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 HP & Palm were doing some stuff like that (or at least were planning to) with WebOS. I saw a demo of it; It seemed pretty cool, but it wasn't enough to make me buy into their ecosystem. Of course a few months later they dropped the whole thing.
   Actually, considering the new iPad is simply called iPad, and not iPad 3 or iPad HD, I think it's very likely Apple will follow suit with the next iPhone by calling it iPhone, not iPhone 5 or iPhone 6.
Wrong. The best number is 73.http://youtu.be/FlXmENQbdgA?t=9s
  For different access levels.  Students shouldn't always see the same things as the teachers.   Also, I hope that a multi-user iOS environment would provide a better way to handle VPP purchased apps wherein the school district would retain ownership of the apps rather than Apple's preferred method of buying them for the students; the current methods for retaining ownership are not ideal.
I work as a computer technician for a K-12 school district and I can tell you that we have a definite need for multiple users on iOS devices.
  You can get your apps on "her" iPad.  Go to Settings -> Store and login with your Apple ID.  Then go to the App Store, navigate to your purchased apps and reinstall them.  When you're done, you can go back into settings and login with your wife's Apple ID.  When it comes time to update the apps, just be mindful of which account it's asking the password for and you should be fine.
Good idea, except that episode isn't available on Blu-ray yet. Season 5 is still airing.
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