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Also it's not like a standard Apple wall charger and 2 meter cord weigh all that much: when I'm here at work I routinely plug it in (to a charger and cord  I just leave here), though there are also many days I can't bother, like today: and here we are: 3:45 PM, 41 minutes use, 5 Hours, 50 minutes standby and 87% indicated charge remaining.... 
Still: if it's important then why ever not get it fixed? One way or another.
When batteries increase in measured and stated amperage capacity from generation to generation of iPhone Apple has not "reduced" battery capacity. OBTW? Case thickness doesn't actually tell the story of how much interior volume is being given over to the battery, reduce or consolidate other interior items (replacing the 30 pin connector with the Lightning...) and the physical size of the space devoted to battery can increase. There's stories of the 3.5 mm headphone jack...
And Sammie's got the bandaid for that.
OR you could take it in an Apple store and have them fix it? You have done a clean restore? Otherwise maybe try that and then take it in if it doesn't resolve the issue.
They handed out a bunch at that Christian thing a while back. Called something like "Christmas"? And a whole lot more widespread than a single city's parade it was too
And yet do they buy LTE iPad Minis? Because, come on, who talks into their smartphones anymore anyway?
Hmmm: 128GB (LTE for the Cloud...) iPad Mini? Stick it in a waist pack for jogging alongside your Gu and water?
Because that's ALL you pay, no service fees forever..... for people constantly in the presence of WiFi zones paying for voice services makes no sense. A similar reason why the LTE iPad mini is a solid choice for those demanding "larger" phone screens: data BUT no voice charges.
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