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Yep, the jump in capability from my (flawless) 3 to the Air was compelling so I made the switch and did the trade-in. Lessened my operating costs a smudge because I'd found little to no use for LTE so I didn't get that with the new one. Maybe with a mini some time in the future%u2026.
In the mountain west of the U.S. there are also open flame fire bans to deal with and in a number of places, total wood fire bans above a specified elevation due to environmental impact concerns (the concern being the alpine environment being depleted of nutrients through downed wood being burned up).
I read it through and had to check twice (I was on my 5s) that is really WAS the WSJ. Pretty take no prisoners scathing.   Ripped both the judge and the monitor big time. The zero antitrust experience and having to hire a "helper" law firm to back up his ignorance at the same rate he's billing was pitiful.
They're apparently promoting the Apple Store App itself with this: "The Holiday Cheer initiative is another exclusive to the official Apple Store app meant to drum up interest in the title. Previous promotions included free apps downloadable through the iOS App Store." ​That said there might be workaround by copying the redemption code… but somewhere on the iTunes store there'd have to be listing for the playlist I would think… unless the redemption code itself triggered...
Far, FAR lighter to carry spare batteries or, a backup power pack like a Mophie. Way too much fuel consumption for that to ne practical in backpacking. Now in a  cabin where you're cooking with wood or off a big propane tank? Yeah that would be cute, but not when you'd need all that extra fuel just to avoid a little extra battery carry.   Maestro64- gps or compass if you can't read a map, you can't read a map, whether that map is accompanied by a compass ala "map and...
So with the two top tier iPhones having compatibility to the CM proprietary LTE network CM has spent untold billions establishing China Mobile won't be offering the iPhone officially?   That's unlikely in the extreme. Odds are China Mobile, to give as big a thump to their competitors as possible, has lined up a simultaneous announcement to tout their big expensive investment in the new network.  The timing is a big deal to CM, not anything to Apple, so why not have Apple...
Why ever would anyone bake it in until the papers are signed and delivered? Given the squarely nature of most business deals and China being right up there in that category given government's heavy hand it's not going to be over until it's over.   Speculation or individual investments can make a "guess" but Apple's not likely to count such speculative chickens, not as hard as the negotiations have been reported as being.
It's tucked away in a weird place: I found it by opening the "Applestore" APP on my iPhone and then scrolling down, one of the group selections was the songs offer, close to the bottom: "Holiday Cheer": when I clicked on it and followed the directions it opened iTunes and once I re-entered my account password and hit "next" on a screen that had a "redeem code" the songs started downloading.. Though there may be something about international copyrights and such that's...
Mithras be praised!
That was pretty convoluted. Not reading all that well I first went to the "app" store (puzzled but figuring "promotion"), then iTunes and then, finally to the Apple-app store… because, of course, when one wants to download music I go to the hardware…. oh, wait.
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