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And my overall point is the more apps installed the higher the probability some of them will be bad actors with a newer operating system, even though they were fine when cleared for the app store under an older iOS version. So, again, a compatibility listing we could run our installed base against would be nice. Not a huge deal breaker, but nice. Curating my desktop software is easy: not all that many application programs, but clearly apps on mobile devices can be a much...
Hey I'm Irish, another victim of the Brits. (and my inability to type or proofread....)
Such a blatantly bad deal? Don't. Sign. The. Contract.
Not "comes with" perhaps, but has as well designed options.Give buyers the choice.
So offer centuries of British rule there's still a spelling challenge?
"It seems to be the number of apps installed. Running or not."   ​"Seems" being a key qualifier... That analysis is published somewhere? When a user moves off an app it stays in the background unless the user deliberately swipes it "off", that builds a background set that is a potential source of problems. especially any that actively access locations data even when in the background as a number do. There's more apps "running" than the one on the screen...
Best way to erode a country like that is to expose them to the rest of the world. Keep building and supporting the rest of the Iranian people beyond their government. We were far more than Bush/Cheney during Bush/Cheney right? iPhones available in Saudi Arabia. At least Iran has co-ed snow ski resorts.... 
Good; expanding markets and communicating with everyone is totally in the United States (and Iranian) interests.
Too bad for Samsung: it would be nice if they could figure out a way to manage the lower tier of the smartphone market. Though while their profits cratered they still made a significant amount 0f money, but perhaps not enough to carry the entire company?
Oh yeah that's the kicker. Two years ago? Maybe. In today's world of Target, Home Depot and on and on? No way in hell.
New Posts  All Forums: