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They are just friggin' RELENTLESS!
About that pipeline....Now we KNOW that there WILL BE an iPad Pro!
Maybe now, Apple will finally have the lion's share of the enterprise market, like Windows of old! It's about time!
USPTO denies Apple's 'Touch ID' trademark, cites possible confusion with timecard system Possible confusion? Yeah right. Apple consumers, and everybody else, are going to confuse Touch ID with the proprietary timekeeping system of some company that they've never even heard of! Washington seems to breed stupidity!
Algorithm? What a joke: he can't dance!
Is it just me, or do you also think Apple is risking a lot by having Sam-dung fab their chips? I mean, they have all the Apple technology right in front of them! They don't have to steal it; Apple's giving it to them!
Apple is certainly creating a lot of pent-up demand for the Mac mini by stretching out the refresh period this time! When it does come (probably Broadwell equipped in the fall) I think it's going to sell like hotcakes! And not just to all of us who have been waiting for it for so long now. I think they will probably inaugurate a new push for the general public, now that iOS devices are so popular among "non-Apple" people. Crossover time is ripe right now, and even more so...
HEADLINE: "Future EarPods may use sensors to detect users' ears...." So, user puts on headphones. Forthwith he/she hears "Yes, I think we have ears here! We're on the ears!" 😏
What about the 'effin Mac mini?!?! %uD83D%uDE01
And Evilution is probably from somewhere in the British Empire. Nothing shows in his profile at the moment...
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