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An iPad mini?
The cable alone weighs far less than a specialized case will, is here's another vote for USB jacks (like in many newer cars) at the minimum. I expect running USB wiring could be cheaper than actual full power outlets for people to plug their own chargers into? Though at the expense of slower charging rates.
^This.^ No. Way. In. Hell.
More an indication Duracell is having hard time getting their version accepted so they offered a deal to Starbucks that Starbucks couldn't refuse....
I expect medical records management is a challenge most everywhere.
Well there's reportedly an ICE system app so perhaps a way in via that? A bit like the TSA "passkey" system for luggage? ETA: An ICE card within the Health APP...available from the lock screen according to Apple's iOS 8 info pages. In that description it's called "Medical ID".
Oh yeah because getting unsolicited sales pitches from pharmaceutical companies based on what Google sold out of my medical records would be way over the line and totally plausible given their track record.
That original post about "outdated" might have had a sliver of credibility had it not lauded a HUNDRED YEAR OLD LOCATION (Grand Central Terminal) as the one exception.
And there it is! Grand Central Terminal rocking like it's 1913 all over again!  * The date it was built......
I think carriers messing with their contract terms have somewhat blurred that cycle. For instance without paying a penalty I'm unwilling to sustain I have to wait six months after an October launch. And before this I hadn't missed a launch since the 3Gs
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