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Makes those guys that lined up last Thursday at the Fifth Avenue Manhattan store seem pretty smart now doesn't it?       Not really.
 India has had some special arrangements for a while now. Reports are it's well received and perhaps that model will spread where carriers allow it.
 That's their vacuum cleaner division selloff in response to Dyson-Gate.
"meaning customers who want to get an iPhone 5s on release day will apparently have to visit an Apple Store or carrier shop in person." And so those lines the whining media demand for their photo ops will be provided. And the rest of us who shop online will just set the correct date and do it.
Both the 5s and 5c and that's why the 5 had to go. (IMHO)
 The 4/4s is sure pretty but the LTE speed of the 5 is something I wouldn't trade for pretty. Though mileage varies which is why they're retaining the 4s I expect. Damn good looking phone. Given the 5's resale value you could probably do a deal with the free 4s in a  couple months when your contract hits that point?
 It was a phone launch. More to come. Cook's on record as regretting the big product dump last Fall. China Mobile is big enough to warrant it's own announcement: it's 10X DoCommo (?) after all....
 I wonder about anyone who endlessly recycles the "innovates" whine. But that is probably just me.
 The market always says they want share but when you don't delover margins they really burn you.
 They couldn't sell it to kids overseas without the new radio.
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