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Yes, a wired update and there is NO capacity issue beyond the actual size difference of the two software, the thing just get's swapped off an inert device etc. OTA means the thing is live and operating right up until it restarts and that's going to mandate the extra space for TWO operating systems...
New, shortened, power cables. #HeardItHereFirst! Be nice if it at least made sense in hindsight....
I'm getting (slight) lyric echoes???
 Just like I'm getting tired of trying to open my front door with my car fob.... boy humans get spoiled quick!
"I'm not surprised it's slow because iOS 8 is buggy."   ​The OS or the apps not having kept up with the operating system changes? Most times when a device acts up it's the application software not the underlying operating system, in my experience. And with all those apps out there requiring some adjustment to the new operating system I'd expect performance issues with some of them.   Hence the slew of app updates we're all receiving.
Smart move, there comes a time when hardware, even when in good shape, is just too old and too far removed from the design intent of the latest software. OTOH the 4s is a damn fine device, still the design I liked the most. I moved on for performance but with regret for the looks...
Apple has offered variety in many of their lines so that they would eventually in their phones is rather probable. Competition or no, choice is what can grow your customer base .
The Apple patents for laminates incorporating Sapphire lent some basis for the speculation that was credible. For the 6 might have been premature but overall the newer technology (ion beam, laminates) had potential. Still has for that matter.
To their credit they've been warning about this spiral down for quite a while.
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