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Kind of the way it felt to me as well (though one can't rule out immediate health problems) -- perfectly timed to cause the minimum amount of problems.
I'm hoping that Apple goes the way of the transition in the ol' Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, where Kelly Johnson was an iconic visionary, but when he let go of the reins, Ben Rich came in and expanded the innovation even further. Oops, too early in the morning: got that extra "k" in there. Bad "k!"
I was glad you did, as I didn't know the difference, nor really care, but once you pointed it out, I looked it up. And now I know a tiny bit more than I did when I woke up, which is a good thing to me. So, thanks.
He was joking. It was pointed out by a lot of people, including the original poster. Seriously, it wasn't serious.
"You missed the funny part, Leo." Seems they all did.
Pete Best always said he'd return to the Beatles if he were asked. I think he's still saying that....
I already pointed out how I get lots of work done, as do others on my shoots. It's all across the industry.
I've been using iPads on films & TV shoots since they came out. I've made sure most of the crew has them. I have my storyboard, script and shot list on it, as well as a feed (depending on the situation). Most of the costume, production design and continuity people have them. The DP's take notes on them. Etc., etc. I even finished a first draft of a recent novel on one. Oddly, I've never been able to do any of those things on my son's DSi, or his Wii or his XBox 360,...
Thanks. Wasn't sure. No doubt that will evolve, or someone will make a "graphics" hub.
I'm curious how many displays a Thunderbolt connections can support in something like the new MBP. Will we be able to daisy chain two, three, four? I tend to keep my laptop and desktops separate, because of a four monitor system. Although there are methods to do this with the laptop, none are that great or that effortless. If Thunderbolt can be a plug it and forget kind of thing for four monitors, one laptop to rule them all might be something I'd get to.
New Posts  All Forums: