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I'm glad having a lot of money was not enough for her to shut this down. Her failure means everyone else can form their own opinion, hopefully AFTER actually seeing the movie.
 The original claim was people posted that Apple should sell product at component and assembly cost. I've never seen it. Nobody has posted any links to such posts. I still believe it is an emotional exaggeration. What you are talking about has little to do with the original claim or my response. Raging against imaginary slights is pointless.
 I've never seen anyone post that it should be sold at component and assembly cost. Feeling persecuted? Angry? At an estimate of component and assembly costs? Chill. 
 My 3 computer license for the previous version was $105. I might pay $150 for a 3 (or even 2) computer license (one desktop/one laptop), but for a single machine I'll stick with the previous version. I'm glad they finally offered an option to own your software though, even if they have priced it out of the casual home user market.
 Party on Garth. Damn, it's like an episode of Boss.
Apple should open a retail store at that datacenter and sell t-shirts that say "iTouched the iCloud".
 A Meh button would be innovation. Register your disinterest on the internet today!
 Facebook is like a hotel room toilet seat: sanitized for your protection.
 Copper would have been great. The reality is beige, pink and two shades of gray.
If it ran davrOS: Siri: Supreme Dalek. Is there news?Dalek: Earth has been subjugated.
New Posts  All Forums: