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First thought, sort of a douche move.
Take it in and find out? You could just get lucky with the right Apple Store rep, I had a pallet jack knock me off my feet and I dropped straight onto my iPhone 6 Plus, 128 GB, Space Gray, () containing hip pocket: pulled it out and other than a slight discoloration where I'd smushed some of the screen elements limiting the color range over a small area near the bottom of the screen it worked fine but I was a bit concerned I'd squished the innards (battery etc.) as I...
Technological Darwinism. Gotta love it. "My iPhone?, Oh it's way back on my desk in the locker room.... The WifI's free in here right?"
Kuo? no thanks: when he made that humungous 10% (53 million ships) quarter forecast baseless whiff I lost all interest in his spasms.
Then the internals crack and the screen adhesive fails and the screen pops off: which is what happens in tests to Galaxies: the plastic flexes and other stuff happens even tho the case flexes back when the pressure is removed. The screen shattering and popping off probably being the most dramatic.
They like the customer information they capture with the insecure system and until the changeover of liability there's little to no downside. Once the fraud liability shifts we'll see.
A vaporware "announcement" that needed some buzz: so he swipes at Apple's product for the click bait?    Shocked. Simply shocked.
Even with iCloud and faster LTE I'd have to see what larger capacity devices deals were. 16 GB hasn't been for me in a very long time.
Sacto Joe: I expect there's numerous people, like me, with surplus links in their Watch box. Try Craigslist or eBay and I expect you'll get the needed extra links. Good luck!
The  Mini might feel pressure from phablets such as the iPhone 6 Plus but the full sized iPads? I don't see it.
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