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Dive watches are relegated to backup these days what with all the advances in dive computers. For me anyway. Wear mine for nostalgia probably more than anything, but then I don't push civilian no decompression limits.
Yep, nothing. And I'm the type that carries two microfiber clothes around for polishing so I'd have noticed. Probably caught the stainless steel case. I chipped a Rolex date bump once by that same sort of impact (I caught the door lock in a glancing hit). Only repair it needed until recently, thirty five years between is okay by me.
Jumping into that white-hot segment that is the Surface? Good one.
Guess if from past experience you tend to beat up your watch: whack it into doorjambs and such on a regular basis. I only do so occasionally and the SS in Space Gray hasn't shown any effects so far....
The start dressing their people in crumpled raincoats and I'll believe them then.
Well deserved. Happy for him.
I loved my Wacom stylus: in the mid nineties I actually dumped my mouse altogether and just used a small Wacom tablet: tended to confuse the hell out of anyone who had to borrow my desktop... But my desk was crowded and my monitor rather large, so scurrying a mouse around enough to get all over the screen was a pain, with the tablet I got corner to corner mapping in a defined area. Much nicer. I had a larger tablet for actual graphics but the small one was an ideal mouse...
OR because he didn't respond to THIER precious emails. Sour grapes for table three?
All those segments that Do. Not. Make. Money. for their sellers? Android or whatever "white box" fantasy is welcome to them.
Click on this B&H link,  at 8 ozs with a core,that's a rather small device and it's an entire standalone unit.. 4000mAh per charged core isn't bad either.http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/995175-REG/brunton_f_reactor_or_reactor_charger_orange.html
New Posts  All Forums: