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"'We still have a lot to cover'" Acknowledging the leaked new smart covers.... I see what they did there. Going to give the next mini a close look. I've an iPad 3 so the new full sized one will be considered but not an auto buy.
Well that just means he/she is a fan of a certain font.... hardly extraordinary here in nerdland. http://www.fonts.com/font/itc/itc-zapf-dingbats Granted, major lost points for misspelling Zapf
Plus the other shoe has yet to drop: China Mobile where, unlike the 5, the 5c IS compatible with their network. And that's, IMHO, why the 5"c" rather than the "old" 5... Plus the design speaks to another aesthetic category to widen sales beyond simply price/tech.
"The new data also suggests that the iPhone 5c is not carving out a larger share of overall iPhone sales than the iPhone 4S managed last year, when it was the company's $100-on-contract handset. With the iPhone 5c taking 27 percent this year, it's just slightly ahead of the 23 percent share the iPhone 4S captured during the same period in 2012, just after the launch of the iPhone 5."   "not carving out a larger share"   OR   "the iPhone 5c taking 27 percent this...
Are you sure about that? Given they now happen in the background you might want to check what the gnomes have been doing while you slept. The list of updates on my phone log is rather extensive....
Then the title of the entire thread is wrong correct?  Yet how does a hardware issue "start" with a  software change?  ii.e.: "The problem started after installing iOS 6, so the issue has been around long before iOS 7." I'd suggest that a problem that starts after a software change is, more than likely, related to that software change.... 
"Every product that Apple comes out with is met with industry scorn."   The first iPod was completely scorned: as there'd been mp3 players for a decade.   And yes, the first iPhone was practically laughed off as a complete joke. "no keyboard?"
"Nearly one year" means it's near the end of the warranty: best to get it looked at right away as a failure to hold a charge in that short a time is an indication something is wrong: either the charger or cable (try another one of each?) or the unit itself. Does it charge and hold a charge when connected to the computer he syncs it to? If so then the charger is bad.
No crashes so far (127 apps here) on my 5s, the background update should make getting the updated compatible versions widely distributed rather painless.   Oh and iOS 7? Even on my 5 it's performance was superior to 6 so there's that.
And I'd add the real present rather than the speculative one. Until it's announced buy Apple it's all some level of guess. Can't buy and use vaporware.
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