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LOL. And true. The one worrisome aspect of their getting a little bit dragged kicking and screaming into the larger screens.... You just know WS is going to expect the biggest one to dominate sales and it might not..
Go look up "spokesperson" for starters. Bryant mentioning a conversation with an Apple employee in an interview doesn't come close to qualifying. Now the paid shills for Samsung doing the selfies they post at various events for money? Spokesperson. Or do you see Bryant as an Oprah Spokesperson as well? 
It's my impression that in the modern age that's more a skill position than a true-beleiver slot so I'd agree (and also from a more leftward position).
Actually they inverted that relationship:"Chitika cited sales of iOS devices in Costco (which resumed for the first time in June after more than a year) and new educational discounts across Apple's iPad lineup as "at least partially responsible" for driving Apple's gains." Gains in web usage. Looking at sales as a driver of usage increases: which I agree seems weak, sales that don't increase lead to usage that does? Some hidden inference that the Costco sales and new...
That was pointed out in the very first sentence of the article's text:"iPad is making gains in North American tablet web usage"
IIRC they've sold more 5Cs than Sam has sold S5's.....
Really could a company BE more needy that Samsung?
They'll occasionally get lied to but their directly lying is probably very rare. You get caught at that as press spokesperson and you're done. Now the administration behind the press secretary may very well know more than they give to the secretary: but that's a separate issue. 
No, he really wasn't. Stating something that LATER turns out to be incomplete isn't close to the same as lying. Lying is Dick Cheney stating on national television "we" know where the chemical weapons factories are in Iraq, when NONE existed. Not knowing every detail about violence in a far off sovereign nation 72 hours after the attack is reality, not "lying". Oh and the PR person is "the public face"? I follow Apple medium close and I couldn't even tell you who the...
"I believe the iPhone 6 will have a glass and sapphire blend while the iPhone Air will have the full sapphire screen."   ​For various structureal reasons (plus I believe it's what they've patented) the screen would be a laminate: get the scratch benefits of Saphire but structure from the other layers. One of the reasons the GATV process is so great, really thin sheets...
New Posts  All Forums: