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Since ISSA has found squat you can take it to the bank there's nothing there. 
"Face of Apple"? I couldn't pick the current PR person out of a lineup of one. Anymore than he was "the face" of the administration..
Can she see China from her front porch? That's the growing market....
Cheney's on the short list? I didn't know that. Hey maybe with Apple's resources we'll finally find those WMDs that he started a ten trillion dollar war over? Or not.
Uber is faced with  the far more political task so he'd be a better fit there unless he's tired of that crap.
No, China doesn't even own a majority of foreign ownedU. S. debt ( at 23%) so that's incorrect.http://useconomy.about.com/od/worldeconomy/p/What-Is-the-US-Debt-to-China.htm
Just turn locations services entirely off then.
Not factually true: each year there have been appropriations bills enacted that have allowed the federal government to continue operating (remember the shutdown? That was about appropriations bills not the "budget", which is an overall planning document). Beyond that the various financial details of the federal finances are al easily available. http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/budget/Historicals The yearly deficit, the difference between outlays and funds received, is both...
"one way or another"? Express ship back and forth and the time without would be minuscule compared to suffering the glitch until replacing the phone.
Uber is a puzzle to me. Don't see how they will continue to dodge the public utility regulations that govern every other commercial transportation business, be it taxi's, limos or busses.   In many ways I hope they work it out as I tend to hate the standard taxi system and given Uber's success so do a lot of other people.
New Posts  All Forums: