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Plus the point of metered parking is churn: providing parking opportunities for new people all day long NOT providing one person a day's parking."In order to improve parking availability, parking meters are used to regulate the amount of time one vehicle can park. This encourages vehicle turnover opening those spaces for other parkers."From Philadelphia's pages, where they're also starting to use kiosks.http://www.philapark.org/on-street-operations/
Aaaand it's available now via iTunes. Moot much?
"The 8gb iPhone they offered I believe can't even do an OS upgrade unless you remove just about everything on it." Ignoring the easy path of simply connecting the phone to a host computer? In which case nothing has to be removed to do an iOS upgrade.
And I just checked the box (iPhone 6 Plus) and the label even includes the caution "1 GB = 1 billion bytes,actual formatted capacity less." (my emphasis).
so for comparison's sake what is the available space for users on a 16 GB 5s running iOS 7?
The operating system takes up actual storage space? Wow, stop the presses. next it will be revealed the device has to be recharged.
I've seen some of their propaganda photos when he was allegedly picking out targets for some fantasy strike of theirs in a room that looked like their version of a White House or Pentagon situation room (wall displays of maps etc.) and the desktop computer he was looking at was an iMac. Or a knockoff with the style and logo... Business insider has a photo:http://www.businessinsider.com/brand-new-photo-confirms-that-kim-jong-un-is-a-mac-user-2013-3
So the 5s, their flagship phone just a year ago is now relegated to "crap" that is being forced down our throats??? I don't agree with that.
I don't recall that being the 5c's price point, and I do recall all the bitching that the price was too high. Or was it? ETA: Ah, the subsidized two year contract selling price for the 16GB 5c was $99.
I've a 6 Plus with a case with a cover. The cover, when folded open, makes the phone easy to hold stable with one hand. Though the superior case I expect would be the Vaja Flip case, which I've had on a couple of previous generations of iPhone, the one I'm using is their Agenda wallet since they've not yet offered a Flip (the say it's coming in approx. Jan.). Yeah I also have an Otterbox Defender for backpacking and that's a bulky setup for sure, though at least this...
New Posts  All Forums: