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This is no longer possible. You will need to restore back down to iOS 8.0. Apple pulled the update so their servers will no longer accept update requests for iOS 8.0.1 (Even for developers)
This is not a problem. This is just the only option that is available. Basically Apple is not letting you pick a “color” but the style of which the flagged item is shown as flagged. There is no way to change the color for it.    Hope this helps!
I also would love to see push notifications on OS X from AI. I see that unfortunately MacRumors has already activated their push notifications for news. However, I would much rather get notifications from AI.  I hope this is something that is being looked into.
I hope that it also solves the random crash issue in OS X Mavericks. Was getting really annoying that after a while iTunes would just crash for no reason.
I have to say I was one of those customers that traded in my iPhone for an upgrade this year. I had a iPhone 5 16GB (White) on AT&T and Best Buy offered me $330 for it. Pretty amazing that they offered me more than what I originally paid for. So I ended up getting a iPhone 5S 32GB (Silver) on AT&T so I am excited for its trade in value next year.
Not appearing in software update yet for me either. Has anyone seen it hit the servers yet?
Typically they have released iTunes versions on Wednesdays so who knows it could still get released today sometime. If not I bet that it will either be Friday or we will see yet another delay.
Well, the end of November is almost here. What day are you thinking the release will be?
Any ideas on when iTunes 11 will be released? I was hoping it would get released into the wild today but it seems it was left out of the keynote today.
Because passbook isn't the place to buy the tickets and cards its the place to store all of them for you. Once the store cards or coupons are in passbook then they update automatically. 
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