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The Park service used to do this for campground reservations in Yosemite National Park: I sort of liked it because it lessened the competition a bit. Now they've moved to 7 A.M. Pacific which while making a nicely civilized 10 AM start for me (East Coast) it also means the availability drops to zero in a couple of minutes... and I don't even try for the popular Yosemite Valley campgrounds that reportedly are gone in seconds. 
Apple's got a webpage set showing all the models.
Life's too short to wait for "the perfect", If a device satisfies with it's current functionality  why ever not get it?
OR select a 4 A.M. delivery slot to the Fifth Ave. store.... As good an excuse for an overnight stay in the Big Apple as any. But yeah, that's why I switched to FedEx quite a while ago: I just walk up to the depot and get the thing on my schedule. 
And then there were going to be phones without buttons? How absurd.
Well a man can dream right?
I get the feeling they've really learned past lessons and made mountains of these things.
Thanks I'll look at that. I do have a grandfathered unlimited plan but what the heck, with competition heating up T-Mobile could be aggressive enough to be competitive. And I'd certainly get more for my 5s now than in march.
Yeah that 5s was a surprise, but it IS the early days and I guess the true diehards that get every model would be heavily represented and they'd all have 5s's, then it should shift as people like me, who have a 5s and a contract, wait out the time until we're cost effective in switching, which for me is next March. I still remember my 4s with fondness: absolutely great feeling and looking device.
For a lot less weight there's the Brunton hydrogen fuel cell approach: cloudy days don't matter for that tech. http://www.rei.com/item/867985/brunton-hydrogen-reactor-charger
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