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I wonder if Homeland Security pushes against that? Details of D.C. building rooftops have long been censored....
Well, to homage "Catch-22", the others would make it up in volume....
I have a sense that the privately owned automobile is tomorrows CD, an item whose ownership also puzzles a lot of the rising demographic. Uber, rideshare, bikeshare, the digital connected world: a large portion of current car user base is heading away from needing a private vehicle. Provide a convenient alternative at a reasonable cost (versus the upfront cost of a private car...) and still exceed the route flexibility public transport never offers and some one is set up...
Does the Underground accept NFC cards? If so it's likely going to happen, even US transit systems setting up NFC (Philadelphia, don't specifically about D.C. that has NFC up and running) have stated they're working towards ApplePay.
There's specifically designed hardware in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to support that system do any Android phones include that same chip? Big systems take time to change, look at how long the United States has lagged behind with our vulnerable magnetic swipe system...
I was less interested in the secure element end and rather on the transmittal of the credit card information to the POS vendor, as that's where the big breaches occur: within the store's systems.  And of course, it's that very loss of consumer identity and information that compels vendors to resist the full anonymity of tokensization. They'll add the convenience of digital pay systems but they want that consumer information.
"credit card data is stored on a user's SIM card and transmitted to a POS terminal for processing."   So, in this age of increasing security awareness?   Dead.   On.   Arrival
Because all those stories spell "APPLE" correctly. And even multi-billion dollar companies will take free advertising.
Only bugs within the iOS, bugs that are issues of specific app compatibility can be more elusive.
They were committed by a Sapphire foundry, which no longer exists.
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