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Probably going to depend somewhat on the degree of flex in the material. I hold out some hope for my Vaja Agenda. Though TBT now that they've introduced the Flip for the 6 Plus I wouldn't be entirely heartbroken. ETA: Good/sad news? They're implying from they're listing the "6/6s Plus" cases that they're interchangeable.http://www.vajacases.com/iphone-6-plus-leather-cases At an increase of one one hundredth of an inch I can see how some cases will be forgiving, others...
The didn't give a number did they? Just a verb "topping".
The instructions are at the bottom of your confirmation email.
AT&T pulled the contract option off Apple some time ago, around June 5. I don't recall if they said a "why" in their announcement.http://www.cnet.com/news/apple-removes-option-to-buy-iphone-via-at-t-two-year-contract/#!
I used the Apple Store app with my 6 Plus, but when the store wasn't responding at 3:04 I peeked with Safari into Apple.com and saw the store was live so I relaunched the app and was in at 3:05 eastern time and had a confirmation in my email inbox at 3:10....
Using the iOS app it was trivially easy. Five minutes tops. Granted I used Apple pay with Touch I. D. so it wasn't limited by my lousy typing skills and I'd preloaded the "remember me" info. 3:05 in, 3:10 done and confirmation from AMEX and Apple in hand.ETA: AT&T
That was announced by AT&T last spring (?). Iirc if you're at your contract turnover you can get a discount and extend it via a purchase through AT&T, but not Apple [ETA: as you write you found you had to do]. They're being douchey that way. I bet that's part of the incentive for Apple to take the trouble to set up their upgrade program. A return of the "favor" so to speak.
"One can leave the iPhone at home and Apple Pay still works fine using an Apple Watch." I didn't realize that. Interesting. I thought Apple Pay was tighter linked to Touch I. D. than that for some reason.
You could get a Watch, that will add Apple Pay functionality to the 5s. The 5s Touch I. D. allows backward comparability that far.
Done with the app: easy. 9/25 delivery.
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