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Once plant retirement and decontamination costs and storage of spent fuel and contaminated parts are all added in? I tend to doubt it.
Here's a table that shows some of that, though less dramatically than compared to other cities..:http://whitefenceindex.com/service/Electricity
But then with the thieves being economically motivated why did't that drive thefts UP? Less per unit is solved by more units I would think... Though were the parts market simply TOO cheap (and I have no idea) the risk/reward might not make sense. Have to say I was expecting a rise in thefts to "make it up in volume". happy to see I was wrong.
http://www.iclarified.com/44545/apple-campus-2-will-be-the-largest-baseisolated-building-in-the-world "There will be more to the stunning Apple Campus 2 than meets the eye. One of the most fascinating—and important—elements of the building will be 3 levels under your feet.AC2 will sit on top of 700 base isolators. These elements, which are structurally attached to the foundation, are designed to prevent structural and architectural damage during a seismic event.“The whole...
I've been happy with my Nikon d800 for quite a while but even with that one I sometimes notice moire in architectural details so the low pass filter cancellation models, either the new 810 version or the Canon "R" had better be chosen with care or there will be a lot of time spent in the post process....   Oh and "The only difference between these two new models is the low-pass filter on the 5DS R to help photographers get the sharpest image possible." is incorrect, the...
What do you think the vast majority of computers in consumer hands are used for? Viewing.
And DJI isn't leaving flight restrictions all to the user either: http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2015/01/drone-maker-to-add-no-fly-firmware-to-prevent-future-white-house-buzzing/
Well when I'm around my house and don't want to be chained to a table and chair my iPad is a lot nicer given it's larger size display space than my iPhone 6 Plus so I use it in preference to my MBP. or my phone for casual consumption... The one concession I made when I went from the 3 to the Air is I left off the LTE capability as when I'm mobile I DO prefer my phone over a pad. At home I've got WiFi.
Steve's dead, time to move on. The Mac Pro? Yeah that's a company saver... ROTFLMAO. Something that screams "niche product"?http://www.apple.com/mac-pro/performance/ Good one.
In California is DMV information, such as who owns what license plate, public information or contained?   If the latter, and that's what I remember, they're never going to get anything more than "Sources at the DMV say", on anonymous background.... which isn't all that "proof" IMHO.
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