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Here's the actual description of what iCloud Backup backs up:https://support.apple.com/kb/PH12519?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US
Well, the conservative engineering route would be for the phone to be disabled and everything come in and get installed via the computer as that's the far less potentially glitchy route than attempting an upgrade on a system that's actually running. But as this is just annpuced, yes, it's a potential option. IMHO an improbable one but still not officially denied. Can you offer any reason why Apple would see that as a benefit to include?
two words: Wi  Fi
Yes I came around to the realization they were giving an acknowledgement to the legacy phone stock as well.
"works only if you happen to walk up the right register." How did you expect payment to be conducted? Seems to me it IS "Near" Field Chip technology after all.....
On the "in the wild" realm of anecdote: given clothing often covers people's wrists (I know mine does) observing a Watch is improbable compared to an iPhone people are clutching and staring into for extended periods due to it's usage model. I flick my sleeve, glance and am done, very short window for anyone to observe what I'm using. And many I see carry their iPhone in their hand even when not using it... So I'm skeptical of casual obervation being an accurate survey...
That's the club used to beat the stock: the improbably higher bar set for any "increase" next year. From "the glass is always half empty and the other half is spoiled" crowd.
If you're using iTunes to do the upgrade nothing comes in over the air (unless the computer is connected wirelessly and the phone setup wouldn't know (or care) about that).
Me too, except after upgrading an iOS: then I want to get those improved compatibility upgrades as soon as possible.
Doubtful: the restored version would most conservatively come from Apple's servers. and that would mean the latest. That also would make sense since the biggest volume of griping comes from apps not quite compatible with the latest OS upgrade and that would quiet at least a bit of the whining.
New Posts  All Forums: