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  I see no indication they are listening to anyone but themselves, for better or worse. It would be nice if they communicated with someone besides themselves, if only in maintenance of their brand and mindshare. At this time it looks like a year of silence to wait for a plastic down scale iPhone and a minor iPad update. I hope there is more.
  The old announced repurchase plan was very limited and Apple has been silent on doing anything more with their piles of money.     Beautifully worded, and it captures my frustration exactly. I thought Apple was aware of this.
  I have the same hope. Enough time has passed with only incremental updates to existing products to make the next significant product launch, or lack of one, a make or break event. Minor updates like a second iPhone model and retina iPad mini are probably not even enough to tread water.
The only downside of this scheme is you have to be a Time Wanker customer.
  LXK400: Help, help, I'm being repressed! AI: Bloody peasant.
This is a "Hail Mary" see if it sticks play. Put the ball in the roulette wheel of justice and see where it lands.
  It's called investing. [pushes chips on to double zero] Come on, baby needs a new iPad!
If this French politician wants to run Apple, I suggest she apply to the board and ask to be CEO. Her qualifications will be given due consideration.
  Now I have Kirsty MacColl's "In These Shoes?" stuck in my head.
My razor has SIX blades! Now I can shave my back in only a couple of strokes.
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