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Og come on, look at he context, zoom back a little and you clearly see that the North end of the Loch where this is, is near the outflow of the river There is sediment all over the place in the surrounding water and this is just an eddy in sediment. Done.
Just bought the new 15 inch retina Macbook... Amazingly and stupidly there is no Kensignton lock slot on the case! So, the best, the most expensive mac around can't be secured from being stolen in open environments (like Universities!).    Sadly this means I won't buy these for my group now until hopefully Apple put them back into the design...   Thoughts on the best way to lock these down without ugly super glue lock plates?
I hope we can print these later, or send as pdfs to email for printing... this is often needed for accounting services to brain refunds for tickets
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