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I've long used the folder idea to stack low used and unused apps. Don't recall seeing a list of their sizes but that would make choices easier I suppose.   ETA: Some (most) sizes appear under Settings..general..usage.... manage storage, but not Tips etc.
One one hundredth of an inch means not all that much sadness.
There are still the other 6 series phones in the upgrade path before the big jump... and both of them are available in 64GB storage sizes if you need that. The performance jump from the 5c to the 6 is quite substantial.
Since they use the term in their earnings reports it should be around somewhere.
Probably going to depend somewhat on the degree of flex in the material. I hold out some hope for my Vaja Agenda. Though TBT now that they've introduced the Flip for the 6 Plus I wouldn't be entirely heartbroken. ETA: Good/sad news? They're implying from they're listing the "6/6s Plus" cases that they're interchangeable.http://www.vajacases.com/iphone-6-plus-leather-cases At an increase of one one hundredth of an inch I can see how some cases will be forgiving, others...
The didn't give a number did they? Just a verb "topping".
The instructions are at the bottom of your confirmation email.
AT&T pulled the contract option off Apple some time ago, around June 5. I don't recall if they said a "why" in their announcement.http://www.cnet.com/news/apple-removes-option-to-buy-iphone-via-at-t-two-year-contract/#!
I used the Apple Store app with my 6 Plus, but when the store wasn't responding at 3:04 I peeked with Safari into Apple.com and saw the store was live so I relaunched the app and was in at 3:05 eastern time and had a confirmation in my email inbox at 3:10....
Using the iOS app it was trivially easy. Five minutes tops. Granted I used Apple pay with Touch I. D. so it wasn't limited by my lousy typing skills and I'd preloaded the "remember me" info. 3:05 in, 3:10 done and confirmation from AMEX and Apple in hand.ETA: AT&T
New Posts  All Forums: