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IIRC there's a brick laying pattern that would result in a cube using rectangular bricks, you alternate directions at the corners: so with a 6 being 2.62 by 5.44 leaving room for "mortar" and you could construct a pretty decent cube.
That's why they lead into the release: stockpiling phones to get ahead of the initial spike in demand. It's still an enormous number and an amazing manufacturing scheduling achievement: but there's some flexibility at the initial launch months.
And thus: Not simply a one function timepiece. Purchase may hinge for some on whether they need accessibility to information beyond what a phone offers. I know there are any number of occasions where a wearable device is a lot more convenient than something I'd have to hold in a hand after getting it out of wherever it's stored. Other times, not. Sort of like the relationship between a laptop computer and an iPhone computer. And I have both....
He no doubt appreciates your concern. As I am confident, do many. Meanwhile perhaps he's just really fond of calculator watches? And likes eggs....
Perhaps not in the category mentioned: "first Made for iPhone licensed battery cases for Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus"
Agreed, just like the iPhone was a portable computer the Apple Watch is a wearable computer: neither fit the old functional stereotype of their name.
"Making customers pay for 64 GB..."You do realize the 64 is priced exactly in the pricing tier where the previous 32 used to be priced right?Oops.
"Shouldn't be offered"? Why? No one is forcibly compelled to purchase one. Perhaps the base model is offered because people still decide to buy them? While I have always passed on the base model due to previously having iPods who showed me my storage requirements even before considering phone functions (I just prefer having my collections with me, that takes up space, previousely 32, then 64 and now 128 for both iPhone and iPad) apparently and obviously, other people are...
Plus the point of metered parking is churn: providing parking opportunities for new people all day long NOT providing one person a day's parking."In order to improve parking availability, parking meters are used to regulate the amount of time one vehicle can park. This encourages vehicle turnover opening those spaces for other parkers."From Philadelphia's pages, where they're also starting to use kiosks.http://www.philapark.org/on-street-operations/
Aaaand it's available now via iTunes. Moot much?
New Posts  All Forums: