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The duration raises the issue of if this were so obvious and egregious how has it taken twenty years and more to actually be addressed?   Or, alternatively, it's not all that obvious and egregious and sorting out the complexity is reflected in the time it's been operating. Contrary to an oversimplified view that the EU is simply correct. Versus Ireland's position.
And, it occurs to me, the less time spent handling the phone the less opportunity to DROP the thing....
 If people want the Leica jewelry (and they ARE works of art), this is a bargain compared to 15 to 25 grand for a dSLR body alone.... and the results of those lenses, on film anyway, produced images that looked like you could touch the rocks and feel the roughness..... the trick for these would be the quality of the sensor... though given they've eliminated the low-pass filter they expect to deliver. And for the Monochrom they have an explanation, at any rate: with just...
Testy aren't we?  Try investing in a monitor that better resolves the sarcasm font.
That 4th Gen will be a killer: SO worth the wait....
Indeed, Leica has really gone downhill. Maybe they should have stuck to film?
I thought about that and then went, screw it, life's too short and there's the resale market. My observation in tech is there's always better on the horizon.... Plus, while I sometimes wear a wristwatch for work (I handle hazardous biological and chemical items where touching anything is a no-no), this isn't a watch anymore than my iPhone is a pocket watch,  though they both can display the time.... IMHO anyway.
The part in the middle is unsupported opinion. Which you're totally entitled to: but the issue of the article was the EU v. Ireland on the Apple (and others) tax arrangements (remember? "Worst-case scenario from Irish tax changes could reduce Apple's annual earnings by 10%"), not some overly moralistic posturing wandering far afield from Ireland's EU issue.
Still June for me (42, SB, Link) sigh.
"made a tax deal that it wasn't really allowed to make", of course it was "allowed" to make the deal, it's been in place for about a decade! The EU is finally taking issue with it and that's being negotiated.   Hard to see where "sham" comes in where the entire thing has been a matter of record. The EU is judging the Ireland tax agreement with Apple as a subsidy by their current interpretation of their rules. Ireland, btw, disagrees.     There's no "of course" about...
New Posts  All Forums: