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You're most likely holding it wrong. OR your overly paternalistic foreign government doesn't like companies giving away free stuff without their endlessly butting in. LIke for Canada they'd probably have to offer SIXTEEN tracks: English versions and French.. gods know how they'd deal with the Celtic Woman's track were it in Irish….
Flaneur-   You might want to experiment with different screen wallpapers as the visual chartacter of the device display does change depending on that image to a degree.
"subject to availability"? So they might run out of digitally stored and transmitted content as well? [sarcasm] Will these manufacturing supply constraints never end!!! [/sarcasm]
Of course the overlying issue is when the 2 year contract price is factored in, $99, $49, free are all essentially the same relative to the overall total operating costs. So, using ANY of those prices to choose a phone is a bit silly (not entirely of course, $100 is real money after all, so is $50.. but overall…). In which case I'd vote for the "pretty" one and "pretty" may very well be in the eyes of the beholder…. with some liking the more formal look of the classic...
The parallax you can turn off (settings>general>accessibility>reduce motion), the apps get fixed as the app developers get caught up and one nice thing is in 7, if you have background refresh turned on, the apps get updated without any input from the user.
Some of it's looks I don't care for but there are many others I rather like. For me anyway a lot of the overall "look" changes with the different wallpaper choices. Not that I actually spend much time staring at the inactive device…. so its application aesthetics that are moe the point for me, though a long ways back from performance so, say, the new mail's improved speed is very pleasing (and I first saw that on my 5 so it wasn't the 5s hardware upgrade that was...
The article is where I got those prices, the direct quotes:"with the iPhone 5c selling for $99 with a new two-year service contract" and"Rounding out the top Apple devices tracked by the firm was the iPhone 4S, which saw its weekend traffic grow 10 percent after black Friday. The iPhone 4S is available for free with a two-year cellular contract."
$99 (5c) and free (4s) aren't identical. Then there's the issue that the 4s is a great looking phone while the 5c appeals to a different aesthetic (something I applaud BTW, nice to widen a line's appeal).
One "attention" button on the wheel to activate Siri.
Heck yes, why ever not just BYOD? Have a nice shock absorbing mount with charger and swap it around. Especially makes sense for an LTE version: just one connection device charge then.
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