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http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/17/107 Recording by the private individual for their own use falls under "Fair use", fundamentally due to being non-commercial in nature. http://w2.eff.org/legal/cases/betamax/
Pretty much this. If the cable companies are subject with their technology structure, which is after all also an antenna and a re-transmission, then Aereo would appear to not be different enough to escape the same coverage. Apartment rooftop shared antennas are passive, the Aereo tech was an active participant in the transmission of other people's content, just like "cable" companies. What they "billed" for would be less of an issue than what they actually did, in my view.
Grassy fields?   Sort of funny how millions of people dried their clothes for a couple of hundred years in NYC before dryers were ever invented.... I doubt there's a roof on any apartment building built before WWII that doesn't have the remnants of laundry lines on it (and in many cases crossing alleys to the adjacent buildings). That asphalt would be terrific radiant heater to dry clothing, the only worry would be the pigeons. lol
In the case of U2 unless it's a publicly traded corporation like Apple the comparison is rather faulty to Cook and Apple. U2 maybe very well =Bono +the other bandmates.
For those with a bathtub there's always the folding laundry rack* my mom had for ours (machines were in the basement so not that far a distance and if it were there was always the folding two wheeled grocery bag cart I expect, back when every in-store cart had little S-hooks to hang the folding one off of.)... I still dry my shirts by hanging them off the shower curtain rod to avoid beating them up in a dryer. * Bunch of different models at Amazon for instance. The same...
Well if you live in NYC you can automate your window AC for free.
Not quite a lie: he discusses those tax avoidance maneuvers in a Guardian interview in fact:http://www.theguardian.com/music/2013/sep/22/bono-campaigner-u2-global-poverty "The other persistent criticism is about the band's decision to offshore part of their income through the Netherlands to avoid tax. Was it not hypocrisy for you to try to hold the Irish government to account for its spending while going through fairly exhaustive efforts to avoid paying into the Irish...
Indeed, the thing is a computer after all so a bit of attention can often solve whatever electronic confusion is going on. If you do an encrypted backup all your passwords etc. will be retained as well, IIRC.
That just supported my contention "public awareness" had a role, given it's an "opt-in" system. I'd suggest people that become more security conscious will change their behavior along with their passcode. Being that bit more aware of their surroundings would reduce crimes of opportunity to a degree. I don't know about other cities but New York has slathered the place with poster warnings about being more security conscious regarding cellphones. So I'd expect there's...
That's purely a matter of economics: you can locate and select "specimen" trees that are fully mature at a lot more advanced stage than saplings. It's just a matter of what you want to spend. Another approach is the trees have all been purchased as less mature, and so less expensive younger trees and planted and are growing now in a nursery setting, being readied for transplanting when the site is ready. That's how they did the trees on the World Trade Center site. Between...
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