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That's one difference with a powered NFC though, that can't be "picked" when it's not activated unlike the earlier versions in RFID chip equipped cards that were always "on".
The one demo had the presenter communicate with a co-worker for lunch and the co-worker responded back with his heartbeat... so very well could be.
There's two sizes so if one is too large maybe the other will be "just right".  Goldilocks strategy?.
And oddly I'd have expected the case material to be swapped, Aluminum for the "vanilla" and stainless for the "sport", maybe just having been trained too think sport with stainless for all the years dive watches have been made of that material. The easily interchangeable band design is a nice touch.
Life's too short to wait around for "the perfect", IMHO. That's especially true in a field like electronics where the improvement just keeps on ramping up.
The 5's don't have a near field transmitter so they won't have a NFC functionality. Except, "through" (?) an AppleWatch with it's NFC hardware.
There are some combinations that just pop. I was dubious, now I'm sold.
"useless" for you. For myself for instance, with lab work where I can't touch anything while I'm working, it's going to be very useful. 
Agreed: Something like 200 million or so and that's before a single 6 sells. The backward compatibility to the 5, 5s, 5c line jumps the numbers.
No Sapphire screens on the phones? GTAT is going to crater (already down 11%; called it!): buying opportunity!
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