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Heck yes, why ever not just BYOD? Have a nice shock absorbing mount with charger and swap it around. Especially makes sense for an LTE version: just one connection device charge then.
Given all the facial recognition already built into iPhoto and Aperture this is an easy to see progression.
In all fairness Amazon has been piling up infrastructure. I still shake my head but it seems to me the net loss is due not to an operating loss but an investment imbalance if you will…. Though as it's gone on forever…. yikes.
The poster wanted to buy one and "wished" it had been of offered at a lower price to save some money? Sounds reasonable to me.
True that, Amazon always has me shaking my head…..
I'd rather have a multi-finger flick to scatter all the open apps-windows on the screen for a tap selection. That screen size isn't all that large compared to desktop screens and my 22" is just about the minimum I like for multiple windows, never just on my Macbook 15" screen alone for instance, so my current multi-window setup is the big screen "alongside" my MacBook Pro screen... Oh they might do it, but I'd find the screen cramped I expect.
Ooooh, I was going to buy a ti spork but now I'll just wait for the 2014 iSpork!
JUst think "outside the box"*: the device itself will fit one of those decorative stockings quite nicely.  * See what I did there?
No but given "The Cupertino, Calif.-based company's "clandestine" sales rollout for the Retina iPad mini,…. reservation-only in-store availability," I'd expect those iPads in Best Buy (haven't they closed down for bankruptcy year?) were standard mini's. or some crumbs from the additional delivery noted in other places:"So constrained, in fact, that Apple is limiting its availability to its online store and through "Personal Pickup," its system that enables you to buy...
Hey I'm an (ETA: Apple) investor: encouraging people to stuff stockings with them makes sense to me and I long ago learned what's "cheap" to one doesn't have to mean cheap to everyone….
New Posts  All Forums: