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About time! The old iPad interface was LOUSY!
I have an Air 2. Love it. It's fast. Been waiting for split view, etc, for awhile now. I can really use that for the type of workflow I have. Well, iOS 9 will deliver this, an other enhancements, in spades! Thus, the Air 2 will become, essentially, a brand new machine. This is why they put the A8X in it last year; they were planning to enhance the Air 2 with software next, and needed the extra processing power. They did it right to begin with so that they would not have to...
Oh horrors! It's slightly THICKER; about two tenths of a millimeter! Apple is DOOMED!
Yep, Star Wars it is!
Problem #1, they don't run iOS.
About time!
I now have tracks in my Match library that I NEVER had before!
Yes. Just confirmed it on the special page Apple put up about split-screen. Now my home button won't break (not to mention I'll get things done much faster) Yay!
I didn't notice, but will copy and paste work between apps in the split screen mode?
I think these 'content providers' are just bunch of ....holes. They KNOW how Apple innovation is over the top and usually does extremely well. I just don't get it. This has dragged on seemingly forever...
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