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Upgrade to their product line. And someone has to buy the last one: if it's years into a product's life getting annoyed is silly: the writing is always on the wall as the calendar moves forward. A purchase should be made because the device does what it wanted. That being the case nothing changes when it's supplanted by something that does other things.
And yet for the same timeframe it sold more than the previous second tier iPhones. i.e.: nonsense. That it hasn't sold as many as the 5s is the plan.
Hey it got the NY Times a friggin' Pulitzer....
Users vary across a spectrum of storage demands. Entry level products are rather normal.
Probably: but it's not compatible with China Mobile's LTE system: the 5c is.
lol: That's what the 5s is for.
Establishing an "entry level" for low demand users. Logical. For internet surfing, email, texting and the occasional voice call a basic setup will do. Just wish they'd offer Gray..
So additional colors would be nice: IMHO that casing would look very good in gray for instance.
As a very long time TiVo fan I heartily agree! I want stellar image quality and not a whole lot of builtin (pricey and wasted) gewgaws beyond that.
The GT Advanced sheets are only 20 micrometers so that's "micro"....
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