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ALL my ripped albums and created playlists are right where I want them on my iPhone 6 Plus. I updated my home computer to the new Mac OS which included the new iTunes, then synced my iPhone, backed it up, updated it and pop! Everything was right there!  Slick and easy as usual.
Music has an offline option, so you can download in WiFi zones and listen later.
That's not the "final" ruling unless they decline to appeal: that was a three judge panel, a subset of the full appellate court. They can appeal for a full court hearing.
I've already, in the couple of weeks I've had it, whacked my watch into door jams way too many times to count (once every couple of days I seem to cut that corner just a bit too close...). Not a mark on it so I, for one, am going to stay pleased with the more scratch resistant Sapphire I seem to need!   Haven't noticed any readability issues. People's ITRW mileage varies I assume.
Some states already ban biology so I expect you're right.
But state contract law, being "law" comes under the 14th Amendment, which is federal and which was applied by the Supreme Court majority to this ruling.
But there's all the contractual responsibilities and restrictions that the government mediates in regard to marriage.
^worth repeating^
Sigh, I miss the days of happy ritual cannabilism. Eating the flesh and blood of our God like He intended. The mandatory fish on Fridays I don't miss.
So you're a member of that community and can be confident you speak for the entire group? That might be more than a tad over-reaching. Internal religious activities are rather effectively walled off from outsiders. Now members arguing from within their respective institutions are free to make the argument, women have argued for decades to be allowed into the Catholic Priesthood, but no lawsuits that I can recall with good reason: The First Amendment... plus RFRA. Oh and in...
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