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Had me at "maps" :D
Hence all the analysts angst when reality bit. (so far).
You'd be spot on with a normal scale site and structure  I expect: but this thing is on the horizontal scale of the Pentagon and so access for the heavy stuff can likely be channeled away from the occupied segments. Such a "waste" of area, as compared to a vertical skyscraper, has that advantage, there being a lot more approach options than with a small footprint building.
That's how I scheduled my iPad buy: held off on the 2 and went with the 3 immediately. For iPads, for me anyway, it's a lot about the visual and I can tell the difference. Going to go LTE or WiFi only? That's the puzzle for me.
Or they'll add a retina mini: they also like to tier their products, stills selling the ipad 2 etc. for that reason. Give consumers, ne buyers, a choice.
Some iconic places wind up doing that. I worked at Louis Kahn's Salk Institute and it was rather routine to look up out the all glass exterior walls to find a gaggle of tourists raptly watching "science" while being lectured on the building. Of course with it's exterior access being so open it was easy to do that and not compromise the work, harder to do in a building with interior corridors only I imagine... Hah, turns out they still...
With a structure that large it's easy to segment the completion: allowing people to occupy each quadrant successively as they are completed. More traditional buildings have been rolled out that way forever: I've been in a couple. They didn't empty the Pentagon while they rebuilt did they? Because there was no need to and, as a matter of fact, they'd reinforced and remodeled segments just before the 9/11 attack where similarly everything except the area under remodeling was...
Donald Pleasance was never better and I am a George Lucas fan, hence..,,, Leave it to someone in nerd land to finally get the connection. Points back from the font misspelling!
It's either going to stop on it's own by user awareness and education or those automatic door locks, automatic headlights are going to migrate to automatic cellphone disablers when motion above x-mph is detected.
Apologies, yours wasn't the post where the speculation was the 5s was being restrained by Apple to push people to the (proved by it being in stock) 5c. Not sure how that happened... Ah, at the time I figured it was an expansion of and a support for your post. Elaborating on why constraining 5s to benefit the 5c made no sense in response to "and I believe Apple is curbing availability of 5S to push sales of 5C somehow." [It all seemed to straightforward in my head]. part of...
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