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I would worry that an A8X on an iPad that big would give the performance of the iPad 3. Not good. Unless, of course, it is REALLY beefy! As for the name of the thing, no doubt now it will be the iPad Plus, not Pro.
Replacement for Katie Cotton!
Wonder why Eddie is selling THIS....it's beautiful.
...AND in case anyone is reading! C'mon Apple!
With this, and the tepid Mac updates because of the lack of Broadwell (and the fact that it's almost AUGUST!), it looks like Eddy Cue's "greatest roadmap ever" is in trouble!
They are just friggin' RELENTLESS!
About that pipeline....Now we KNOW that there WILL BE an iPad Pro!
Maybe now, Apple will finally have the lion's share of the enterprise market, like Windows of old! It's about time!
USPTO denies Apple's 'Touch ID' trademark, cites possible confusion with timecard system Possible confusion? Yeah right. Apple consumers, and everybody else, are going to confuse Touch ID with the proprietary timekeeping system of some company that they've never even heard of! Washington seems to breed stupidity!
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