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Okay, that made me chuckle.
Yeah, we'll see if that happens. Not so much in the past, so I'm not holding my breath, even if it mattered to me. Amazon has a rough road ahead to be the gateway for all of those companies.
Yeah, although anything can happen, I sort of felt the same way. If someone came up with an overarching store for all that is mobile, a one-stop for anyone's phone/pad regardless the operating system, they'd have a slam-dunk. Right now it's becoming simpler and simpler to just use the Apple ecosystem, and since they have a toe in most of the individual tech I would want, it's just so much more convenient (and fail-safe). And I have no problem going elsewhere or finding...
In related news, HP released the entire Herman's Hermits catalog, and have sold out. They had planned on only 5000 downloads, but found that 5001 downloads occurred and had to shut the whole thing down. Peter Noone reported to be heartbroken.
I'm as big a fan of the Beatles as the next big fan of the Beatles, but if that's all they're going to present tomorrow, even if it's with the usual Beatles suspects (Paul, Ringo, Yoko, Olivia), it's not a giant thing. Cool, but too little too late, as I think everyone who wants Beatles stuff now, has it. Great for the future, but not going to change anyone's life. Seven years ago... that would have been something. Still, if they get the Beatles, that's okay by me.
I never said it wasn't mixed with something.
Okay, that made me blow milk up my nose.
That was the convincer for me on this round (bought a lot of the first gen MBA's for family and business acquaintances, mostly with SSD's). Use an iPad for a second monitor, and the 13" MBA makes a fantastic traveling 'puter for me. Now, when all the MBP's go solid state like the MBA's, I'll want to see what they offer, but for the moment, for what I do, the 13" MBA is perfection.
Dude, really: everyone knows it was Mussolini who used to edit his posts. Stalin was the one who used to troll the Ally forums using the name "Histler." Seriously, your line made me laugh.
Your unflagging logic made me laugh out-loud. I believe next time I'm in an argument (despite what the argument is about, or who it is with - why spoil the fun?), I shall use the phrase "hit whoring idiotic douchebag felons" just for the hell of it. I can but anticipate the wide-eyed looks of wonder and amazement.
New Posts  All Forums: