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Totally. That silly feed, reject, refeed cycle with paper money gets tedious just about immediately.
That's two years ago.Mine was correct before my Atomic Clock synced G-Shocks caught up.Do the easy thing and check "Date and time" and your location? Maybe you've got that set to manual and its on the wrong time zone?
Yet I specifically said the glass Apple will be using, you've no experience with that. The material does differ after all: look at Cornings array of "glass" products. OTOH your experience seems to go against the common wisdom that Sapphire cracks easily while being scratch resistant...
Aftermarkets are going to go nuts with these. I like the look of the Gray Aluminum as well.
Agreed and the term "Sport" has overlain expectations (a dive watch's waterproof ness for example) that don't actually fit with the features. Watch "Edition" and Watch "Blank" don't add anything, and Watch "Sport" adds confusion.
This USB-C port is also the power port: lightning doesn't do that?
The keyboard? There was actually a slight reference to that dilemma in the presentation: speech to text being used to answer emails and text messages via the watch. OTOH I don't see any way around the tiny display other than a BIGGER display on a wrist guard...
They're an indépendant industrial design firm (obviously somewhat playing off their relatives car company), I've seen similar labels for other stuff.
People who've bought sub $349 laptops probably rarely buy iPhones with thousands of dollars in service contract commitments.... so the Apple Watch iPhone accessory drifts into mootness.
Indeed, it has a future but at the moment, hype aside, it's a hobby project for Apple even though it's scale would blow a lot of corporations into nirvana.
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