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Ah but then on which side of the meridian is the Dover Street Market? Always the details. ETA: Solidly WEST of the Greenwich Royal Observatory (thanks Apple Maps!), makes it by something under 8 miles (the mileage I got was for road transport so it's not a direct measure of it's distance from the meridian as it's apparently north and west of the observatory) ETA2: OTOH I don't think anyone seriously judges Europe, including adjacent islands, as located in the Western...
Mine's still June :(   SS, 42 mm, Black and Black link.
There IS an app for everyone that does that from what I know about it: Periscope! While it's essentially for live streaming there is some sort of archival function for at least some time period since at least one person I follow has uploaded hers (she does great travel stuff, her main focus being NYC and especially NYC during snowstorms) after the fact to Youtube.   Now it doesn't have the ACLU on speed-dial, but it is an immediate upload off the device.
I've got 66 year old eyes. And eyeglasses.... Hence I've often been puzzled by that "older eyes" thing. That's what corrective lenses are for after all, at least in my opinion. But then I have trouble reading freeway signs, quite a lot larger than any watch or phone face, without my glasses. YMMV
Supervision is often quite useful. I would hope positive acts by law enforcement members would be similarly documented.
The kicker is the EU membership that Ireland holds comes with that sort of subservience to the EU rules. Which apparently include something about "level playing field" that such tax regulations have run up against. So Ireland is fighting it first and Apple  and such will be right there appealing as well.
And iirc, more than the Hubble Space Telescope.
Where in that do they calculate a 9 billion dollar number? Even a keyword search doesn't pull that out. Is it on a specific page?
"I never said people with tattoos are bad people." but then again they often ARE: "undesirable people. Drug addicts, Felons, ex-convicts, gang members.."   So not "bad" just often undesirable drug addicts, felons ex-convicts and gang members.    ​Thanks for printing out those words for us.   So helpful!
Possibly close: defense related industry? Engineer friend at Boeing was under similar restrictions for years, though now she has a smartphone.
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