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Kook fests like Greenpeace do more damage than good. With this latest tantrum, they prove they are in the "everybody look at my righteous indignation" business and don't give a damn about results. Nothing says poser like a group that puts it's own self aggrandizement before the cause they claim to champion.   They should start their own reality-challenged TV show so they can get their celebrity seeking ya-yas without impeding the cause of environmentally responsible...
I'm safe. I was born in the future, so the ne'er do wells will never guess my b-day.
How to appear weak an inept 101. Sign up now, classes are limited.
Gonna get me some Smurfberries!
  Angelique Pettyjohn was my favorite Star Trek actress turned porn star.   I commented my skepticism about smart watches on a different forum discussing Google entering the fray along with Samsung and Apple. One response said I should buy an Apple product if I was such a fossil I could not grasp the genius of a smart watch. Brand partisanship defies logic.
  A valid reason to choose graph scale is to highlight differences.
  Both hands free while looking at porn?
  Everyone is a whore to someone else, or in the words of Bob Dylan: "you're gonna have to serve somebody."   The important thing is to use protection so you don't catch something from the Samsung articles.
  Henry Ford's foot dragging on replacing the Model T lost his company the dominance they once had. He knew deep down that the Model T was all anybody would ever need.
  He is a self serving d-bag with a valid point. The iOS interface is dated. I still have hope Apple has been working on something for the past few years and will surprise us this year. Letting another year goes by with a largely static iOS would be very damaging.
New Posts  All Forums: