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I thought about that and then went, screw it, life's too short and there's the resale market. My observation in tech is there's always better on the horizon.... Plus, while I sometimes wear a wristwatch for work (I handle hazardous biological and chemical items where touching anything is a no-no), this isn't a watch anymore than my iPhone is a pocket watch,  though they both can display the time.... IMHO anyway.
The part in the middle is unsupported opinion. Which you're totally entitled to: but the issue of the article was the EU v. Ireland on the Apple (and others) tax arrangements (remember? "Worst-case scenario from Irish tax changes could reduce Apple's annual earnings by 10%"), not some overly moralistic posturing wandering far afield from Ireland's EU issue.
Still June for me (42, SB, Link) sigh.
"made a tax deal that it wasn't really allowed to make", of course it was "allowed" to make the deal, it's been in place for about a decade! The EU is finally taking issue with it and that's being negotiated.   Hard to see where "sham" comes in where the entire thing has been a matter of record. The EU is judging the Ireland tax agreement with Apple as a subsidy by their current interpretation of their rules. Ireland, btw, disagrees.     There's no "of course" about...
Apple quite above board negotiated an agreement with the sovereign (sort of) nation of Ireland. Doesn't really fit the "sham" pejorative. Ireland made an informed decision which the EU authorities are taking issue with.
Note the included text box to whom I was responding? Hope that helps.
Might be an interesting cycling training aid. though that 20 minutes flight duration is sort of low.
but there's no keyboard?
Consumer Reports says it's the other way round, the steel one is more resistant than the aluminum one. ("Sport" being a marketing choice, IMHO, and not really an application segment description, like with the Jeep Cherokee: the "Sport" model was the stripped one with the babycrap brown plastic interior....).
A quick poke showed they (Sweden) don't use the Euro, the Krona is listed as their currency, so some nuance might be involved. An EU member of some things but not others? And there are quite a few who don't. "Friday, the European Commission released the results of its latest Eurobarometer survey carried out in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and for the first time, Sweden. As in the past, the survey did not cover Denmark and the UK, which...
New Posts  All Forums: