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People never hold them the right way....
I bet even had you used the [sarcasm]  [/sarcasm] codes you'd have gotten bites.
Without photos it didn't happen.A video would be even better!
Former Time Magazine Washington Bureau Chief sounds like someone who could handle a press job. Less political than the Uber job I expect as that company has a lot of unions coming after it in every town it operates in.
According to competitors and Corning who pray that's true.
Hence the meaning and implication of "warranty".
How many phone sex operators use iPhones?All this delay and THAT'S what you have?  Again, aside from phone sex workers and people addicted to cat videos on Youtube, burning through an entire battery in a morning is out of the ordinary. 
That works out to 8.57 hours of use, 7% consumed at 36 minutes of usage... So I appreciate the sarcasm. 
"Slim" is hardly the only variable: it also depends on the length and height: all components of the volume, which is what the available interior space for components is about. OTOH better, larger, screen, faster processors and overall higher performance at the same, multi-day battery life and I'd be satisfied. ETA: Which other phones are 7 mm thick?
93%, 36 minutes usage, 3:01 hours standby. Low-Moderate cell reception, solid WiFi, Bluetooth enabled. Email, web surfing, maps and traffic and weather... iPhone 5s
New Posts  All Forums: