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Some are undoubtedly getting paid by others. There's a service called taskrabbit provides people for things, sort of an extension of personal shoppers that have been around forever. NYC in particuylar is a city with a lot of people who value their time and have a LOT of disposable income. So: they "have a guy"...
Some them are undoubtedly paid promoters of whatever their t-shirts are advertising.
Ah, performance art. Gotta love the Big Apple!
My not internet connected laptop. And that only until someone breaks into my home...
And further a materials specification in search of a feature. They had a flexible screen they had to do something with: so they wrapped it over an edge and slapped some control icons there....
And there is that.
It's been in there hands of the regulatory agency: the FAA, for a number of years now. At the moment commercial drone use is prohibited. Exemptions are made for wild land firefighting, SAR and some others on a  case by case basis.
So that "edge" is basically a touch-control section? Then it will come down to what it controls.
That would be a softer sell than "imposing" two-step identification as the default that had to be opted out from.
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