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The one thing you might want to clarify is that it's my understanding you can set up a reservation for the in-store upgrade program pickup online. So that may go "live" before the date of in store pickups. So asking when the reservations for the upgrade program in store pickups become available (if that hadn't been made clear) could yield a different answer as the upgrade program requires in store pickup so of course it starts the day of in store availability. But the...
I believe that's what the iPhone Upgrade program offers. Beyond that discuss with a store employee because they usually do sell unlocked phones.
It's not for comprehension: it's for security. Using your voice print like a fingerprint so it only launches when YOU want.
For the real-time transmission acquisition I'm still unsure why they couldn't "comply" by delivering, when properly served, that encrypted stream. It's what they're in possession of after all. Same to FBI etc.
"needs to chill out!" ​Have you MET the interwebs?
And if, like is usually the case with "brushes" the width is determinable (and an eraser tool is more or less simply a negative brush), then one could set the erasure width as desired....
Crowded tables so the pencil is tempting to "hang" off to save space? My current desktop barely has clear space for my hands right in front of my laptop, everything else is covered.... in some places layers deep.
Probably depends a bit on how crowded the work surface is.
All the rapid color control might be out of the reach of the current hardware, OTOH have you seen where it's explicitly stated by Apple to being restricted to the "s" models? The "s" are running iOS 9 implicitly, so there's a possibility it's a software feature....
Given their mania for optimizing internal volume leaving that big a "hole" for an optional accessory would have torn their hearts out. OTOH somewhere on their cases/covers would only be polite given the cost of the thing.... I mean it's not like we'll just run out for a $4.99 three-pack like in the Palm Titanium days.
New Posts  All Forums: