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Join the club: I'm realizing getting my 1982 Submariner repair is going to run multiples of what I originally paid for the thing ($250 IIRC)... sigh. I'm expecting a thousand minimum. It's going an hour for every thirty minutes of real time so something broke.
The detail might be whether for the two different case sizes they used the same inductive area.
Yesterday I saw a kickstarter of a stand that had dual charging positions: one for the iPhone and a stand for the watch so the display on that was also visible from the front. looked clever.
Active day versus when the owner is unconscious; versus "24 hours"., makes sense to me. I rarely pull all nighters any more. It's a blurry thing as everyone's use pattern is different. Like Amazon's Paperwhite" described as having "8 weeks" of battery life. Then down in the fine print there's the "when used 30 minutes per day"... Going for the sizzle of that "8 weeks" rather than the steak (and a decent one at that) of 28 hours of reading time. So maybe Amazon's user...
That's why everything comes with an "off" switch.
Great prices, looking forward to grabbing one plus a spare band for some optional looks. Given there's no couple of thousand bring spent on a service contract this will cost me far less than my iPhone. Which makes sense as it is an accessory.
Yet anyone popping ten or twelve thousand on those isn't really focused on the performance: which is achievable at under five percent of that price.... At those levels they screw you MORE, not less. though, sure, Apple may very well be thinking differently... One swapout would be a nice gesture, and a fraction of the initial purchase price.
They're selling more than the edition and frankly anyone eyeing a ten to twelve thousand dollar wearable isn't all that price sensitive in the first place, if they were they'd get the one of the ones at five percent that sticker. Gazelle is more likely to get inquiries about the low end of the tier that "normal people" won't want gathering dust in the back of a drawer... Beyond that "obsolete" isn't interchangeable with "out of date" as you injected there. Progress with...
The black steel has possibilities, unless the silver is a lot more brushed than the images make it appear to be. Otherwise the gray Aluminum to keep with the not-shiny theme... Coupled with the black band and, if ever I felt the whimsy, the silver steel one is available as an accessory....
That's just silly, like the babble of one year's iPhone being "obsolete" simply because a newer model is released for sale. Or the odd concept that my 2011 MBP is somehow "obsolete" with the release of this years 15"? Yeah, not really.
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