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"...using some of its $137 billion cash pile."   $150 billion projected by the end of March. They need to eventually DO something with that money. How much cash hoard is enough? A quarter trillion? A half trillion?
  That investment and the announced "alliance" buys them access to internal Sharp information: what's in development (work for a customer that may be a Samsung competitor?), product sales, inventory levels (build up for a new Apple product release?), supplier details (upstream companies to interfere with?), etc. That's a great way to keep tabs on a supplier to a competitor.
  Where's my floppy? I want to install Lemonade Stand on my iMac.
  Watch out for the corn?
  In US Army basic training they marched us into an enclosed room filled with CS gas, first wearing gas masks then taking them off. That's when you learn the physical reaction is beyond your control. Being a tough guy is no protection from debilitation.
  I did not see this same poll, by the same organization from last year. The closest I could find was from Christmas 2011: http://www.maritzresearch.com/sitecore/content/MaritzDotCom/Press-Releases/2011/Maritz-Holiday-Tablet-Poll-Finds-Four-Key-Buyer-Segments-in-Market.aspx?sc_device=MaritzResearchSharedContent   It's organized differently, but you can total the four categories (low end, newcomers, single minded, committed) to come to 53% stating a preference for iPad.
  Anything less than 75% market share means Apple is doomed due to lack of market share. 75% or more market share means Apple is doomed because there is nowhere to go but down.
Internet site speculates about a rumor from unnamed sources, results labelled a "report". Gah.
  It's almost certain that google deletes some spam silently.   We ran our own mail server at work for a while and the flood of spam is amazing. We used spamassassin to rate each email and sieve to silently drop the worst, place in-between in a spam folder and put everything else in the inbox.   We have since moved to Google Apps (with gmail). Google does a first rate job of putting only spam in the spam folder. I've never had spam in the inbox. I've never had false...
Whether or not he was a Samsung employee at the time of the trial, being discovered as one so soon after the trial is clearly a problem for anyone with ethics. After his bizarre exercise in trying to publicly humiliate Apple, I guess ethics is not a problem for this clown.
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