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Justin Bieber's monkey was scroogled by German officials. Am I using scroogled correctly? My spell check does not seem to know how to spell scroogle.
Hard to look impartial if you grant "Galaxy Mini" and deny "iPad mini". I guess this particular examiner had some traumatic experience in her past, maybe her father touched her inappropriately with an iPod or something.
Crisis must be in the air. Samsung commercials saturated my TV last night. One was a carrier commercial implying unlimited data plans require a Samsung device. The only break I saw was an Amazon Fire HD commercial that I originally thought was an Apple commercial because most of it was spent showing off an iPad.
How to become a platform partisan while desperately trying not to appear to be a platform partisan. Put on your tap shoes Mark, time for some fancy dancing.
  Not me. I have an uneasy feeling... no wait. That was just gas.
Does that graphic mean "stick a fork in it, it's done" ?
Oh noes! How will they stop cannabis use without round the clock surveillance of all citizens?   DEA, your concern has been noted. I will be sure to act on it at every possible voting opportunity.
“Google plans ‘to market a tablet of the highest quality’ in the next six months” Eric Schmidt, Chairman, Google, 19 Dec 2011   That's OK Eric, the world need followers as well as leaders.
  Groveling takes different forms in different environments. In the US, it means "lobbying", if you know what I mean. In China, it means responding to state requests for "humility", if you know what I mean.
This "please come back" program fits nicely with the shift from last year's "can they maintain momentum" to this year's "can they regain momentum". I'm pulling for you Apple, please don't let another year pass with only incremental upgrades and bungled roll outs like maps.
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