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Yes, it was noted today that this was the first use by Apple of that "push" system.
Those are surely doable, what would likely take a hit is battery life.
And when the corporation backed up their position with provable facts that were then ignored? That's Apple's beef as I understand it, not that BBC ignored their unsupported opinion of themselves.
I'm just hoping all those nice shiny Macs in the photos of North Korea's dear leader in his "war room" have Thunderbolt ports.....
So how would you exploit this? Some elementary sample code would be appreciated. Seriously asking the question
You might want to pay a bit more for your network connection to get the speed up: the slo-mo looks smooth on my high speed university network.
Mike made up a lot of his "story", so that's not the world's best basis for "change". And at the end of the day China is a sovereign nation with it's own laws, hardly an American's company's place to just strut in and demand things beyond compliance with China's laws, which they have done. Apple's not using "tactics", the private, independent, Chinese companies are setting prices with Apple via contract. Then Apple sets it's prices to make that profit.
BBC left things out of their report that Apple had provided: so the report was "offensive" in that it wasn't complete. Seems a fair point.
Shoot before noon....
That question mark there is meaningless since you immediately jumped to condemn the company and it's head. Along with that "If" from what I can tell.
New Posts  All Forums: