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Have you ordered a watch? AMEX reported the charge for mine immediately, and the thing's shipping in "June". Now they do also report "pending" and that was just my phone notification but...
The FDA took notice (and IIRC there were meetings between FDA and Apple on the subject reported).http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-03-30/fda-taking-a-very-light-touch-on-regulating-the-apple-watch
Another catalyst for Apple Watch sales is the current trend to larger iPhones: all of a sudden a casual phone check involves a much larger, in ways more cumbersome, device, opening a slot for the Apple Watch, especially with the 6 Plus.   Apple (Cook?) noted a similar sentiment in mentioning the Watch as an effort to give people a bit of distance from their iPhones or something to that effect.
they don't, that's the result of them being "non interactive" otherwise the user can flip the display.
Phoo: 42mm Black SS, June. 3:15 was late.... Or it started that way? Easy enough with the app and Apple Pay w Touch ID.
Good, a poor policy all around.   Now a specific crime, such as hacking, might be a very good disqualifier for a job inside their security division (or not...) but from running a backhoe? Because of a catchall "felony"? Not at all. And some one NOT convicted and just under indictment? Really a bad idea. "innocent until..."?   So I was glad to read this: "and Apple has never had a blanket ban on hiring people with felony convictions...", so they needed to correct an...
There are instructions on how to convert an Aperture library to a Photo Library so I expect they are not interchangeable.
And Mercedes makes some truly butt ugly trucks.....
I don't see why if the reported tracking of mileage works. How useful is a GPS for a treadmill for example? Zero. While using the sensors the watch does have it reportedly can integrate that mileage into your total.
Post Day One when the nonsense wears off I completely expect so. Unless they can't figure out how to tether the things securely.
New Posts  All Forums: