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I'd be interested in his take on iPhone encryption, speaking of specific Apple products and recent issues.
Don't see the basis: virtually every track on my first iPod was from my physical cd collection and I kept that habit for quite a while.
I don't like their feel but the tech behind the application of abrasion resistant films has a history going back a long ways before mobile device screen protectors: propeller and helicopter rotor blade leading edge protection has been developed over a long time using films more recently adapted for phone screen protection. And the application goes a long ways beyond a simple sacrificial, easily replaced, surface layer to real world added...
 IIRC an early use of an EFP was an assassination of a German national banker: punched right into his armored limo at the passenger line using a light beam interrupt to get the timing precisely right. Total overkill for overpressurizing a simply phone.... 
^This^ is where I'm at: unless Corning is screwing with their stocks to Apple, at which point Apple needs to crack the whip and take a big bite out of them. But I sort of doubt that, it would be routine to QC the glass deliveries. As Ronnie has revealed: Trust: but verify!
Passenger ship regulations at the time meant the ship wasn't carrying anything like enough lifeboats for the entire complement of people on board: which is why the crew kept the bulk of the passengers, the low paying "steerage" immigrants, mostly Irish, locked behind gates.
But they'll now be able to communicate with their refrigerators! Perhaps a remote camera to see whether that light ever really goes off when you close the door. #Innovate!
At the moment the virtual keyboard is context sensitive IIRC, when there's something open that needs a keyboard you get it, I was thinking with OS X and a keyboard inclined interface there'd be a need for a separate toggle so the keyboard would essentially always be available even outside text boxes, url spaces etc. ETA: Speaking of which, a virtual trackpad might make the transition easier, and would be right up a touchscreen's alley!
Hah! Good point, the virtual keyboard. So there'd just need to be a toggle to get it to pop up as needed?
Advertising Age has additional details. http://adage.com/article/digital/nyc-municipal-wi-fi-network-ad-funded/295893/   I'd probably prefer static ads, the animated billboards alongside roads I find distracting at any rate.
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