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They didn't, that I recall, include a free 30 pin to lightning adapter when they made that change so I'm doubtful.
Aren't there Bluetooth headphones presently? The problem I see with anything wireless is the potential for further deminishing of the fidelity of the sound.... though it would be tempting to get rid of that tether.
Howso? The charts don't even recognize feature phones and it's far from a zero sum game when you don't show all the possible inputs. So any Samsung growth could be the results of a lot of factors. Correlation not being causation...
Or people migrated "up" from simpler phones and feature phones. Of which there is still a very large pool.
Yes, given the report is iOS 8 will be supported on the 4s. So it will be a functional option any way. And heck, I STILL look at that one (the 4s) and the best looking one...)
Google's HR person was interviewed a while back and remarked about one year they high fived all around for their hiring of 50% of the African American with an I.T. PhD awarded that year.   Gwen Ifill correctly guessed:   One.   Can't hire what's not in the pipeline.
 Sorry, on my phone the facetious font is hard to discern....      * Waiting for OS Y
That is where I'm interested in handling the 4.7" variant. If they're not going to transition the 5s form forward than the 4.7 will need to feel right and I have expectations it will as Apple doesn't strike me as completely committed to BIG, hence the two sizes of the rumored 6. Though it's more about portability for me as I make so few voice calls I keep questioning why I even bother (versus an LTE mini) and it's the pocket size keeps me with a phone. For my large screen...
Touch ID to open my front door? Yes please.
Yes. do a search on "software versioning". The "." is commonly a delineator not a numerical decimal.
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