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So if Samsung rips off Google on this phone who ripped off Apple on their OS, can Apple sue Samsung again through the transitive property of lawyering?  
"And they've been paid off by...dare I say it: AMERICANS!"
Thank-you Mr. Oppenpage.
Thanks, that was kind of my understanding, but with all the white noise going on here, I wasn't sure.
That cracked me up. Thanks.
Okay, now you're just being harsh. Dog poo gets retained...on the bottom of one's shoe.
If you say so binky. I gotta get back to preparing my kit for an astrophotography run tonight (with a REAL CCD that puts all these silly cameras to shame). Hope all is nice down-under.
Could be right, but the main thing to me is what chip? I’ve never seen a chip change pixel density, etc. without changing other important factors: array size, pixel size (to get the density), linear full well, dynamic range, QE, etc. I doubt the two chips are compatible across the board. We’ll have to wait and see.
Yawn. I didn't say it had interchangeable lenses, did I? It's a bulky thing, unlike the SX210 - its body-type is closer to a DSLR than a pocket camera (really, you better have on an overcoat to slip that puppy into a pocket). Look, you stated a fact. It was incorrect. The G12 just might have a better sensor, but that wasn't what you said. Me, for "bulky camera work" I use an EOS 1D Mark IV. For light stuff (taking pictures of cast and crew to learn their names,...
New Posts  All Forums: