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Just turn locations services entirely off then.
Not factually true: each year there have been appropriations bills enacted that have allowed the federal government to continue operating (remember the shutdown? That was about appropriations bills not the "budget", which is an overall planning document). Beyond that the various financial details of the federal finances are al easily available. http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/budget/Historicals The yearly deficit, the difference between outlays and funds received, is both...
"one way or another"? Express ship back and forth and the time without would be minuscule compared to suffering the glitch until replacing the phone.
Uber is a puzzle to me. Don't see how they will continue to dodge the public utility regulations that govern every other commercial transportation business, be it taxi's, limos or busses.   In many ways I hope they work it out as I tend to hate the standard taxi system and given Uber's success so do a lot of other people.
A test for that might be airplane mode? Then selectively turn on WiFi and see what happens. Both shots show good WiFi reception.
You might glance at your apps usage and see if anything is going nuts in the background, I've some weather and other apps that draw a lot of data which I expect translates to battery power in it's way. I expect that's part of the rationale for the One M8 "extreme" power saver option that just shuts a lot of stuff down globally, rather than Apple's approach of having to do that selectively.
Also it's not like a standard Apple wall charger and 2 meter cord weigh all that much: when I'm here at work I routinely plug it in (to a charger and cord  I just leave here), though there are also many days I can't bother, like today: and here we are: 3:45 PM, 41 minutes use, 5 Hours, 50 minutes standby and 87% indicated charge remaining.... 
Still: if it's important then why ever not get it fixed? One way or another.
When batteries increase in measured and stated amperage capacity from generation to generation of iPhone Apple has not "reduced" battery capacity. OBTW? Case thickness doesn't actually tell the story of how much interior volume is being given over to the battery, reduce or consolidate other interior items (replacing the 30 pin connector with the Lightning...) and the physical size of the space devoted to battery can increase. There's stories of the 3.5 mm headphone jack...
New Posts  All Forums: