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The Nanny sate would be if this were the Heritage Foundation's "Mandatory Personal Responsibility" sort of feature, something that a user can simply choose to turn on or off? Notsomuch.
And due to it's diminutive size it makes a truly ineffective hammer. Which saddens me mightily.
Yep: "which", not "if".
The volume chart tells the tale. Millions sold rightist the end incl a 5.8 million spike after a really flat day.
You just need to commithttp://www.gorillatough.com
Special use cases for a watch: interesting concept.   I've used such for cameras, diving and simply extremely wet environments I see the point.
"not directly" means precisely that it's what YOU'RE saying, "interpreting" or "mis"interpreting  what he actually wrote.
"Image" and "Map"? Not the same thing. Sorry.
"using my transistor radio to listen" The problem for us control freaks is that's not OUR music.... sometimes we just want to shuffle 1200 beach music tracks. Sometimes we don't.
Oh man like that place wasn't already too dangerous to enter.   FAR too many wonderful things....
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