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And were they to they exceed that number how how high will the stock go?
Samsung? Were that true the first Gear wouldn't have been such landfill fodder.
That was an agreement. Try a different translation app? Or ask Dennis Rodman for help.
Thanks, I did expect the real challenge would be posed by the detail level needed to be captured. Having it unlock when you looked at it would be amusing...
Were the implementation unobtrusive and it worked it's another option I suppose. But that would mean capturing enough iris scan detail at a normal viewing distance (maybe 18 inches or so?) to give a secure pattern ID for unlocking and that strikes me as a significant challenge. Basically the thing is going to have to grab an image of my entire face, locate an eye and then zoom in for the ID details.... tough nut to crack in something stuffed into a phone.
Because losing money is every commercial business' dream? No, not really.
And yet still 50% larger than Sammy's. Some "cliff".
Probably got deleted by the Korean translation app.
Sounds like it. I wear one or the other (prescription Oakley's or clear continuous curve lenses) and so that'd be a non-starter for me.
The part I find fascinating is he had to hire another law firm to actually provide the relevant legal expertise. For which he's billing Apple....
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