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Today in court Apple accused Samsung of inappropriate touching.
It will take strong ARMs to compete with Intel in Macs.  
I was hoping for a long time that Intuit would make a real Mac version (feature and file compatibility) of Quicken so I could abandon my Windows virtual machine and older Quicken version. It looks like I'm not alone.   This is obviously not the product I'm looking for. Is Intuit purposefully trying to sabotage another half hearted, half measure so they can claim the Mac market is not interested? They have the resources and focus to make the product people want, I wish...
No way to import my Windows Quicken 2006 data? I guess I'm stuck running the old Quicken on an XP virtual machine for the foreseeable future. VMWare gets my money instead of Intuit, all to run an Intuit product.
 I heard a rumor that the final bands light up from LEDs in the phone while in use, with the color programmable like those Phillips LED bulbs. The same guy told me the feature will only be on the larger phone, with the smaller phone gaps filled in with common tile grout. Who is this guy? I met him in a bar, and that's a pretty reliable source.
Tom Petty sings Free Falling in honor of Blackberry's market share.
Everyone should have a sense of porpoise in life. So long and thanks for all the fish.
Still down. Like grains of sand through the hour glass, these are the days of our lives.
Energy Drink Corporation releases two beverages: ED RT and ED Pro. ED RT contains scalding horse piss, ED Pro rancid milk. Both are packaged in containers similar enough to cause confusion.   You might question how popular either would be, but certainly a consumer desiring the clumpy goodness of rancid milk would be upset at a tongue burned by scalding horse piss.
  Really? $19 for a charger (that costs a LOT more than a few pence to manufacture) causes people to endanger themselves to the point of death?   The lengths some people go to blame Apple for things boggles my mind.
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