple employee in an interview doesn't come close to qualifying. Now the paid shills for Samsung doing the selfies they post at various events for money? Spokesperson. Or do you see Bryant as an Oprah Spokesperson as well? 
It's my impression that in the modern age that's more a skill position than a true-beleiver slot so I'd agree (and also from a more leftward position).
Actually they inverted that relationship:"Chitika cited sales of iOS devices in Costco (which resumed for the first time in June after more than a year) and new educational discounts across Apple's iPad lineup as "at least partially responsible" for driving Apple's gains." Gains in web usage. Looking at sales as a driver of usage increases: which I agree seems weak, sales that don't increase lead to usage that does? Some hidden inference that the Costco sales and new...
New Posts  All Forums: