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I've a research lab with a lot of legacy software so that issue is constantly coming up and it's immediacy is greater what with Yosemite's release... Plus I like that park map app and it's glitches at the moment are annoying.
I somewhat doubt it's the literal number but instead the upped probability of having some apps that are really incompatible with the iOS 8.. Legacy software in the desktop world is a common issue. Anyone try and run an old version of Photoshop in Yosemite lately? Or Word 3.0? So why should some small shop developer's app necessarily run reliably on iOS 8.1? The chances go up as the collection grows right and so with 700 there's going to be conflicts, just like there would...
Greater than 700 apps sort of guarantees ones incompatible with iOS 8.
Yet in the articles fonts are size adjustable, plus bold text is a choice. Tap the "Aa" in the lower right corner.
Such a radical step backwards, my old iPad Air has 128 GB of RAM! Steve Jobs wouldn't have permitted such a collapse.
It'd be odd if it did: the LTE iPad mini is cheaper to operate with a larger screen so it's got advantages the iPhone, hobbled with voice system charges, will never beat. Though the unsubsidized upfront cost could deflect some interest.
Well, no need too park wads of my cash in the banks of every vendor I do business with like I have to do with Starbucks for one: they've got $37.61 of my money right now, Apple Pay? ZERO. D  C  metro about $22, NYC metro $17, EZ Pass $35... starts to become real money at some point...
You'd think Apple would have learned after that whole iPod thing, heck didn't they notice we'd had Walkmen for years and years?
Wash. D. C. Metro now has NFC entrances. Nyc I think is still swipe. I love not having to swipe and reswipe. On the phone would be even better.
Wow that jumped: it was 3-4 weeks a couple days back.
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