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Or even as you navigate across a campus with varying levels of WiFi signal strength. My work area is awesome, fifty feet down the corridor it drops to useless while LTE there is fine.
Where else would ANYONE expect data to be transmitted when "assisting" WiFi?
As a Plan "B" it's a decent news aggregator, national parks, museums other sorts of places that I'm interested in post things to their pages that can be of current interest. A nice complement to Twitter where similar specialized news releases can be found.
It routinely glitches and proudly presents me with collections of posts over a week old.
But, but, posters here have SWORN they never experienced anything with FB and battery life, SWORN.   So how can this be?   #Puzzled
I'm really fine with lowered "investor expectations". FAR better than that insane overoptimism Kuo spewed last summer which tanked a 37% YoY rise into "failure".
Plus some other things they've yet to resolve.
Easy enough to check: look at battery within settings and select the clock button to display the time it's been running in front and in background with the % of battery consumed.
As mentioned in the article iOS versions before iOS 8 can be broken into for some data. iOS 8, 9 and forward cannot. The one on the iPhone in the case is running iOS 7.
"I'd like to see data that shows that accident rates went down after a state instituted a safety check."   So you're proposeing untrained drivers driving unmaintained vehicles would lead to no change in accident rates? because safe driving has nothing to do with driver training or knowledge of traffic rules such as speed limits? And a maintained vehicle with operating brakes and headlights is just as likely to be in an accident as a vehicle with no brakes or...
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