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Yes, given the report is iOS 8 will be supported on the 4s. So it will be a functional option any way. And heck, I STILL look at that one (the 4s) and the best looking one...)
Google's HR person was interviewed a while back and remarked about one year they high fived all around for their hiring of 50% of the African American with an I.T. PhD awarded that year.   Gwen Ifill correctly guessed:   One.   Can't hire what's not in the pipeline.
 Sorry, on my phone the facetious font is hard to discern....      * Waiting for OS Y
That is where I'm interested in handling the 4.7" variant. If they're not going to transition the 5s form forward than the 4.7 will need to feel right and I have expectations it will as Apple doesn't strike me as completely committed to BIG, hence the two sizes of the rumored 6. Though it's more about portability for me as I make so few voice calls I keep questioning why I even bother (versus an LTE mini) and it's the pocket size keeps me with a phone. For my large screen...
Touch ID to open my front door? Yes please.
Yes. do a search on "software versioning". The "." is commonly a delineator not a numerical decimal.
I can't count the number of times I walk up to my door, car fob in hand wishing I could just unlock the door from that. Would be nice for those hands full moments.
Water?Uh oh: then given the California drought, the ever popular "supply constraints" will rear it's ugly head tanking the stock!
"OS X Silicon" ?   If there going to do valleys..... like Sonoma and Yosemite.
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