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But you're ALWAYS making monthly payments forever unless you keep two plus years old tech. Which with the fast evolving phones I'm not inclined to do (yet) compared to say my 2011 Macbook Pro or my iPad Air where I do keep them far longer. OTOH the purchase prices versus the carrier service doesn't apply to MBP or iPads so the cost of operating iPhones is somewhat different versus those other devices.
So you're holding onto something that you don't like because you don't like it and so won't get something you know you would like? You must really like that screwed feeling. Which is, of course, a legitimate option. Me? I get rid of things that displease me, perhaps especially when I can afford doing so.
Actually that's more of an incentive to turn them over every year: no longterm contract to punish for "early termination", just pay for what you've used, turn in the phone and get a new one. That the Apple plan includes AppleCare just ups the incentive, no need to apply for a refund for that unused portion, you've again only paid for what you sued with a rest for the coming year.
Not when the information itself is controlled.
Double click is an ApplePay ONLY trigger; "why", because that's how the computer code is written. Same reason you had to pay the troll with the gold coin in ZORK to cross the bridge. Or a runner has to touch first base before continuing on to second in baseball: them's the rules. The cards are very consistent: ApplePay is a double click: barcodes are not since they don't use the NFC radio's and security circuitry and so the computer code separates how they are accessed....
For home use I still prefer my iPad Air to my 6sPlus phone. On maybe a 3 year cycle rather than 1 though.
"That" being NFC in store payments, TouchID to authorize in app payments Starbucks does now support and has for quite some time.
DEVICE replacement? Yikes that's harsh.
You won't see Starbucks when double clicking the watch button because the double click only starts an ApplePay event and Starbucks doesn't participate in that as of now. So it's perfectly in line with the rules for ApplePay versus other Wallet Cards, when I trigger Apple Pay I never see my REI card either, because it's also not an ApplePay participant, even though in the Wallet both those "cards" are side by side alongside my ApplePay linked cards.
I get the impression the NFC reader's transmission gives the mobile device the information to prep for the right payment type.
New Posts  All Forums: