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I didn't have a judgement one way or the other. You stated a supposed fact: top of the line point and shoot canon was 10 megapixels. I pointed out that this was not true. We were never discussing that. And the fact that the G12 is $200 more isn't because it's necessarily better because of the chip it's using -- it's a DSLR look-alike, and although a point-and-shoot in theory, is not a pocket camera point and shoot. The SX210 is.You made a statement...it was...
Um, Canon PowerShot SX210: http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/consum...rshot_sx210_is 14.1
The Elphs are 12.1 megapixels, and the PowerShots are 14.1, I think.
Nice short summation of it all. Gimme a prime 300mm f2.8 telephoto any day!
Man, that's EXACTLY what I heard, except I'm actually out on a street corner with my iPad held up: "Need money for booze" -- but the dang spell check wrote it: "Need Monty for Biz." Not sure who Monty is....
At least you got the sarcasm.
Well, you know, all those non-business degree guys seem to be doing pretty well with Apple, well, very well, oh, wait - they're one of the absolute top companies in the world. Dang. Think what would have happened if they'd all gotten their degrees!
Actually, having worked at Disney (you can look up my credits if you want) and worked with Eisner, he was anything but a tool. He was on the downturn of his career arc there and after Katzenberg left (another interesting guy to work with), it was a long slow downturn. You meet those guys? Work with them? Been part of the feature and TV departments before and after? I know I have. How about you? And caps for a couple words as emphasis is a legitimate way of...
Yeah, he doesn't dwarf Ford or Disney, but he is right there with them (closer to Ford). And he DID NOT "save Disney." He didn't run Eisner out either. Things were in transition at that time to begin with (behind the scenes). He was helpful, and the Pixar fold-in was a great addition for monetary/distribution reasons (more of the pie), but. although Steve was important to the transition, he didn't save it, and if he weren't there, another transition would have occurred....
New Posts  All Forums: