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Because real world actual biological fingers being the designed input signal can be accurately simulated by a robotic single-point mechanical pointer? Not really. That's a great stylus input metric, biological fingers? Different system design. No doubt my 90's Palm Titanium PDA would have loved that test. But it's no longer the 90's.
This may well be the most on point response.
Not what I've experienced with either the 5 or my current 5s. Touch accuracy appears normal and there are a couple of apps that have controls very close to edges, like Podcasts, with no issue I've noticed.   Shrug.   Plus since I don't use a stylus I'm uncertain how relevant that test is in the real world…. might also be interesting to see multiple phones tested. The article says "an" iPhone etc. single samples aren't all that significant for measurement...
My university IT sent out a warning yesterday advising that both EndNote (they didn't say what version) and MS Office 2011 had conflicts. Whether they'll acknowledge when the application manuf. roll out patches I couldn't say…. I'm just going to read the details when I run MS updater. Endnote itself may have a notice on their website.As of just now MS had no updates available.
I just got a warning email from my university IT that EndNote and Office 2011 don't like Mavericks. Though in typical IT fashion they blamed the OS and not the software manuf. that need to adapt to the new OS reality….
Sort of my feeling. Granted if enough apps develop that into more than a modest convenience I might miss it but at the moment? It's not all that critical, in fact I've decided I'm keeping my bulletproof cases Otterbox Armor and Defender FWIW) I got for my 5 and just disable Touch ID on the 5s and go with the passcode when it's necessary to use that level of protection.
Come on the Surface is a "some assembly required", needed parts sold separately (the keyboard) laptop.   Compare it to a Macbook Air?
Since yesterday to 7.0.3? No. Might want to check what the thing turned on: some of those background app refreshes can keep the gps chip running constantly and that'd be a huge drain. Bluetooth got turned on when I upgraded my 5 to iOS 7: but IIRC the decimal upgrades to my 5s haven;t turned that back on.
Zero. It's free. That's a nice "innovation".
Thanks I didn't know that. I like the transparency, a bit surprised enough others do so that it's law.
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