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So they simply use open methods and avoid using terms like "bomb", "assault weapon", "targets" and "death to the unbelievers". "Let's all have dinner at 7:30 at Frank's house on that first Monday in December".
So in summary, when inserting the pen for storage: "Don't hold it that way".   Good tip.  
Given how cheap small couple thousand mAhr  backup batteries are getting, I was just given one as a throwaway promotional for attending a user group meeting (originally from Brookstone though it had a vendor name added as they do for promo items) the added complexity and expense for a battery probably was seen as redundant for something that is largely aimed at stationary use. And for traveling it's just the situation I'm the least likely to saddle myself with extra weight...
Hydration while hiking is a serious issue so a hiking bottle could be interesting, the two day charge would at least cover dayhikes or cycling.    Oh and for those that say when thirsty drink? There's a mountaineering saying that's echoed in the bike race community: When you're thirsty it's too late. Reflecting that when thirst is triggered the ionic balance in both your muscles for power and your brain for clear thinking have already been adversely effected. So a...
"though local U.S. pricing will likely be cheaper."   I sense currency valuations at play.
With the smaller volume maintaining battery life is going to involve that sort of tweaking I expect.
I'm already at the point that swiping feels very insecure versus Apple Pay so the expansion across my store selection is welcome.
Of course with equal performance as a 6s I'd expect battery performance to take a hit, a big hit just from the available case  volume for batteries being so reduced.
The iCloud backups only get triggered when the iPhone is connected to a power source, locked and connected to WiFi (and NOT set for an encrypted backup to the computer which shuts that auto-backup off) IIRC, so anything since the last of those criteria won't have been uploaded for archiving yet...
Expanding the size range of offerings isn't a bad idea. For my use-case I wouldn't go smaller than my 6s Plus, but my use is for a very mobile minicomputer, essentially never used as a voice communications device.
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