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Larger pixel elements, though, do help with low light image quality.
And the 5c will be the bottom tier phone with China Mobile compatibility which the 4's and the original 5 do not have.
That would be nice and probably easier with a lighter/smaller device than an iPad which does need to be "gripped" somewhat.
^Here this^: were I happy with that I'd go with an LTE iPad retina mini...
The snowblower wouldn't be blowing warm air though: but it would project whatever debris it had ingested out at rather high speed: the single digit cold weather would add to the stress, though I'd expect being at the "top" of the warmed store interior (and with warm air rising...) that the pane's temperature might not have been all that low in the first place, so it may have been a straight on high velocity impact from thrown debris or a thrown blower blade...
And a 7,632,960 person line would be only 1%. Probably why they do reservations eh? From their webpage:       As of 30 Nov, 2013 Customer Base ( in thousands ) Total Customers 763,296
Bigger? Yet the S4 sales decline... China Mobile has 732 MILLION subscribers: a huge market so offering iPhones that are compatible with their fasted network is a relatively big deal. Price isn't an issue to the successful of China, of which there are many, the service cost is always the larger issue as well.
Ted has sent out some Tweets.
Makes sense, they sweep at intervals then. 
Good point. I've barely got the gas cap back on the car and AMEX has sent me a notice my card was just used, with the amount of the transaction and location etc. To APPLE Passbook.
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