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That had better be the way that works! Losing your app data just to facilitate an OTA update? Bad move.
Only for those that, well you know, decide to buy one?
The main issue is the binary choice of ALWAYS or NEVER, when for many apps there's that third option "Only When the App is running"
For wind the turbine design is critical: some of them are damn noisey.
Everything but 1989 was already slated to be on Apple's service.
LOL, Yeah I can't wait for the Miley Cyrus campaign against Apple to gather steam..... Or.  Not.
Monument to that commie Eisenhower eh OTOH it's always good to get into details BEFORE the thing is built. Adjustments are far easier in the early days.
^this^ And, Plan "B", some free publicity for a band no one has ever heard from other than through this.
Hey at least he didn't start a set of unpaid for multi-trillion dollar wars like some conservatives we could name eh?
Or anyone who has sent an email TO one of those Gmail accounts: the terms of service drags them into Google's clutches as well last I'd read (I think they were being sued over that).
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