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 Not entirely, the cell radio for one is different. That wider global compatibility is what probably nudged the 5 out, they wanted the first two tiers to both be as compatible as possible. Say for China Mobile etc.?
 Just go big and get an LTE iPad mini. Solves that screen area problem once and for all. Cheaper service as well.
 Why? They've NEVER dropped the second tier model to zero. The C is the 5 replacement to get the world radio across more of the line alongside the 5S.
 Well since they started "plastic" and then went glass and metal I didn't rule it out.
The 5s? Nice improvement.   Oh and "Mavericks"? They explained that at the time: it's a surfer break in California. Maybe all those images of waves and not a single one of Tom Cruise (with or without a couch) was a hint?
So the new phones will ship with the older iOS version? Or the iOS 7 release will come before the new phones ship?
Release date for iOS7 could be alongside the release of the phones being announced tomorrow?
The "5c" can't be a re skinned 5 since the 5 isn't fully China Mobile compatible, would be my speculation.
Over excited photogs. directing the subjects for something "different".
Probably an artifact of shooting in panorama with an iPhone.
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