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How many phone sex operators use iPhones?All this delay and THAT'S what you have?  Again, aside from phone sex workers and people addicted to cat videos on Youtube, burning through an entire battery in a morning is out of the ordinary. 
That works out to 8.57 hours of use, 7% consumed at 36 minutes of usage... So I appreciate the sarcasm. 
"Slim" is hardly the only variable: it also depends on the length and height: all components of the volume, which is what the available interior space for components is about. OTOH better, larger, screen, faster processors and overall higher performance at the same, multi-day battery life and I'd be satisfied. ETA: Which other phones are 7 mm thick?
93%, 36 minutes usage, 3:01 hours standby. Low-Moderate cell reception, solid WiFi, Bluetooth enabled. Email, web surfing, maps and traffic and weather... iPhone 5s
Far from casting doubt on Issa's efforts I'm using his proven track record of opposition to reinforce that after these multiple hearings and endless investigations were there a there there he'd have found it and released it at the top of his lungs. And he hasn't.
Or three days for people that are employed.
Since Issa is an opponent, and a powerful and resourceful one as well, House Committee chairmen aren't impotent, it is precisely some one who is an entrenched enemy of the administration who would be the least likely to lie to cover up some malfeasance on the part of the administration in relation to Benghazi. Carney might spin, Clinton might downplay but Issa is going for the throat. That HE investigates unendingly and comes up empty is, IMHO, the best indicator there's...
AI isn't the Federal Government. Bumpersticker whine FAIL.
Since ISSA has found squat you can take it to the bank there's nothing there. 
"Face of Apple"? I couldn't pick the current PR person out of a lineup of one. Anymore than he was "the face" of the administration..
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