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Or as some one alluded to above: a particular incompatible APP that this poster likes and uses a lot. OS transitions always catch some software providers behind the curve like that.
Yeah because MS never releases software until every bit of hardware is capable, even the smallest configurations….   Good one.
Replaced my iPad 3 with an Air and, yes, amazing in my hands as well.
That's the surprise I found for myself as well. Fully expected to choose the new mini and yet the Air was just too superior a fit for my uses.
The one aspect of those sorts of articles that always leave me with an itch is they close to never state how many units they used for their plot, and this one doe not that I see. And as anyone in the measurement game knows without multiple samples all you've got is anecdote with numbers. How many measurements (so is the measurement repeatable) and how many different units (so is the measured data statistically significant as a representation of the population of units)....
You know I think that's where mine have come on as well.
Apple "iWatch" said to have different screen sizes.   Might be the reality stops there? Though given the phone precedent I'm skeptical.
The OS X version of SAFARI may be what is being referred to, and it has been a bit unstable for me recently and I haven't moved yet to Mavericks. (ha, like just now).
An inductive charging pad would address that. At least for those like myself who don't wear their watches in bed. You've got to put it down somewhere so why not on a  charging pad? My Casio's are solar charged and my analog is self winding. Haven't dealt with batteries in decades.
SIRI controller?
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