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 I'm probably stuck in the past and too absorbed with my own preferences. The age of information appliances heavily controlled/maintained by vendors is here and I'm still clinging to antiquated notions of general purpose computing. Visit me at the museum next to the Teletype Model 33.
 Of the three platforms I regularly deal with (Mac OS X/Linux/Windows) they all have their blind spots. It's all good, or all bad, depending on your point of view. As for privacy in Win 10, I'm talking about the scattered and questionably organized privacy settings that default to on and the encrypted packets sent to MS servers with unknown content even with all the settings (that have been found so far) turned to off. There may be nothing bad going on, but privacy...
  No. I was initially excited that MS would get it right in Win 10. The privacy issues and loss of control over what MS installs as "important updates" is the fly in that ointment. Why do I care about Windows since I primarily use a Mac/iPad/iPhone? I write Windows device drivers for a living and occasionally (less and less as time goes on) do PC gaming at home so I get to deal daily with Win XP to Win 10.
Eventually the iPhone will be tattooed on your arm with a laser (that's thin!) and Siri will babble directly into your mind. Utopian future, here we come!
Microsoft is not helping Intel by refusing to make the Windows upgrade people want. A Windows 7 interface with the under the hood improvements of Win 8/10 but without the abortion of a UI introduced in Win 8 or the spyware/forced patch installation of Win 10 would sell very well. But MS will never make that product and lots of pent up upgrade dollars flow someplace else.
Want to deflect criticism of a lackluster update? Compare it to machines from 17 years ago. Clever.
I'm guessing the current incremental bump is a placeholder until the iMac line gets a substantial update using the latest tech in another year or two. I thought this would be the update for my mid 2011 27" iMac, but it still performs well enough I can wait another year or two to see where Apple is headed.
I'm glad having a lot of money was not enough for her to shut this down. Her failure means everyone else can form their own opinion, hopefully AFTER actually seeing the movie.
 The original claim was people posted that Apple should sell product at component and assembly cost. I've never seen it. Nobody has posted any links to such posts. I still believe it is an emotional exaggeration. What you are talking about has little to do with the original claim or my response. Raging against imaginary slights is pointless.
 I've never seen anyone post that it should be sold at component and assembly cost. Feeling persecuted? Angry? At an estimate of component and assembly costs? Chill. 
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