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Certainly that's how just about every airline in the country has used that mechanism.
So, a new iPod Classic for Throwback Thursday?
My favorite news aggregator at the moment is Twitter. Follow a bunch of institutions, public people (though AJ Sotomayor hasn't been very active, sadly enough...), news people and news organizations and it all comes through.   A good jump start is find the account of a person in the news business you trust and follow the people etc. that she or he follows and grow it from there.
Really that depends on what the contractual arrangements were in the documents that structured the tax agreement and there certainly were some obligations on Apple's part. I'm not privy to those. Are you?
With that tax break deal Apple did acquire responsibilities to the state.
Yes, a wired update and there is NO capacity issue beyond the actual size difference of the two software, the thing just get's swapped off an inert device etc. OTA means the thing is live and operating right up until it restarts and that's going to mandate the extra space for TWO operating systems...
New, shortened, power cables. #HeardItHereFirst! Be nice if it at least made sense in hindsight....
I'm getting (slight) lyric echoes???
 Just like I'm getting tired of trying to open my front door with my car fob.... boy humans get spoiled quick!
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