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Because having the industrial espionage infrastructure built right into the fabric of the building WOULD be more efficient?
Exactly, I just tried it and as soon as a switched to video an error message appeared on the watch saying "Video not supported, Switch to Photo", okay with either Photo or Square.
Really. And I would have lied about that why?
Reportedly they still offer the 2 year contracts at their stores and at their online portal: they're just cutting off third party sellers to that option. For a heavy data consumer it might be worth the switch from the Apple Store.
Yes but when I went to browse they not only had me walking through the entire thing but I hit a step where AT&T wanted me to set up an account with them and I still had no idea of what pricing I was headed for. Ah well, an academic thing until I get closer to my turnover date anyway.
"Skanska and its joint venture partner were not able to come to an agreement withthe client during negotiations for the revised scope of work. Accordingly, the clienthas elected to terminate the contract for its own convenience. As a result, SkanskaUSA Building will reduce the order bookings for a total of about USD 800 M, aboutSEK 6.7 billion, in the second quarter 2015." That looks less like "booking the revenue" and more like listing the anticipated future order...
The totally opaque pricing is obnoxious (though not unexpected from cell service providers). Love the "From"... idiocy. why not just list the damn prices?
There's all sorts of little tripods out there for iPhones. Very popular for hiking. There's even one for adapting to "real" ballhead quickreleasres so you can put the phone on a big carbon fiber tripod. Though that would look just a tad odd....http://www.kirkphoto.com/Mounting_Bracket_for_the_Smart_Phones_-Black.html
For backpackers who like to have a few shots with themselves in the scenery this will be a useful function: triggering the shutter and running back to the spot you want to stand in with a full pack is not comfortable. Plus there's always the getting it framed wrong part (lots of cutoff heads back in the film day).
But you can simply say "Hey SIRI Start "Insert name of APP you last used here"".
New Posts  All Forums: