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 ​Were the original poster Spanish I would stand corrected.  #2? Better directed at who I was responding to.: " San Francisco was settled by white people like myself". 
And the Russians made it down to Northern California: going by sea is a lot more efficient than walking...
Well except the people who founded San Francisco were Mexican and Spanish. Neither of whom are "white".Sort of hinted by the name? A Spanish name?And they didn't "run out" the locals, they enslaved them.
So Apple's high definition mapping is to automate their contract vendors shuttles? Always thinking if the future!
Not my 6 Plus at any rate..
And perhaps also further incompatabilites with certain apps?
Indeed, if they can clear the copyright issues I'd like an option to have the Cartier Tank face be my default time display...
The subset of people that did stop? Yes I accept that's why. Once someone owns a phone they would be much more likely to drift off the habit (if they'd ever started) of wearing a watch. I still do because of work, often my hands are contaminated and gloved so having a wrist display is a safety issue versus handling my phone. Given: "People stopped wearing watches because the function was duplicated with their phones* while the phones did a lot  more in addition, similarly...
I was addressing the argument put up by the poster I responded to. Want to try?
Every time someone slams the design I can't help but think of what is arguably THE classic watch design: The Cartier Tank. "Just" a rectangle....
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