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 The 5s and the 5 have housing that differs only by the color of the anodizing. And for may who prefer caseless phones the 5c is the better housing choice than the metal. How many metal cases are out there versus how many varieties of polycarbonate and other materials? There's a reason for that.
 I know, I like the look of all the colors and from what I gather the shell feels great too: unfortunately I'm such a sucker for tech... so I'm choosing between slate and silver. Oh well I can always get a CandyShell.... :)
   They start selling online at 12:01 A.M. P.S.T. September 20th. http://store.apple.com/us/buy-iphone/iphone5s Or:"Online iPhone 5s orders open at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Sept. 20, in-store sales begin locally at 8 a.m.By Neil HughesWhile it won't be available to preorder, the iPhone 5s will hit Apple's online store at 12:01 Pacific next Friday, Sept. 20, while Apple's retail stores will begin selling the device when they open at 8 a.m. local...
 More affordable and in an entirely new aesthetic for a different consumer than the stark 5 appealed to with a wider radio system compatibility range.
It always DID happen when Jobs was in charge that pricing spacing hasn't changed since he died.
Uthe system font look is a bit variable in 7, set it how you like.
 I know a couple of backpackers who really like these, needed because they use their phone as their navigation gps mapper. http://www.mophie.com
 The lines at the stores will shut up the media whiners going "Look NO lines! Apple is Doomed!" When Apple deliberately and specifically prevented lines to avoid the previous riots being repeated in China everyone bit on that storyline.
 and that's the rub isn't it? Weigh down the phone so the people on the edges of power usage get the battery duration they feel they "should" get while weighing down the rest of us with a too heavy phone? Or just let market forces provide any number of very nice solutions to the more marginal user (Juice packs, the ones mentioned above etc., spare chargers for work and home such as I went for, a car charger as I used with my 3GS and 4's): or like pressure proof cases for...
 Good point on signal strength: I used to be able to kill some of my old analog cell phones  within maybe an hour or two because I was in the habit of putting them in my (steel) desk drawer while at work. Usage totally varies but an iPhone draining it's battery in sleep mode ("it bleeds battery life even when its in sleep mode") should be solvable. Much like I learned to turn my RAZR's off when I stuck them in a drawer....
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