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The 18th was the date CM had their introduction of their LTE network. An OBTW moment might have been included but CM may simply have a different style and want to spread things out.
Or it may not; given it's yet to be offered on CM?   How do "weak" sales for an item NOT YET SOLD on the service lead to renegotiations?
Remarkable how much more you can get for that price compared to a couple of decades ago... even just into the 90's.
With NO set time limit how is anyone supposed to know their rights? Idiots.
"just have it widescreen in the first place though"   ​True,also  it might have started as just a cute, his grandfather throws a sock at him and the switch in viewpoint occurred later and they didn't correct for continuity amongst, as you say, the multiple takes.
He edited in portrait, and also in landscape (in the morning on the couch): possibly that gives better access to toolsets or has some other advantage? The one shot in portrait shown from behind the subject was when his grandfather throws a sock at him, an easy crop.
^this^With the extra bonus my and all my correspondents private communications no longer get sold off by Google.
Probably not, but President John Adams might have been when he set up the first American Public Health Service built and maintained by mandatory fees paid by citizens, in 1798.....Oh my a "Founder" was a commie!Or.Not.
It's up on YouTube now in an Apple version. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ImlmVqH_5HM
There's an opt-in auto-uptdate question during the installation. The admin for the machine seems to have selected "Yes".  That's editable under "System Preferences...App Store... Automatically check for updates, etc."
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