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Amendments to the original law to clearly state it wasn't about shielding discrimination were reportedly offered during the drafting: and defeated.  " Gay-rights advocates said they flagged the problem with the lack of protective language early in the process and pushed minor amendments to the bill, they say, would have largely resolved the issue. It is unclear whether Pence himself knew about the amendments, but two people familiar with the lobbying effort behind the...
That's the window I'm looking towards: until then some will, many won't... not all that different from other tech introductions. Still in the long run far better than credit cards.
Sorry, marriage existed close to two thousand years BEFORE then as codified in Babylon by Hammurabi.http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hammurabi_CodeIf you feel the need to defend the Christian WORD for "marriage" as the literal word? Then you need to dig up what that relationship is in Aramaic since modern English did not exist when the Catholic/Christian Church was forming and most definitely wasn't spoken by the founders: that would have been Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek.
You've got original APPLE copy using that term? I sort of doubt it. Plus, this is a patent application not any sort of actual, produced and named, feature. In this case? Shoot the messenger.
Sounds like something I'd like.
That law seems a rather straightforward violation of The Constitutions requirement for equal protection as established in the 14th Amendment, and that verysame amendment gives Congress the responsibility to enforce equal protection i.e. non-discrimination. And make no mistake a state law that protects people from discrimination lawsuits when they discriminate on the basis of religious bigotry or any other basis is going to fail that test. Fourteenth Amendment. "Passed by...
Providing a commercial service is not "speech", it is commerce, and fully within the Constitional boundaries for government to regulate. And attempting to equate requiring public accommodation to slavery is extremely abhorrent and rather revealing.
Then don't marry someone of your own gender. Notbthat terribly difficult. Public accommodation provided by public businesses are required to serve all the public, for the moment Indiana IS an exception. Wonder if that will extend to exempting people who execute Sabbath violators? #SundayBrunchJustGotDangerous And, no, I do not think religion is a joke, forcing religion on others is. Even though mandatory fish on Fridays would be a healthy diet change.Rules for within...
Given Apple gives YOU the control over what functions you use or don't that makes zero sense.
Actualy they don't such discrimination is a violation of the law. You provide a public service and you serve ALL the public, not just the ones your superstition tells you are "blessed". Federal laws speak to this as do many state and city civil rights laws.You want to religiously discriminate you go start a church And then you get to pick and choose who gets to participate in the ritual cannibalism or worship of people who don't work on the sabbath or whatnot. , not a...
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