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Note to self: in 2020 sell Ireland.
That would be great: going through pay points my hands seem to be always full of things I have to juggle... At some point that may happen: we've a toll road system here on the east coast w which is accepted by multiple toll road agencies across state lines. Called EZ-Pass. With the one windshield transponder I can travel across multiple states using toll roads and toll bridges all without paying cash anywhere and in a number of roads without even slowing down from full...
Unless the low energy Bluetooth acted as a proximity detector. Then with the added range of LEBt you wouldn't have to swing your butt, or your purse or briefcase, at the lock to get it to recognize you and open which the much shorter range NFC would require (I've worked ion places with NFC door locks, the ones where the pad is more than hip pocket high are a nuisance for hands occupied opening) IIRC some of these also have geofencing awareness: hence you can be INSIDE and...
[sarcasm] Feeling much shame.... [/sarcasm]*  Edited to add the clarification *Keith Olbermann homage
Not the same people that make, and price, the lock. Hence, no doubt, why "Apple" isn't the name on the lock. And you WERE concerned about the lock's price  right?  "Originally Posted by no25 Way too expensive. Just because it says Apple on it you don't have to overcharge everybody for it" Oddly enough:"Compatible Android DevicesCompatible with many Android phones equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and running Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later, including:LG Nexus 4 Motorola Moto...
The exterior section is the usual sloped assembly, probably no more nor less robust than others. It's a convenience item not ultra-high security.
And yet it doesn't say APPLE on it...
The exterior looks like a normal deadbolt key slot: http://www.august.com
Not at all: those brands do two things: tell date and time and look pretty (I'm leaving off the ego self-stroking), while the Apple Watch is a computer with a variety of selectable functions. Hence the "smart" in smartwatch. IMHO despite the name it's no more a "watch" than an iPhone is a "phone".
But that's not the only passcode available for iPhones, there's also a "secure passcode" choice in settings that's a lot larger than 4 digits. Beyond that there's a sequence of lockdown delays beyond a certain number of wrong passcode entries, which increase as the error builds in number leading to a device lockdown that has to be resolved via other methods. http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2446
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