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But they'll now be able to communicate with their refrigerators! Perhaps a remote camera to see whether that light ever really goes off when you close the door. #Innovate!
At the moment the virtual keyboard is context sensitive IIRC, when there's something open that needs a keyboard you get it, I was thinking with OS X and a keyboard inclined interface there'd be a need for a separate toggle so the keyboard would essentially always be available even outside text boxes, url spaces etc. ETA: Speaking of which, a virtual trackpad might make the transition easier, and would be right up a touchscreen's alley!
Hah! Good point, the virtual keyboard. So there'd just need to be a toggle to get it to pop up as needed?
Advertising Age has additional details. http://adage.com/article/digital/nyc-municipal-wi-fi-network-ad-funded/295893/   I'd probably prefer static ads, the animated billboards alongside roads I find distracting at any rate.
65 MB so everyone should be able to "fit" that one in....
They actually say who will pay for it right in the piece: advertisers. And the NYC eyeballs are lucrative ones to sell. "LinkNYC plans to pay for the rollout through advertisements that will run on digital screens astride each pylon, making it free to taxpayers. The program is expected to bring in some $500 million in revenue for the city over the first dozen years of operation." And the overage will potentially reduce the local taxpayer burden.
OS X requires a keyboard. iPads don't sell with a keyboard.
Perhaps check the Battery Usage statistics for what is using your power: my 5s shows nothing like that sort of drain, it's improbable they're all that different. Currently 55 minutes of usage, 4 hours standby with 88% remaining and my indicator has to get to 1% or less before it shuts down. With iOS 8.1 (12B411)
It's a huge company. they're no doubt "focused" on a lot of options for materials going forward. Items not quite optimal today can become so with a bit of effort. Sitting on "current" as good enough get's overcome by competitors.
New Posts  All Forums: