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How to appear weak an inept 101. Sign up now, classes are limited.
Gonna get me some Smurfberries!
  Angelique Pettyjohn was my favorite Star Trek actress turned porn star.   I commented my skepticism about smart watches on a different forum discussing Google entering the fray along with Samsung and Apple. One response said I should buy an Apple product if I was such a fossil I could not grasp the genius of a smart watch. Brand partisanship defies logic.
  A valid reason to choose graph scale is to highlight differences.
  Both hands free while looking at porn?
  Everyone is a whore to someone else, or in the words of Bob Dylan: "you're gonna have to serve somebody."   The important thing is to use protection so you don't catch something from the Samsung articles.
  Henry Ford's foot dragging on replacing the Model T lost his company the dominance they once had. He knew deep down that the Model T was all anybody would ever need.
  He is a self serving d-bag with a valid point. The iOS interface is dated. I still have hope Apple has been working on something for the past few years and will surprise us this year. Letting another year goes by with a largely static iOS would be very damaging.
This is old technology. New speakers will be integrated with Apple's omni-cell technology, combining touch, haptic, display and sound into a single cloth like layer worn as an iCloak. In camouflage mode, it makes you invisible like that short fellow in Lord of the Rings.
Air gestures is interesting. Apart from that it looks like a decent incremental upgrade in the large screen phone category mixed with some software gimmickry and marketing speak. Certainly it will make the number conscious feel superior, "It has 8 cores!"
New Posts  All Forums: