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Good; expanding markets and communicating with everyone is totally in the United States (and Iranian) interests.
Too bad for Samsung: it would be nice if they could figure out a way to manage the lower tier of the smartphone market. Though while their profits cratered they still made a significant amount 0f money, but perhaps not enough to carry the entire company?
Oh yeah that's the kicker. Two years ago? Maybe. In today's world of Target, Home Depot and on and on? No way in hell.
Agreed: Apple certainly wanted (and still wants) the product: so if tweaks were necessary to the equipment why ever not solve the problem and get the product?
As developers get reviews on the app store complaining about app problems after iOS upgrades they get incentive to upgrade their app code to be usable, so people will keep downloading their app. The enduser world is great for that sort of feedback loops. Some do it proactively, I've had endless lists of apps getting updates in the background ever since iOS 8 was released (and admittedly a few days before). One of the benefits of that "background" update: clears out...
" Remember, there was NO problem with 1100, or even 1400, apps, up to IOS 6."   Just like my Phtotshop 3.0 worked fine until I upgraded to OS X?  Is the incompatibility of legacy software with a new operating system an OS issue or an application software issue?   ​From my perspective it's an application software issue (meaning somewhere in those 700 or 1100 or whatever apps there are ones that have simply not been upgraded as of yet to be workable with iOS 8, or 8.1...
Risk is like that: in the rear view mirror you see "bad management" while going forward at the time the risks could be judged manageable for the potential gains.
s it's been around so much longer I'd expect the wallet users would be even more irate: it's had time do build into their habitsI. Apple Pay is early days.
All that customer tracking data is going to be too tempting.
FWIW, not much granted, never have had an issue with mine, Early 2011 MBP....
New Posts  All Forums: