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That's a rather big venue for announcing a screen resolution upgrade.
Makes sense that way, I'd taken your comment to mean the stock ones.
Ah that's too bad. I hated when my new iPhone 5 bricked on me: odd how used to the convenience I'd become.
That could be nice, transition to a service company and leverage their corporate, government and enterprise aspects.
Yes, that's a little too "Microsoft, we know best" for me. How'd that happen? I was asked permission before any download of an OS took place. Even in iTunes I just got a notification that an iOS update was available and I had to click to start the process.... not due to any settings I consciously  have chosen recently anyway...
There's no "black at the bottom" of the iOS 7 space theme it is starry dark at the top, with a lighter nebula at the bottom. Similar in orientation to the aurora borealis with it's light green tints at the bottom with the dark sky top. The same with the space view of earth: bright clouded earth at the bottom, space at the top left... The solid fields look blue to me though that's on a 5s.... so the tint might vary but the bottom not being dark won't be dependent on the...
That's how I judged it as well. The retina mini, portability with a bit nicer screen and perhaps a speedier cpu will be of interest. Keeping the 3 for inhome use unless they REALLY blow the doors off with the iPad 5.
I bricked my first 5, the Apple tech said it was unrecoverable and gave me a new one, mentioning that accumulation of corrupt code as the culprit and specifically directing that I NOT carry over from my backup but do a clean install and sync the phone instead. Apps are probably still chasing the OS...
An incremental update like that wouldn't take up all that much space and why ever would people who'd already made the leap to 7 NOT choose to install the maintenance tweaks?
Faster and more convenient would, presumably, entice those who used NO passcode, to do so. A Touch ID/passcode where there was none before is more secure.
New Posts  All Forums: