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I like a fast interface but this, of itself, offers no attraction.
Looks like the car blew the doors off their hinges. The glass breaking was secondary. Probably why they aimed for the doors: hit them at the center at speed....
But who will know when to buy the toner for the photocopiers? Sammie should rethink this. "Thursday's move comes after a number of publications criticized the S5's construction. The Wall Street Journal said the Galaxy S5's textured back was reminiscent of a Band-Aid, while the International Business Times led with the headline "Samsung Galaxy S5: Looks Cheap, Feels Cheap." " Ouch, the WSJ picked up on the bandaid theme?
Windansea   http://www.sandiego.com/beaches/windansea-beach
Sort of my reaction. Have they ever? despite the annual disappointment articles when they don't. Much like the ever popular "manufacturing constraints".
There's an app for that.
Ah, "Polishing", the cutesy apple references just never get old do they?
I was thinking more voice versus text, but voice HAS held up better than my impression it appears (though I still have a nagging memory that a few years back text numbers overtook voice for the majority of "calls"....:   http://www.pewinternet.org/2011/09/19/how-americans-use-text-messaging/
The time/effort can add up I expect, especially for those who, like me, have auto-lock set to the minimum interval to max the power savings by keeping the screen dark as much as possible. For those who set their auto-lock on 5 minutes or never, perhaps less so.
Of course when you restore an iPhone that's been properly backed up: you "lose" precisely nothing. No wonder they lost the empire.
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