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The totally opaque pricing is obnoxious (though not unexpected from cell service providers). Love the "From"... idiocy. why not just list the damn prices?
There's all sorts of little tripods out there for iPhones. Very popular for hiking. There's even one for adapting to "real" ballhead quickreleasres so you can put the phone on a big carbon fiber tripod. Though that would look just a tad odd....http://www.kirkphoto.com/Mounting_Bracket_for_the_Smart_Phones_-Black.html
For backpackers who like to have a few shots with themselves in the scenery this will be a useful function: triggering the shutter and running back to the spot you want to stand in with a full pack is not comfortable. Plus there's always the getting it framed wrong part (lots of cutoff heads back in the film day).
But you can simply say "Hey SIRI Start "Insert name of APP you last used here"".
Maybe apps that are on your phone that got a watch capable upgrade in the background? And I have noticed "new" apps can take a while to load initially. Take a look inside the apps section of the Watch app on your phone? I deselected a bunch on there I never need on my watch.
umping to the last task will be useful, I'll probably reorder my glances to get weather higher up but in the meantime that's a quick fix. Thanks! BIG user guide to get through....
Dealing with content producers who, like music producers, are not the fastest in negotiations into new areas.
So someone has the audacity to raise their beverage for a sip and the light goes on (the harder to inactivate " the raise-to-activate functionality.") and that's what? Beyond that I've any number of friends with children and or professional responsibilities where being available is a necessity. Your child might be okay sitting in an ER for two hours waiting on parental consent, many others are not.
That would seem too moronic even for that company.    Probably leaked by a Samsung employee to torpedo the idiocy. .
Yep, warm water can have some nasty mycobacteria, a whole bunch of people that went to do research up at Spirit Lake after Mt. St. Helen's blew developed variations of disease similar to what Legionella looks like (though a different genus).... the heated ash deposits warmed the water....  and this speculation "physical exposure to a non-gaseous form of the chemical" is where I'd go if they were treating their cooling water, solid SodiumChlorite makes more sense (and is...
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