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Good for them. I didn't overpay my tax obligations either.
"For its part, Apple's tax dealings cannot be faulted as they don't break any laws and with little impetus other than adhering to the "spirit of the law," a change in corporate policy seems unlikely...." Thus: so what? They followed the law. End of story.
That diamond saw is the old tech. Apple specifically invested in GT Advanced that's going to run their Mesa facility due to their having acquired the new beam tech for shearing off Saphire sheets.http://www.macrumors.com/2013/11/12/apples-new-manufacturing-partner-gt-advanced-uses-particle-accelerator-to-cut-sapphire-glass-production-costs/
Heck were I building that laminate it would still have a GorillaGlass core.
More or less my reaction (returning a defective unit) as the "fade" being addressed doesn't appear to be a failure that occurs within days: that's possibly something else, either hardware or specific personal hygiene: Hey if your hands are either perpetually greasy or totally soiled or cold and wet then the tech just isn't gonna fit... so why not get the hardware checked out or replaced?
""It doesn't get PC viruses"" That they (Macs) do not get "PC" viruses, which due to the popularity of Windows and the larger potential exploitable target list, is both literally true and understandable. "Hi: I'm a Mac and he's a PC" sound familiar?  Different computer code: different exploits. And due to the different numbers of viruses out in the wild targeting the different OS's Macs have the advantage (less so now but still) of not being the overwhelmingly numerous OS...
My secondary external display was unaffected after the update. And while the MBP is early 2011 the display is a positively ancient Cinema display that is probably late 90's in vintage.... Lucky me.
Agreed, it's the eyes off the road aspect, which is the same whether the too long focus is on a paper map or an electronic one. Which is why I've long been puzzled that heads up displays such as Garmin's offering don't get more traction and more refinement (the information on Garmin's is sort of sparse). And I certainly agree with the above that mounting closer to the line of sight out the windshield is best to lessen the time spent "away" from looking down the route.
I'm covered, unsure whether that ups the odds I'll watch though.
Laughable or not that wasn't a statement from AI, that was a direct quote of the Apple appeal. "A brief introductory statement inserts a few fresh arguments into Apple's case against, while rehashing older claims that the iBookstore and iPad created, not stifled, competition in the e-book space." Look at the original article, that's in a quote box:http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/02/26/apple-officially-appeals-e-books-antitrust-ruling-asks-for-dismissal-or-retrial
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