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With Samsung phones actual availability a month or more out (given "sometime in October...") Gazelle would have to be extending the same generous trade in window as they are for iPhone trade-ins and there's no certain knowledge even that would reach to when the new models may receivable. Are they? At least there's a date certain for the iPhones which is within even their standard 30 day price lock.
That's the thing, a nice entry level spec for those who need no more.
I've a dive computer (and an analog mechanical backup watch) so waterproof is irrelevant to me.  The same with the ability to withstand being run over by an SUV, another whiner metric as I recall. IIRC both terms are standardized with specific metrics that need to be met?
How is being a complete douche a viable sales strategy for a manufacturer?
Interesting, so I'd presume that at least for some size does matter?   ETA: Is there any way those 5s traders are avoiding taking a hit? I' bought early and my contract still has six months to run...
And there is that. You don't need to charge what you can't be bothered to use. Last for months that way.
Indeed: lower entry point doesn't "feel" cheap.
Cheese does go well with apples, especially when you add in just the right amount of whine.
Ah, but that depends on how much you drive the vehicle correct? I expect the same to be true of the Apple Watch. the "standby" versus "usage" balance. I'll get three or four days on a 5s charge and others little more than a day... mileage varies. Same with vehicles: once a week or twice in one day. FWIW I always take my wristwatches off at night and an extra cable to work it with my iPhone/Air wall charger or vehicle USB port? Hardly much of even a First World problem.
Perhaps the "revolution" such as it is: is in the actual functionality? Rather than rectangles? I do like the classic Cartier Tanks though, and that doesn't diminish the advances offered by the Apple Watch one bit.
New Posts  All Forums: