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How many billions is Apple spending on data centers? Why not just lease those of others? They get total control of the specs and details and run the thing themselves for themselves and beyond that this particular satellite is a jump in performance/capability over what others have up there. The next logical step in vertical integration is UP after all....
Totally "cut the cord" for all of North America? Or Europe. Phones with the form factor of an iPhone have been offered with dual satellite/cellular function: have a smartphone/iPad/Mac whose function is independent of cell tower distribution? 
That's available now within iTunes. Even "season passes" where the new ones automatically are delivered.
 I'm so going to use that one. Though not on anyone who's helping prepare dinner, I do not want to give one of those nutjobs any ideas..... Gardiasis is slimming, but a little too painfull.
Have you returned the original for a replacement? Due to accidental damage I've had two 128GB 6 Pluses (3,865 songs, 70 videos, 9.034 photos, 157 apps, about half full) and never experienced anything as you describe. Perhaps rather than some mythical "1 GB" issue you've simply got a defective unit. it happens.
"SecuTablet"   love the name, sounds like it should cure a disease?
Oh I agree. I backpack and I'm always amused (well, truth be told: annoyed) when people raise their noses at "technology" tainting their "natural" experience whether it be gps, PLB, or a smartphone for reading, maps or whatever.: then I point out they're standing there in a microporous teflon rain jacket (GoreTex) and about to set up a Cuben Fibre laminate tent and holding it erect with carbon fiber trekking poles so they can cook using their compressed gas stove using...
That is the sneaky plan to reduce health costs for the company: reduce that type II diabetes and pulmonary disease by getting people moving on their own two feet. Like the Apple Watch goosing people out of their seats every 50 minutes that Cook mentioned (and lauded).
Apparently so: "That translates to more than 750,000 square feet of space on the building’s roof, nearly all of which will be comprised of solar panels."http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2013/11/20/2974251/apple-headquarters-solar-arrays/
The clatter of their wooden shoes loom!
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