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The keyboard? There was actually a slight reference to that dilemma in the presentation: speech to text being used to answer emails and text messages via the watch. OTOH I don't see any way around the tiny display other than a BIGGER display on a wrist guard...
They're an indépendant industrial design firm (obviously somewhat playing off their relatives car company), I've seen similar labels for other stuff.
People who've bought sub $349 laptops probably rarely buy iPhones with thousands of dollars in service contract commitments.... so the Apple Watch iPhone accessory drifts into mootness.
Indeed, it has a future but at the moment, hype aside, it's a hobby project for Apple even though it's scale would blow a lot of corporations into nirvana.
Fist shoe of many to drop I expect.
When that happens, with the 5.5" screen of the 6 Plus, it won't be titled the Apple Watch, it will be called the Apple Wrist Guard. Oooh, I hope they have one in bronze: very Celtic.... No need to wait though. Just do a wrap of some 3M Shipping tape over your 6 or 6 Plus and have at it. It will fit quite nicely along the inner side of your forearm. Coupled with some Outdoor Tech BT earpieces and you're golden.
Exactly! That their monitors require an actual computer is outrageous I say, outrageous. And just how "smart" is a mouse that needs a computer? Phoo! Some Apple products are accessories: the Apple Watch is one. Oh and the market Dow J, NASDAQ and S&P are all down MORE than Apple. Everybody release a watch yesterday? "Correlation does not imply causation" Apologies for not knowing the fancy Latin...
The larger one  is smaller than my Casio G-shock currently on my wrist. I've read it's about as thick as a Swatch, within 0.5 mm of a Rolex.
Join the club: I'm realizing getting my 1982 Submariner repair is going to run multiples of what I originally paid for the thing ($250 IIRC)... sigh. I'm expecting a thousand minimum. It's going an hour for every thirty minutes of real time so something broke.
The detail might be whether for the two different case sizes they used the same inductive area.
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