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All that customer tracking data is going to be too tempting.
FWIW, not much granted, never have had an issue with mine, Early 2011 MBP....
Both the 6 and 6 Plus are nice phones, I can see the attraction.
Not at all persuasive.
Put it on my home machine, early 2011 MBP, nice and easy and no issues since.
So Samsung was just doing a Knox-Knox joke on the feds.    And they bit.
Okay, who had "thread goes sideways down some rabbit hole in under three responses" in the poll?
Yes.   This is the early adopter phase of the sequence and the Plus is going to attract us over the less different 6.
I've a research lab with a lot of legacy software so that issue is constantly coming up and it's immediacy is greater what with Yosemite's release... Plus I like that park map app and it's glitches at the moment are annoying.
I somewhat doubt it's the literal number but instead the upped probability of having some apps that are really incompatible with the iOS 8.. Legacy software in the desktop world is a common issue. Anyone try and run an old version of Photoshop in Yosemite lately? Or Word 3.0? So why should some small shop developer's app necessarily run reliably on iOS 8.1? The chances go up as the collection grows right and so with 700 there's going to be conflicts, just like there would...
New Posts  All Forums: