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JUst think "outside the box"*: the device itself will fit one of those decorative stockings quite nicely.  * See what I did there?
No but given "The Cupertino, Calif.-based company's "clandestine" sales rollout for the Retina iPad mini,…. reservation-only in-store availability," I'd expect those iPads in Best Buy (haven't they closed down for bankruptcy year?) were standard mini's. or some crumbs from the additional delivery noted in other places:"So constrained, in fact, that Apple is limiting its availability to its online store and through "Personal Pickup," its system that enables you to buy...
Hey I'm an (ETA: Apple) investor: encouraging people to stuff stockings with them makes sense to me and I long ago learned what's "cheap" to one doesn't have to mean cheap to everyone….
Christmas and other holidays are right around the corner. They make awesome stocking stuffers!
Or not really ever use the device AS a phone, meaning voice. A check of the voice minutes on people's devices could be instructive. Between texting, the FaceTime variants and email as I understand it the tend in voice continues downward. So the larger mini does what people complain about with the 5/5s etc. give people that bigger more easily visible, screen display: for reading at a cheaper cost.  My hugely major usage of my "phone" is as a mobile computer, I'd think that...
Why would the appeal matter? The appeal would still be within the United States system, and so poisoned by your alleged reasoning.
Why did you not choose an LTE mini? That would appear to address the size of the screen quite well since I don't imagine a larger screen on a phablet actually enhances the speaking/listening experience. Plus the operating expenses absent the voice contract is far cheaper over time… When going "big" why not go BIG?
But then so was WordPerfect and it ran in a 64 KB space……. granted the spellchecker was on a separate 51/4 floppy…..
Enterprise would likely include support and maintenance, plus the currency translation and whatever VAT etc. taxes they might have had to pay: but my bet is on the maintenance and support, plus included software licenses as needed. We've got an instrument whose yearly maintenance contract is $37K, when a new one costs maybe $250K… (we bought it refurbed for $100k) so say a two to three year maintenance commitment and all of a sudden the base price of the unit takes a big...
Absolutely. And my experience in going back and forth with my Air and my iPad 3 was similar. Though visually the 4/4s is still the better looking phone to my eyes, with the 5s closing the gap that had opened with the 5 (I wanted the LTE so the 5 was the choice).. Oh and were I to once again (my iPad 3 was LTE, hardly used that feature) want a large screen useable sized LTE connected device? I'd get an LTE retina mini.
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