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Hmm, I wonder if this has Apple Pay as the differentiator? I used the app and Touch ID to pay for the previously selected model via Apple Pay. Probably need to look at my AMEX account on my computer rather than the iPhone Passbook report.
Well the entire look of the "watch visual experience" will be changed then (I'm clearly not in marketing where they no doubt have a buzzword for this), however the term would go. The ensemble will be different, just like wearing a different pair of pants with a particular suit jacket. Then, since the band covers a lot more area than the watch face my impression is it would have a significant, at any rate, impact on the visual image of the device. Perhaps even mores with...
Ah but which "beliefs"? The ones that demand death be meted out to those working on Sunday (or the Sabbath of choice)? The ones wearing a polyester blend? What if the offer for their daughter's virginity is deemed to low? Must they immediately stone the bidder or can they contract that out? Lot's of religious people separate themselves from their sexuality. Roman Catholic Priests? And show me where in any Bible there's anything about denying pizza to anyone? While there...
Make sure you get ALL those nits K? Just to be fair. And it doesn't change the "look of the band" does it, since the band is being replaced. It still looks the same band as before, just it's now in a drawer somewhere.
They've never sold a watch before so I can easily see them being cautious about inventory.
That's the additional revenue stream: accessory bands to easily mix and match. As soon as I saw that band connection system I knew there'd be the possibility of a collection, change the look of the watch by simply slapping on a different band.
There are some 7-Elevens where late enough at night and the clerk wouldn't even blink at that. That might make a great scene for the next Kevin Smith movie?
They have to each be paired to a phone, in some stores they're getting some active, not in others quite yet.
Indeed: the online campground reservation system for Yosemite is a classic of that phenomena: the place sells out in a few minutes for the month long blocks they release five months in advance. The park goes so far as to provide a link to the national standards atomic clock widget so you can time the hit of your submission precisely....
Have you ordered a watch? AMEX reported the charge for mine immediately, and the thing's shipping in "June". Now they do also report "pending" and that was just my phone notification but...
New Posts  All Forums: