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Hmmm....looks a little better than I thought. Might actually be good after all!
What's to keep people from stealing them? Does it 'brick' after the four hours?
"...gated behind a cable or satellite subscription." For crying out loud, it's effin NEWS! You shouldn't have to PAY for that!!
What kind of RANGE could this possibly have?! "Line of sight" not to mention battery issues. Just how exactly do they expect to do this is any viable way???
And I want that split screen feature running two apps at once on my Air 2. But surely we won't get it before the Pro comes out. Drat!
And also, HOW MANY generics are there?! It's like saying the "Big Three" automakers "outperformed" and "beat" Tesla! But who wants a Focus if you can have a Tesla? I know there are people who can't afford a Tesla (like me!) so the other options exist. Same as with tablets. But the best is still the best and total numbers shipped of all the others combined means nothing. They are a conglomeration, whereas the iPad is champ with just a few models which are definitely STILL...
Ah, now the memory-hogging begins...
Finally, the diminutive Mac mini is also a candidate for an update, and one recent report claimed that the company could be priming a refresh for this month. However, aside from that lone report, there has been no other concrete evidence suggesting a refresh is imminent. Sure there is! "IT'S BEEN WAY TOO LONG!" Truer words were never spoken!!
New Posts  All Forums: