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The clatter of their wooden shoes loom!
Yep, I have my iPhone permanently set to flash on my incoming notifications, no sound just about ever. If it's in my pocket I feel the vibration, if it's on my desk I catch the hint of the flash in my peripheral vision.
"average middle class family, swimming in debt," totally deserves the Darwin award if they consider buying a $5,000 watch. Period. Neither Apple nor any other manufacturer has any responsibility to save morons from themselves. Culling the herd improves it.
Were I to need more ports I'd get a hub:http://store.apple.com/us/product/HD988ZM/A/belkin-4-port-usb-30-desktop-hub?fnode=51
That shoe will drop, they have to start somewhere.
That was the sense directing my response to that.
Scale causes it's own issues.
I just was reading a piece on the new WTC transportation hub's architect on a site visit to the construction and IIRC the ONLY store in the retail space he mentioned was the "enormous" space already reserved for the Apple store.  The bill for that thing is boggling: $ 4 billion and counting. Ofcourse building something that large, underground, while doing so over running rail lines you couldn't interrupt probably upped the costs...
Yes battery life was the main target for sure. People want horsepower out the yin yang: get a Mac Pro and an extension cord (and a handcart).
When the prey is loudest you know you're squeezing the good parts.
New Posts  All Forums: