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It's just about the same thickness as a Rolex Submariner. Has anyone ever complained about a cuff link conflict with a Submariner?
Liking that Milanese Loop pricing.
Hey if you don't want the features don't buy the features: totally understand. I like my G-shocks so there's no way I'd buy a Pebble, steel or any other flavor.
No contract so this isn't (at the low end) a two thousand dollar plus commitment... we're already on the hook for that.
Perhaps once they actually have older models to fill those tiers.
Shrug: do any 10K dresses come with an "upgrade" program where the designer house will come out and recut the dress to an updated style?  But. of course, it's not a $10,000 electronic device. It's a $349 electronic device in a $9,651 case. So maybe they will offer drop-in upgrades? Shrug.
Well I'm interested, and not because my version of the one on the right (Submariner date, stainless) has broken down and repairs will cost pushing a thousand dollars if nothing serious is wrong either. But because they do entirely different things.
$349 is hardly the "luxurious market', that they're offering a wide device choice isn't an unreasonable decision as wearables inevitably will, for some people, drift into the fashion/decorative category. So Apple offers something for them as well as people with a different purchase choice list. Oh and btw? My purchase of a Rolex a long time ago was centered on function not "luxury", it was a great (and still is) reliable dive watch.
If this were a generation 2 or 3 device it would have been out for a couple of years by now.
Since the Pebble doesn't offer the same functionality that's a false choice and I've watches that last infinitely longer than that mere 10 days btw.... OTOH if you've no desire for the functions it offers the Apple watch, at any price, is the wrong choice for you. 
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