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As the article mentions starting early is only prudent and given the hyper scrutiny APLLE gets and given they've certainly got the resources: makes total sense.
"non-skill jobs" says most of it.... Though I'd judge driving a large multi-passenger vehicle as more skill than floor surface buffing and polishing or waste bin emptying. All necessary but evenso...
"Most e-mail marketers track the downloading of images included in their messages, which allows senders to analyze open rates and collect basic subscriber information like IP address and browser version. Spotlight's automatic previews could expose this information even for users who are cognizant of the practice and attempt to disable it. It should be noted that this functionality does not expose any information that would not otherwise be transmitted if the e-mail and...
And one of the two plaintiffs had his replaced by Apple under warranty???? That's priceless.
The iPhone business is sort of funny as they slather the images of iPhones all over their webpages in partnership with their wrist device. Up to and including this tidbit: "Activité is connected to your smartphone and automatically displays the correct time." http://www.withings.com/us/withings-activite.html?clickid=URDSsLXh90KE2hcV180MtV3VUkVzSyV%3A21K82I0
And one that requires an Apple iPhone to use so your back to "pocket weight". That was fact by the way. And a $450 Fitbit? Not sure about that, $129 seems more reasonable for an actual Fitbit: and for an activity tracker does Swiss elegance really excuse the extra $321? For some perhaps.
Yes, adding in the second model would get tricky. Possibly easier to build a dome like Santa Maria del Fiore.http://www.obscure.org/~perky/uofr/fall2002/ISYS203U/Duomo_Site/construction.html
And as you alluded: the con that the 8. Month. Battery. Life. comes at the cost of . Hardly. Any. Functionality. (With, irony alert, that little functionality, basically an activity monitor and that's it, accessed through it's, wait for it, Apple iPhone App, and it even relies on the iPhone for the correct time! per it's copy). As process consumes power. Also I'd love to see the small print defining how you get that 8 months. I wonder if it were to be like the Kindle where...
When a person's hands are occupied dragging out a phone from it's storage to get a quick glance at any variety of information or notifications is either awkward, impossible or dangerous: so a wrist worn device offers access a phone doesn't under some user scenarios. For instance I'm completely aware my phone makes wearing a timepiece a total duplication: but I work in a lab where my hands are often gloved for safety and then it's either strip off the gloves and pull out...
IIRC there's a brick laying pattern that would result in a cube using rectangular bricks, you alternate directions at the corners: so with a 6 being 2.62 by 5.44 leaving room for "mortar" and you could construct a pretty decent cube.
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