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Actually it can be flexible, and so formed into a curved surface: depends on how thick the material is: on the original tech companies webpages (they were bought by GT Advanced, IIRC they were more focused on solar panels while GT advanced is more general) they showed a Saphire laminate on a metal sheet rolled up quite nicely. And in many of the reports on GT Advanced and Apple laminates are specifically mentioned...
The  market for stolen phones is worldwide.....
Poor Apple, tossing "innovation" aside and just riding on the coat-tails of the worldwide spectacular that IS Windows 8.     Or.   Not.
So what are the numbers ordered per your source? and is there a link?
The reports on what GT Advanced has ordered and received tends to support a number, area, in that range.http://www.macrumors.com/2014/02/06/sapphire-production-future-iphones/ Which does seem quite a bit beyond the area of material needed for the mentioned sensor and wearable devices."but there is not doubt that the scope of the production is beyond wearable devices and the iTouch sensor."
All that means is the "iWatch" might debut before the next iPhone...
TMI :)
So set the time interval for when it will lock. That would appear to be an equivalent route for a similar security functionality. Logically the phone is only "locked" when the passcode or TouchID is needed to "un-lock" the device. You're right, as for myself, I'm not aware of a simple screen dimming/blackout feature...ETA: just saw that "require passcode after...". Hadn't ever used it, just set the autolock time interval. I still think the phone is only "locked" if you...
"It is possible that Samsung requested that logos be covered, but it is not an official IOC request" That's not a debunking of what Samsung may have tried to pull off. Just that they were bluffing without IOC backing.
So no bragging about the iPhones in interviews just use them..... Sam giving it a try and getting it blown back in their face to their surprise  because athletes aren't at all independent... :)
New Posts  All Forums: