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Yeah, THAT is enough egg he shouldn't be clear faced for a couple more quarters IMHO.
He's desperate for people to ignore that iPhone sales error he pooped out for last quarter. Wasn't he looking for 53 million there at the end? Missing by ten percent should sting I imagine...
True that shouldn't take much of a modification or they can piggy back like Wegman's does where after scanning (or detecting some other way) the club ID, I use NFC Apple Pay to pay for the transaction. They get their data, I get the security.
But the RP statement  he criticized that "just collect data from terrorists" IS ludicrous.
FWIW: Starbucks doesn't support Apple Pay for sales, just adding value to their system, their barcode club card. I expect they like the data they capture from their app and the various incentives from their "star" program.
That little silhouette of a shopping bag over on the right of the menu bar is hardly some over the top "selling" presence from my point of view... nor are the little additional silhouettes when I've chosen a product category I want to to learn more about. As soon as I scroll down to the information both disappear.
Looking forward to a wider array of native apps with Wstch 2.0!
I gather there's something of a tech barrier for gas station pumps? That's the shoe I'd really welcome dropping. (And then I scroll up and find the answer has already been posted: nevermind. 😬 )
Absent that Touch ID anyone who picked up your misplaced iPhone could spend YOUR money without much limit. Having to touch the Touch ID scanner with my thumb while holding the phone to the terminal is a very small price to pay imho. Works smoothly for me, perhaps a bit more reliably than optical scanners used to grab my grocery membership bsrcode off the screen has, though for optical the Starbucks scanners never seem to have trouble. Bottomline? Anytime I can use a...
And each and every share "dumped" was what? BOUGHT by someone else! Duh. Some one else who looked at the 39% YOY iPhone sales growth and went: BUY.
New Posts  All Forums: