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5% is NOT "50%", FAIL. From YOUR link:"Apple’s ‘iPhone 6’ sales have slightly fallen as Samsung Electronics’ ‘Galaxy S6’ was released.According to ATLAS Research & Consulting on April 20th, iPhone 6·6 Plus’ sales of the second week was over 35000, about 1700 lower than last week’s sales, which was 36726. This is because Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge sales have greatly increased. Nevertheless, some say they are putting up a rather good defense, since the decline is around...
Just curious: Is aluminum oxide used for woodworkers "sandpaper" as well? I think when most people think of sandpaper it's sanding wood that comes to mind (though from the photos he used harder grades as that black paper is probably carborundum). 
True, my experience (AT&T) is that LTE is constantly good while public WiFi with it's dependence on how many people are connected, in this day of mobile device popularity, is borderline unusable, even when the numbers of possible connected devices is finite such as on an AMTRAK train.
The 4 digit pin appeared to be attackable at least before the fix to the mentioned vulnerability regarding the failed attempt counter (were that feature enabled) but longer more complex passwords do start to enter into "theoretical" breaking territory, depending on your views of the cosmological question of how long the universe will last... Hence as I understand it, the common emphasis on socially hacking into protected systems: the weakest link in most any multi-person...
20 million CARRIER "pre-orders", that translates to not sold at all: just stocking the shelves of the carriers warehouses waiting for a buyer to appear. The closing sentence: "The company is thought to have taken some 20 million pre-orders from carriers worldwide, though that total does not reflect actual sales to consumers."
With the speed of LTE I make sure my phone doesn't get distracted by stray WiFi that would provide lower speeds by restricting connections to my known networks only. Granted I've a grandfathered unlimited data plan...   "Ask to join Networks" set to enabled. And when "free sketchy WiFi: just click here! Girls! Girls! Girls!" appears I Do Not click "yes".... Even places like NYC Penn Station seem to be centers of spoofed networks, at least I don't think AMTRAK serves...
Giggle: those photos of people like Beyonce got more views in their first hour than any tech blogger review posted where-ever will ever receive.   And marketing is all about the eyeballs.
And presidents got pre-release iPads personally delivered by Steve Jobs. Well, one did.
First half of the year. Close enough. I expect it will be worth the wait as opposed to getting a product release to meet a badly estimated deadline and then ship crap they have to recall.
On a related note on an iPhone with "Erase all data after 10 failed login attempts" does a warning appear or does it just erase?
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