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For that segment that uses the iPhone as a phone I can see that size being attractive. For my needs a wireless connected minicomputer is the thing so the Plus iPhones are nice, and my cargo pants of choice have just the right pockets for them.
That's referred to as a soft rollout: a conservative approach to get out into the real world and work the kinks out BEFORE dumping it everywhere. So, no, Apple doesn't want people to use this technology: at least not before it's actually ready for people to use successfully.
"Also, an old facility like the Museum of Natural History in NYC is a rabbit maze and there are many areas of the museum in which you currently can't get phone service, it would probably be quite expensive for them to place WiFi throughout the facility." Oddly enough that museum ALREADY has a location service which provides an internal navigation service as well as directed tours via their dedicated APP. http://www.amnh.org/apps/explorer
True, their gauges are different. How much did U2 get for that pr stunt? 90 million?
Does Starbucks still offer CDs? Now there was an odd one IMHO. ETA: OTOH I fairly recently DID buy two music Cds, from a busker pianist who I frequently hear playing in NYC's Washington Square park on a full size piano. Impressive logistics feat versus a violinist.
Which is why Apple is reported to have rejected that suggestion.
Take THAT Taylor Swift!  
Thanks. Video files I could easily see so maybe I was just confused by "listen to"... or was that the total for refilling a much larger library and not what you played during that time? I could see any number at all I suppose were a library being refilled: my music alone would consume 19.7 GB while videos would be 11.4 podcasts 8.2 and photos 6.2....  big transfers rather than a day or two of actual consumption? I hadn't thought of that. ETA: I hadn't seen above while I...
24 straight hours of "listening" to podcasts and other audio files totaled 11 GBs of data?
As I've unlimited data I didn't bother to look at this, OTOH had I concerns as presumably some did being on budget plans I sure would have availed myself of the available resources. MY money after all. What with what goes on with AT&T I have been looking at my consumption and poking at things to reduce it sometimes as an experiment to get a gauge on what I might need going forward and to my eye there are a LOT of tools available.
New Posts  All Forums: