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The material the screen is made of seems less of a "performance" aspect and so:: meh.   Granted I've never had a scratch on any of my iPhones so it's easy for me to be somewhat sanguine...   Now if or when that's introduced and it's addition is shown to have positive spillover for actual device performance? Then I'll "yay" along with everyone else.   But it does then puzzle over what they're doing with all that stuff they're making with GT Advanced Technologies...
Not at all: a paying job.https://www.taskrabbit.com Though the guys in the phone resell t-shirts are promotional employees rather than line-siters.
Okay I've rethought this and come up with what, for me anyway, would be a problem. I grasp smaller devices such as my iPhones by the edges to get the steadiest grip, with one edge being an active control surface that's just out.   For an iPad Air sized device okay, but that's not what they're offering.
Given there's an FAA ban on "commercial" drone usage I expect B&H Video simply provided the aircraft free in return for it having that sticker on it, sort of NASCAR-like as a promotional effort. No money is exchanged, simply a mind-space exercise.
Some are undoubtedly getting paid by others. There's a service called taskrabbit provides people for things, sort of an extension of personal shoppers that have been around forever. NYC in particuylar is a city with a lot of people who value their time and have a LOT of disposable income. So: they "have a guy"...
Some them are undoubtedly paid promoters of whatever their t-shirts are advertising.
Ah, performance art. Gotta love the Big Apple!
My not internet connected laptop. And that only until someone breaks into my home...
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